19 People Who Must Think They're So Smooth

Everyone likes to think that they're pretty slick as we go about our daily lives, but not everyone can be as truly slick as they think that they are.

So, from people who hedged their bets when they were sending romantic notes, to individuals who made a fortune in the most ridiculous of ways, here are 19 people who must think they're so smooth!

"On this nice day off I wanted to lay in the sun but also wanted to play games. It was too bright to see the screen outside. I found a compromise/solution."

This guy is going to have one hell of a wonderfully hilarious tan line when he finally takes that cardboard box from off his head. Although, it is probably worth it as this does look like an incredibly relaxing way to spend your day!

"My favorite genre!"

The only other genres to rival "women in period clothing facing away" include the likes of, "men wearing no shirts and holding a woman in their arms," "B-list celebrity shrugging," and, "a single bloodstained dagger atop an old piece of paper."

"Screw you, use your data!"

A lot of people made such complaints as, "I find it disturbing that the dx is in the radicand," and all that I can say is that I completely agree with this and definitely understand everything that is going on.

Innovation 101...

I wonder if the person who took this into the shop turned up with a very creased shirt. This was his only good hangar and he had to use it for this! If it works then it works though I guess.

"My coworker has a tendency to spill his cereal walking out of the kitchen in the morning and just leave it there. I made it modern art."

Damn it Jerry, what kind of person spills cereal and then does not clean it up after they have spilt it?! Also, how old are you Jerry? No one spills cereal when they get older then about six years old!

"Good and embarrassing at the same time!"

I love the expression on their faces, they just seem so nonplussed. Someone who experienced something similar also added, "My friend did the same thing. Lost a fat one. Found a skinny one and thought it just lost weight. Looked EXACTLY the same but thinner. Then the fat one came home. Still fat."

Not Wrong I Suppose...

You need to be very careful here on this bridge as people may die if they are killed or pronounced to be dead. It is also important to know that the floor on this bridge is composed of the floor.

"That is certainly one use for them."

If you eat a lot of garlic then it is true that vampires will not be bothering you any time soon. Try it, eat a bulb of garlic a day for a week and see if you encounter any vampires!

"Have extra hotdog buns? Make a quick peanut butter and banana sandwich."

There is something quietly unsettling about this creation. And, one person, who I cannot agree more with, pointed out, "Why do I hate this? It's literally the same basic ingredients. I shouldn't hate it. It makes complete sense. And yet..."

Get Out!

It is quite impressive that the cat seems to be aware of the warning sign, although it is still testing the waters by putting two feet over the threshold. It looks absolutely furious, but that might be because it is angry at how it looks in the drawing.

"My fiancé capped the end of a cut banana with banana skin."

This is quite cool and all, but why would this person's fiancé not just eat the entirety of the banana? Who are the people out there who get full up after just eating half of a banana? Weirdos, that's who!

"I'm pretty sure this was intentional."

I would be worried if it wasn't intentional that's for sure! I bet that this person was made up with this idea when they had it. Although, I can imagine that it would get old pretty damn quick once you got it done.

"I think I found him!"

It looks more like this furry fella might have found himself. But just look at him there, acting like he does not have a single care in the world, not fussed at all about the worry that he has caused everyone!

"Buttered toast."

I like the theory behind this idea. However, they are going to have one hell of a messy countertop if they forget to take that ramekin dish filled with butter off the toaster before the toast pops up. They'll have butter everywhere!

"Guaranteed fast service!"

That is a great way around actually having to deliver fast service! Also, I particularly love the sign on the back window which says, "we may drive slow but we haul glass." These guys have nailed their pun game that's for sure.

"My mom sent me this and said 'A weather forecast that really stinks.'"

You just know that the person who printed this mistake will be hearing jokes about this for the rest of their time spent at this paper. Also, I love to think how made up with themselves this person's mom must have been!

"I'm not sure what's worse, the fact this is for sale for $10 or the fact that he's sold 44 already."

The person who has sold those 44 Doritos in a jar has made the easiest money of all time. My God, how have they even managed that? Never underestimate the idiocy of people buying things on Facebook Marketplace I guess.

"I only love you!"

Seems as though this guy is just hedging his bets, he must have a load of different Instagram DMs that he is planning to slide into with this move. Or, maybe these are just his favourite names and he is hoping to meet a future wife with one of these names one day.

"Brand Loyalty."

The two cable ties used to fix the Chevrolet badge on it are just the icing on top of the cake. Does this mean that this is technically now called a Dodgerolet, or perhaps a Chevodge? I think I like Dodgerolet more.

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