13 Times People Hilariously Got Back At Their HOA

If you live in a neighborhood or a condo that's run by an association, I feel for you. There are so many rules you need to follow.

As a rule breaker, living in a situation like that wouldn't be too much fun for me, ha, ha! And as it turns out, there are more folks who want to stick it to their HOA.

I've never owned a house or lived in a condo which could be a good thing.

Unsplash | Agustin Lara

Why? Because I often hear people complaining about various rules they have to follow. The closest I came to that was when our apartment manager told me to take something down from my balcony.

That was annoying for sure.

Unsplash | Avi Waxman

But I can't imagine being told what to do over and over again. Truth be told, it's not for me. And it seems some folks are taking this to heart and getting back at their Home Owner's Associations (HOA).

1. These people, for example, were told to hide their unsightly garbage cans.

Can you believe they were even threatened with a fine? WTF? That isn't right. So they came up with a solution that makes both them and the HOA happy. Well, maybe not quite. Does this resemble a certain gesture one makes with their middle finger to you?

2. You can also take a humorous approach to your annoying HOA problem.

These people painted (yes, painted) this artwork on their garage doors. Can you imagine the look on the HOA's faces when they saw that? I bet they, too, thought it was real.

3. Now, you can also take things up a notch.

This looks to me like the HOA forgot to pay the landscaper, and this is the result of that. Or maybe the HOA demanded that the homeowner trim up his trees and didn't specify a shape. Oh well!

4. Get a load of this.

Talking about not being specific, this condo association changed its rules to only allow one pet per household. The problem is, they didn't say what kind of pet you're allowed. On the flip side, all the neighbors will now have fresh milk straight from the cow. OMG!

5. When your HOA tells you that you cannot have a standalone out-building, you have to get creative, no?

So these folks build a shed that's fully attached to their house. Take that, Home Owner's Association from hell, lol. Good for them.

6. Who in their right mind tries to interfere with the Christmas spirit?

I don't care if you're the HOA or whatnot leave the holiday decorations alone, alright? I wonder how they feel about this now? This is the ultimate Christmas revenge.

7. So the HOA tells you that you can't have a pool in your backyard?

Then what? Well, you can do what this guy did and put one in your garage. Granted, you won't get much sun, but one has to compromise sometimes.

8. If this isn't the ultimate act of rebellion, I don't know what is, ha, ha.

But come on, they did deserve it, no? You must agree with me. How can you be so mean as to get somebody's truck towed and have it destroyed ASAP?

9. Well, that's one way to fix a dying tree.

"Friend of mine got a complaint from her HOA about a dying shrub on her property," said the Reddit user who shared this picture.

Once again, spray paint solves all our problems.

10. Here's a clever alternative for ya.

If all else fails, you can also do something like this. Wow, I've never heard of that. But heck, if it works, then I say why not. I bet the HOA won't bother you after receiving something like that, ha, ha.

11. This is such a clever way to repurpose a tree trunk.

"My neighbor received a letter from HOA saying his tree needed to be cut down. This is what he did with the trunk," said one Reddit user.

Well, at least now he'll always know which house is his — just look for the pencil!

12. There. Problem solved.

"Neighbor’s response to HOA’s email about taking down Halloween decorations. Now it’s a Christmas decoration," said one Reddit user.

Hey, I don't see anything wrong with this. It's like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

13. Check this out.

The head of HOA lives across from this guy and was giving him a hard time about the appearance of his house. So he painted his house Pepto pink out of spite. Ah, ha, ha, ha! I love that. That's bubble-gum-pink revenge for ya!

Oh my goodness.

I hope that I never have to put up with stupid HOA rules like these. Let me ask you: what was the most annoying rule your house or condo association ever instituted? Please share it with all of us in the comments below.