14 Simple Beauty Hacks Anyone Can Master

I admire people who are always keeping up with beauty trends. Honestly, I wish I had more time for all that.

Having said that, I'm definitely interested whenever I see a beauty hack online. Not only do they save you money but also your precious time and sanity. So I thought I'll share some of my favorite beauty tricks with all of you. Check them out.

1. Store Your Creams In The Fridge

Summer can be a challenge when it comes to applying our skin creams. Am I right, ladies? For a more refreshing feeling, store your creams in the fridge. Now putting the cream on will be a game-changer.

2. Use A Pop Socket

It's not fun when you're trying to apply that blush, and the palette keeps slipping out of your hands. Who's got time for that? Well, a small pop socket can fix all that. Why haven't I thought of this idea?

3. This Makeup Brush Drying Hack

To dry your just-washed makeup brushes without damaging the glue at the base of the hairs, try propping the brushes upside down in a glass. Leave a little pocket where moisture can escape at the bottom.

4. How To Shrink A Loose Hair Tie

It sucks when your favorite plastic spiral hair tie becomes too loose to wear. Am I right? But did you know there's a trick to fix that? Just pour some hot water on it and voilĂ !

5. This Eye Liner Hack

To keep the liner in place when you're sweating, apply an eye primer, set it with a translucent powder, then apply the eyeliner. Wait for it to dry, then cover that with the same translucent powder. Totally sweat-proof.

6. This Eye Concealer Tip

If your eye concealer leaves creases around your eyes, try doing this instead. Use a hydrating eye cream/oil before the concealer. You can apply your eye cream by gently tapping it in. Finally, put your concealer on.

7. This Hotel Blow Dryer Hack

Most hotels provide you with a blow dryer these days, so there's no need to bring your own. However, they're not all created equal.

To mimic your fancy dryer, tie a cup over it. Make sure you poke a hole on the cup's bottom to direct the heat properly and not have it melt. Wow!

8. This Contacts Hack

Do you often wake up with tired and puffy eyes? It can't be easy to put those contact in, huh? Am I right? So just store the contact lenses in the fridge overnight. You can do the same with eye drops.

9. Use A Mascara Comb Attachment

Did you know there are mascara comb attachments that separate each lash? I had no idea such a thing even existed. Your lashes will look like mink falsies with just a few coats of mascara. OMG!

10. Use Dryer Sheets

Who else gets static in their hair when the weather turns colder? Oh my goodness, it's so annoying. But did you know that you can run a dryer sheet over your mane, and it will do the trick?

11. How To Fix Broken Makeup

Here's a cool trick that will help you save that expensive makeup. Finely break it up more, and then add a little rubbing alcohol. Mix it together, blot off extra liquid and flatten it out!

12. Use Soap To Feather Eyebrows

Who wants fuller eyebrows? Sign me up. I'm sure you've heard of the soap bar trick, right? Rub a spoolie over a wet bar of soap to get some of the wax on it. Then run it through your eyebrows.

13. This Gel Eyeliner Hack

How do you keep your gel eyeliner from drying out? You can add some eye drops such as Visine or Clear Eyes. Then, thoroughly mix it into the eyeliner until you get an even consistency. Nice!

14. Use A Bobby Pin For Your Brushes

Bobby pins to the rescue! If you don't happen to own a fan brush, you can easily DIY your own. Simply use a bobby pin to clip your brush into a fan shape. So genius!

See? I told you that you don't have to be a pro to simplify your beauty routine.

Unsplash | freestocks

All you need is a few clever hacks, and you're good to go. Do you have one you can share with all of us?