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15 Things We All Do That We Somehow Still Feel Embarrassed About

TikTok user @big_big_simp (Lily Grace) recently made a TikTok video highlighting all of the seemingly normal things that for one reason or another she finds embarrassing.

The video has since gone viral, amassing nearly 8 million plays on TikTok. Now, in response to Lily's honesty, people all across the internet are now sharing the things they find embarrassing — even though we all do it.

When your chair moves and makes a fart noise.

Unsplash | Jonas Jacobsson

I can't be the only one who immediately then tries to recreate the noise just so that my peers know that I didn't fart. That's a perfectly normal thing to do, right?

"Walking out of a store without buying anything."

Unsplash | Fikri Rasyid

This happens to me all the time. More often than not, I wind up buying some completely random arbitrary item just so that I don't look like some kind of would-be bank robber casing his next heist.

Trying to find a spot to sit down at a busy beach.

It can feel as if you're the new kid at school: riding the bus anxious and alone for the very first time. That, and no matter how hard you might try otherwise, inevitably you're going to wind up kicking sand in the face of a total stranger.

Knocking on someone's door for any reason whatsoever.

Unsplash | Evelyn Paris

Thank goodness that in the year 2021, the reasons to knock on someone's door are few and far between. These days, just having to interact face to face with strangers on any level is enough to trigger my anxiety.

Getting out of the pool

Getting out of the pool is awkward as hell. There's the obligatory tug on the front of your bathing suit to keep from giving your audience an eyeful, and you're always secretly wondering if you have a booger coming out of your nose.

When the car alarm goes off.


Once the initial fear of "someone is stealing my car" subsides, it's usually replaced with a very real sensation of shame. Especially if for whatever reason you can't get the car alarm to turn off.

Eating chicken wings in public.

Certain foods will never be sexy: popcorn, ice cream cones, and chicken wings. Not only do I feel judged for the sheer amount of sauce that adorns my face but I probably use a small forest's worth of wet naps as well.

Finding somewhere to sit in the movie theater.

Unsplash | Krists Luhaers

This is precisely the reason that I only go to Cineplex and Landmark Theaters — they let you pick your seat in advance. The days of fumbling around in the dark, tripping over complete strangers' feet are over for me.

Coughing/sneezing in class.

Coughing or sneezing in public these days is about the most dangerous thing you can do. I will literally suffocate myself to keep a cough from escaping, lest someone think I might get them sick and vice versa.

Backing out of a parking spot while someone is waiting to take it from you.

Unsplash | Egor Myznik

This is a real jerk move if you ask me — I hate when people watch me park! It's kind of like how everyone comes to the dock when they see a ship pull into port. On some level, you know they're hoping for a catastrophe.

Choking in public.

Whenever I'd happen to choke while dining out at a restaurant, I would always think that the other customers were secretly judging me.

"Learn to chew," they'd say to themselves as I sat there going red in the face.

Walking at a cross walk when a car is stopped.

Unsplash | Terry Boynton

Who else instinctively starts walking faster when they see that a car is attempting to turn right? As a pedestrian, I can't stand it. But as a driver — I expect it.

Having a table full of friends and family sing "Happy Birthday."

There is nothing more cringeworthy on this entire planet than having to sit through the "Happy Birthday" song as a grown man. I think that we as a society should come to a collective agreement that after the age of 10 — we sing "Happy Birthday" no more.

Walking back after bowling.

Unsplash | Michelle McEwen

You're either going to be celebrated or shamed for the ball you just threw down the lane and in my experience, one isn't better than the other. It's a roller coaster of emotion I'd simply rather not ride.

When someone knocks on the outside of the bathroom stall.

The only thing worse than hearing that knock is being inside the stall and having to sheepishly reply "occupied!" This is precisely why I no longer make use of public restrooms.