14 Home Hacks That Take The Work Out Of Being A Homeowner

Once you get your own house, it's wonderful, isn't it? But there is always so much to do. At any given time, something might need fixing up, or a major repair can come up.

So as a homeowner, you always need to be prepared. Therefore, I thought you could use some of these hacks that can make your life easier. You're welcome!

1. This Toilet Cleaning Hack

Have you ever poured vinegar down your toilet? Well, it works alright. But a better way is to put some toilet paper right inside the bowl and pour the vinegar on it. Once you flush, the bowl will be clean as new again. Wow!

2. This Frying Pan Cleaning Tip

How do you clean your frying pan? I'm about to show you the quickest way possible. And the secret is — toothpaste. Yes, you read that right. It will make your pan clean and shiny in no time.

3. This Lemon Or Lime Hack

Let me ask you: do you throw out those used up lemons or limes? Well, don't do that. Next time you finish one, put some salt on it and scrub your sink with it. It works like a charm.

4. This Fridge Organization Idea

I have to admit my fridge is quite a mess. I'm not proud of that. So I would love to implement a storage system like this one. I just need to find time to do so, ha, ha!

5. This Laundry Hack

Unsplash | Dan Gold

How do you keep your white clothes white? It's hard, right? But not when you use Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Bluing. Just follow the directions and be careful because you can stain things. It keeps white fabrics (especially cotton bath towels) looking stellar.

6. This Cleaning Maintenance Tip

I think it's a good idea to invest in a cordless vacuum. For about $70, you can have it centrally located. It's easy to use, and it requires little maintenance. It's great for small pick-me-up jobs.

7. This Frozen Coffee Creamer Tip

Who loves ice coffee in the summer? Oh my goodness. It's my favorite treat to get me through the day, ha, ha! But have you ever frozen milk or creamer? I haven't thought of that.

8. This Microwave Tip

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

How do you get rid of smells in your microwave? Well, there's an easy way to do that. Just place a glass of water with two tablespoons of vinegar inside the oven. Then, run it for five minutes and voilà!

9. This Room Hack

Unsplash | Harry Cunningham

How do you make your rooms appear bigger? There's an actual hack for that. Get yourself some floor-length mirrors. They actually make the room appear bigger. You can get a cheap one at Ikea, and that's a fact.

10. This Corner Shelf Idea

How do you make more space in your house? Are you utilizing every nook and cranny that you can? How about your corners? Aha! Now there's an idea. This is my favorite way to maximize all the space that we've got.

11. This Grout Cleaning Hack

I absolutely hate when our grout gets stained. But Goo Gone seems to works like a charm. Apply a decent amount. Let sit a few minutes, scrub gently so you don't bend the plastic bristles. Then wipe clean.

12. This Cord Organization Idea

I don't know about you, but we use a lot of electronics in the house. And many of them have cords and cables. So, where do you store all that? This over-the-door storage idea is growing on me.

13. This Grease Fighting Hack

Unsplash | Katja Bayer

I know it's really unfortunate when you get some grease on your carpet. But don't cry yet. Pour some corn starch on it and leave for 20 minutes. Then vacuum the area and see the stains disappear.

14. The Smartest Way To Save Money

You'd be surprised at how quickly small expenses like tissue paper can add up. If you're looking for an easy way to save some money, just use toilet paper. You can even make your own dispenser by removing the cardboard tube.

Even though these might be small things, I hope you find them helpful.

Unsplash | Usman Yousaf

They might not prevent a major repair or home reno, but they will keep you sane in the meantime. What's your best home hack you can share with us?

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