20 People Who Have To Live With Some Consequences

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit

The fact that you have to live with the consequences of your actions is something that we all learn as children. However, it is also something that some adults have yet to learn.

So, from people who decided to go to the toilet at the worst moment possible to individuals who incurred the wrath of their pets, here are 20 people who have to live with some consequences!

"We adopted a dog a few weeks ago and the cat is finally ready to hate him up close."

I love how the cat's expression screams, "Are you proud of yourself? Look what you have brought into our perfect home!" I do not think it will be long before this cat starts getting close enough to this dog to give it a slap.

"Had to hurt!"

They are going to have quite the job evening out that beard after this fiasco. It is probably best to just shave it off. Also, they should probably count themselves lucky that this was not a lot worse than just missing hair!

"This kindergarten in Taiwan probably shouldn't have used photos to mark each student's plant."

I know that this is the best way for kindergarteners to know which plant is theirs due to them not being able to read, but there had to be a way to make it look a little bit less like a mass grave!?

"Found this on my doorstep this morning..."

I like the idea that this threatening note was actually written by evil squirrels, a big gang of threatening squirrels wearing wide brimmed hats, three piece suits, and riding around in an old Model T Ford with white-walled tires.

"This restaurant I went to has an up charge for loud and wild children."

I can only assume that the little asterisk leads to a small note that says, "Not made with real dinosaur." If it does not say that then this place must be in cahoots with Jurassic Park, in which case a noisy table of kids is the least of your worries.

"I'm not even mad I guess I had a complicated order."

I thought that this was wonderfully bold of someone working here to do, but the fact that this was printed by the manager themselves makes it make a little more sense. I wonder what they ordered to incur such wrath?

"Good and embarrassing at the same time."

It looks as though they are staring into the soul of their owner and asking, "Well, which one of us are you going to get rid of Brain...choose wisely." I cannot get over how much they look alike as well.

Wait A Second...

If you were wondering to what extent this is an amalgamation of many different things, one person pointed out, "That's actually a quote from a Neil Young song, reiterated in Kurt Cobain's suicide note. That mural is definitely David Spade."

"Just lost my foot after a motorcycle accident. This is the sticker my son chose to decorate my brace."

Never before has a kid's Daddy Long Legs sticker ever been used so brutally. Actually, I don't think that a Daddy Long Legs sticker has ever even been used brutally before. I suppose that this kid is a pioneer of sorts!

"Stuck in a traffic jam today. Did not think that I was going THIS slowly."

There have been many times in my life where I have been stuck in such a terrifically bad traffic jam that I have felt as though I was going backwards. Nothing like a traffic jam to get the blood pressure up.

"Sign at my local pizza place."

Nothing like having to talk to someone who is shouting down the phone and try to work out what they want, only for them to look at you like you have just slapped them in the face. God bless the service industry.

"Found this in an old family photo album."

They will never live this one down. There are some photos that you can never escape no matter how old you get. This person also went on to say, "To this day we are still told that 'the camera just happened to be close by.'"

"Whole Foods staff are tired of your daft questions!"

I bet that they still get some people trying to sue them for being allergic to eggs and eating an egg. One enthusiastic person did also point out, "It's actually a food service requirement that all food lists contents. People used to sell milk that had chalk in it, and that wasn't even the nastiest."

"Looks like my coworkers are having an inappropriate workplace relationship."

I think that you need to be contacting Human Resources about this right away. Having a relationship with a coworker is one thing, but getting caught in the act directly in the middle of the workplace is another kettle of fish altogether!

Toilet Terror!

The poor soul who posted this unsettling image explained, "I work at a kindergarten that's in in a bush setting. I was going to the toilet (in our tent with a porta toilet). This was my view. The children were really creeping me out."

"The sock is key to making a difference..."

Wow, they really should have thought about this tattoo a little bit more before getting it on their leg forever. They had either get used to not wearing socks in the winter or wearing knee-high boots that is for sure!

The Laziest Renovation Ever...

I do not know who this "Caroline" person is but I am completely certain that I never want to meet her or have anything to do with her ever again. I could not have that on the floor of a place that I was living in.

"I ordered chicken wings for dinner and got a box of only veggies and sauce."

Mmm, just look how fresh those vegetables look as well. Who could possibly want delicious chicken wings for dinner when you could have three-day-old celery and carrots instead? I think that even a rabbit would turn its nose up at this meal.

"At Dublin Zoo."

A sign on a zoo fencepost that reads, "Do not stand, sit, climb, or lean on zoo fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick."
reddit | Garaquarubyline

What, I think it's perfectly normal for a zoo to be more concerned with the wellbeing of its animals than that of your kid. THey see and care for these animals every single day, partake in conservation efforts to protect them, your son is the third 5-year-old to try and jump the fence just today.

"I drew my wife on an Etch A Sketch. she has hair, but it would take too long to draw."

A etch-a-sketch drawing of the uploader's wife, just bald.
reddit | kingevanxii

I'm sure she absolutely loves it and it didn't affect her self-esteem at all. How could a portrait like this be anything other than flattering, look at those teeth!

"Every time I take my glasses off in bed I lose them for a minute."

A bedspread that perfectly camouflages this person's glasses.
reddit | lets-work-together

Not only do you lose them, but you lose them on hard mode seeing as you, well, don't have your glasses and can't see them easily. I don't even need glasses and this took me a hot minute.

"My dog chewed on one of my daughter's old Barbies and created..."

A Barbie doll whose mouth, nose, and cheeks are completely missing.
twitter | @Anchorpete29

"My older daughter corrected me, our schnauzer didn't eat off Barbie's face, it was one of her rats. Is that better?" The uploader asked in a reply to his own post, to which I say no, not at all, thanks.

"My grandfather put a mirror in my bathroom for me."

A mirror selfie where only the top few inches of the person's head is visible.

This feels like a subtle flex on your grandpa's part, to be honest. Maybe he feels like he's been shrinking a bit in his old age and had to exert power over the only person he knows who's shorter.

'The numbers #1, #2, and #3 at the finishing line of a marathon."

A marathon runner awkwardly leaping over another that had fallen to the ground.
reddit | MET4

I appreciate the expression of runner #2 here, because while it shows shock and confusion at the sudden downed body in front of her, you can tell she's also concerned. Not concerned enough to not come in first, but y'know.

"This is pinned above my dad’s computer to remind him not to call coworkers stupid."

A piece of paper stuck to the wall that says, "Do not talk during meetings! Do not share opinion!* *Agreement statements are allowed!"
reddit | CallMeMoronic

This is a reminder that anyone who's ever had a coworker could do with having up somewhere in their workspace. Even the nicest employees have their breaking points.

No Choice But To Remember.

The word 'chocolate' spelled out on 9 singular pieces of paper taped to the wall.
reddit | feathersandskulls

"My daughter is selling chocolate for a fundraiser. I told her to leave me a note to remind to grab a box to sell at work. This is what I woke up to."

I'm willing to bet there's some prize involved here that she's gunning for, she needs you to sell these chocolates.

"My teacher’s policy for late assignments."

A paper on the wall that says, "Late Assignments" with an arrow pointing right to a recycling bin.
reddit | BillisBored

Dang, that's pretty harsh, but these rapscallion kids have to learn somehow! Forget effective teaching regarding the importance of time management, let's go right to publically humiliating them!

"This guy's very literal tattoo."

There has to be a good reason for him to have wanted to get this on his arm, and I just hope that he does not come to regret it. Something tells me that he will very much come to regret it though!

"Burned to the ground can't put out a good sense of humor."

A burned church in the background, their sign in the foreground that reads, "Wasn't expecting to give this much up for lent. Demo will begin soon."
reddit | smittyguy11

One trait that is always bound to get you through some tough times is the ability to joke about it. Never underestimate a moment of levity within times of crisis!

Modern Art!

"My coworker has a tendency to spill his cereal walking out of the kitchen in the morning and just leave it there. I made it modern art," explained the disgruntled coworker who posted this. Seriously though, come on Jerry, clean up your cereal!