15 Packaging Designs That Were Really Looking Out For Us

There's nothing I love more than seeing the highs and lows of design.

From designs that absolutely blew it to those that are too clever for words, I love to see how different problems are solved (or exacerbated) by artists, engineers, and designers.

These packaging designs are examples of design that went so right. Let's take a look.

I feel so respected right now.

"The packaging opening system of this Warsteiner 24 pack."

This is a hilariously good idea for those who have already had a few and want to open more. I mean, what? Who said that?

This is truly excellent cookie design.

"The way this biscuit company makes it easier to get them out of the packaging."

That little divot in the cookie is the difference between me eating a cookie happily and me ripping the whole package open out of frustration.

This is such a cool little trick.

Reddit | u/Jbinksy

"My protein powder scoop is designed to sit on a lip just under the lid... so you don't have to reach into the powder to grab it."

And the lid fits over it! Amazing.

I'd like to invite Ikea to try this one out.

"This desk I am building has the parts for each step individually packaged."

Can you imagine how much faster furniture building would go with this system? You'd save yourself so much frustration.

That's handy for odd people who don't hoover down a whole cookie package at once.

"So this cookie packaging is designed in a way that you can only open up this square, but half of the cookies are held back in the back of the packaging."

Now that is looking out for your customer.

"The packaging of this moisturizer has an image of what the bottle inside actually looks like."

I love this idea. Not only do I know what it looks like, I know how much lotion I'm actually buying!

These bananas are bananas. (See what I did there?)

Basically, they're packaged according to freshness. You eat the riper ones first, and by the end of the week, the least ripe is ready to eat. I love it.

If only all plastic was this easy to open.

"Had to buy a new mouse and this was the packaging. It had places to wedge your fingers in and was perforated. Took 10 seconds to open without scissors."

This would be awful candy packaging, but it's amazing mint packaging.

"Japanese mint package that dispenses individual mints."

I mean, do you ever really need more than one at a time? No. Unless you have super bad breath, in which case: I support you.

Beer companies have super handy packaging.

"The mountain on a Coors Light can turns blue when it’s chilled and ready to drink."

I LOVE this. You can tell how long it's been in the fridge this way!

Can all food come with this?

"Packaging has a ruler so you can cut ingredients accordingly."

Those of us who are cooking and measuring challenged sure could use this on more food packaging, I'm gonna be honest.

Finally, butter packaging that makes sense.

Those little butter containers are the worst to try and get butter out of. This super cool design guarantees you can get the most butter possible, and with your own little knife!

Boy, I could have used this when I got my printer.

"This printer's packaging has handles to help you pull it out of the box."

As someone who has two printers, I can tell you this would have saved me a LOT of stumbling around.

I'm gonna need more frozen food boxes to have this feature.

"This German pizza lets you remove the instructions so you can throw the packaging away."

This is possibly the best packaging feature I have ever seen. I'm gonna need every frozen food to feature this from now on.

I would buy this for the packaging alone.

"The plastic packaging for this paint roller is a paint tray. Also not really sure if this is a common thing."

It might not be common, but it totally should be.

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