20 People Who Live With Monsters

The only way to truly live in peace is to live alone. Sure, you might dream of one day living with your partner, or your best friend, but you have to understand the risks that comes with.

Here is a list of potentially terrible things they could do, right from the mouths of others who have lived with such monsters. You've been warned.

"My husband’s shoes."

I can feel a trip coming on just looking at this. There's certainly a rolled ankle in your husband's future. And just think of the smell coming out of that nasty pile.

"My husband eats apple with a spoon."

I feel like I can't say anything about this, as next to my computer is half a mini watermelon I ate directly out of with a spoon, but even that feels more acceptable than an apple.

"My wife putting this peanut butter in the trash because it’s empty..."

In what universe is that even close to empty? There's so much potential in there! Toast, sandwiches, apples, whatever else you put peanut butter on in your household, you could do loads with what's left!

"How my girlfriend eats chicken wings."

I refuse to ever be embarrassed or shamed for how I eat anything ever again. Sure, it might be weird, but at least it's not as sacrilegious as this.

"Instead of cleaning up the sugar he spilled, my boyfriend decides this is perfectly reasonable instead."

It would have taken way less effort for him to just sweep it and he wouldn't have annoyed you. It was a win-win for him and he still passed it up.

"My girlfriends complete inability to finish a drink."

The solution? Put them all in one bottle, give it a good shake, and give it to her as a cocktail. She'll finish them one way or another.

"My wife does this to boxes of cereal."

This feels like some sort of sign of pent-up aggression or anger issues. I'd say talk to her about it, but if this is how she treats cereal boxes, maybe just drive her directly to a therapist.

"My wife doesn't get all the ice out of one tray before using another."

Imagine how much more freezer space you'd have if you just committed to one ice tray. Who needs three of them all the time?

"My husband opens up food that's resealable in a random places and doesn't use a clip to close it."

I understand the desire to tear into things like a feral beast sometimes, but to disrespect a perfectly fine, resealable point of entry is unforgivable. And to think of all the years we pined for resealable packaging before it became a thing!

"My new roommate takes eggs out at random."

Surely they must have some sort of egg-communication abilities that allows them to know which will be the best that day for whatever they're making. There's no other excuse that would make this okay.

"Sometimes I just don’t understand my wife’s thought process..."

It's working, isn't it? The only concerning element is the size of the plate, as it does look like it's about to overflow, but the method is fine.

"How my boyfriend eats burgers."

I've never felt such a disturbed shiver rush down my spine as I did look upon this image. I'm so sorry to tell you that you must be dating an alien that's posing as a human. That's the only explanation.

"Do I just throw out the whole roommate?"

More peanut butter crimes? What is it about this spread that gets people acting so strange? The answer is yes, by the way, you do throw out the whole roommate.

"This is how my wife puts away the clean bath towels in the linen closet."

Listen, my linen closet also definitely looks like this, but I live alone and don't have anyone I need to impress so I get a pass.

"How my boyfriend uses cheese [...]."

Nearly wasting peanut butter is one thing, but wasting cheese? That has to be a crime. A federal crime. A felony, even. Simply appalling.

This is not okay.

The title of the post best explains what's going on here: "[Instead] of rinsing his cup between drinks, my boyfriend will just refill it with whatever since it 'mixes in his stomach anyway'. Pictured is his glass of 'water' after milk and Oreos."

Horrid. Just...horrid.

"My boyfriend’s toilet paper graveyard."

It would be one thing if he simply didn't throw the rolls out, but the fact that he still leaves some on there and discards it anyway? It makes me weep.

"My wife sits and eats all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms and puts the barren cereal back in the pantry."

We all have our moments of weakness. If she did that and then told you, offering to get you a new box, it'd be fine. But to put it back like nothing ever happened...that's a betrayal of trust.

"How my husband eats watermelon. I may have to rethink our marriage."

I almost respect this. Again, tapping into primal instincts and just going ham on a watermelon does seem pretty fun. However, this happening that close to a keyboard does make me nervous.

"The way my wife hangs her clothes."

Your wife likes chaos in her life, doesn't she? Not enough for anything to be messy or dirty, but enough to be confusing. Maddening. Like this.