14 Secret Hiding Spots People Actually Added To Their Homes

I'll let you in on a secret: I absolutely love when people do weird stuff to their homes.

A lot of people on the internet think they know better than a house's owner, and often loudly give their opinions on things like rainbow fences, or painted fridges. But I love that homeowners aren't afraid to make their homes their own! You paid a ton to buy the house, why not make it your own?

That's why I totally love it when some homeowners go the extra mile and build entire secret rooms or compartments in their homes. Let's check it out!

This table sure does do a lot.

"My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase."

I would LOVE to know why someone would do this. What's down there? Why hide the staircase? What's with that badminton wallpaper?

This is a great way to smartly use vertical space.

"Spice rack + basement door = hidden door."

This is really smart. As someone who lives in a small space, I try to take advantage of vertical space as much as possible!

This kitchen island actually hides a staircase.

In case you're wondering, of course the staircase leads to a wine room. Rich people sure do love having wine rooms, huh?

(I'd have a Coke Zero room, personally.)

This is cool for a few reasons.

"I made these storage drawers that hide under the stairs."

Not only did they make some creative af storage, they created an entire Instructables article so that you can do it, too!

This kitchen cabinet has a secret, smaller cabinet.

You turn a small wheel on the bottom of a shelf to make the hidden compartment's door open! I don't know what you'd put in there, but I know it would be hilarious.

Well, that's double the storage.

Kirk and Spock's little storage display actually swings open to reveal some hidden storage! I would LOVE to have this in my apartment. You could shove so many things in there that you don't need.

This is so ominous.

"The new house my parents bought has a secret room hidden under the stairs."

Imagine being able to lift up your entire staircase to reveal what I'm just assuming is a haunted basement. Nope.

This ensuite is totally hidden from the bedroom.

Imagine trying to find that door in the middle of the night. My bladder would NOT be havin' it.

I know in my heart I'd scare myself by opening the closet by accident.

This wall opens into a hangout room.

The room is a pop culture fantasy. There's Rick and Morty art on the walls, Archer posters, and a huge space to watch movies! I'd watch so much Jurassic Park in there.

This is my dream room.

This room is a friggin' hidden sci-fi theater! And not only that, it's Star Trek themed. Guys. I need this. Star Trek is my favorite thing ever.

I don't know why this happened, but I love it.

"Regular wall socket behind a miniature door in a regular apartment."

I love people who choose to have fun with their homes. Is this necessary? No. Is it awesome? HECK YES.

This is so smart.

"Made a hidden recessed cabinet behind our existing mirror."

If you have the space, why not? Making a whole new cabinet that sticks out of the wall just eats up wall space. Go for this if you can!

Why not create Narnia in your home?

This closet isn't a closet at all, is it? It's a fun little facade hiding a staircase that leads to the rest of the house!

(I definitely wouldn't hang my shirts there, but that's just me.)

This is WILD.

"My kitchen floor has a built-in cooler."

Someone in the comments noted that this would be way more useful in a living room, which I have to agree with. My goal when watching TV is to move as little as possible, people.