20 People Who Must Have Better Days Ahead

There are some days where it can feel as though the world is just laughing at your unending misery...cheerful stuff, right?! However, brighter days are ahead, as they were for the people on this list!

From people who experienced menial misfortunes involving chicken to individuals who discovered that their partners has unavoidably disgusting habits, here are 20 people who must have better days ahead!

"Saw this in my newspaper..."

No one likes to be called a loser while at a gas station, but the really sad part of this is the fact of the unrequited love story called, "Handsome man at the car wash." Truly, this is a love story for the ages.

"This truck was lifted too high to see the Porsche underneath..."

I am sure that this really put as downer on both of these people's days. Sure, the insurance will cover the damage done but you'll never get that time back that you spend having to deal with the insurance people!

A Quick FYI...

I am still amazed that this person managed to get that left shoe on. They explained, "At a summer camp for the weekend 2 hours from home. Went to put my only pair of tennis shoes on after arriving and realized one of them shrunk from sitting in the car for a week."

"My boss's secretary quit this morning after delivering breakfast."

This is somehow more irritating than it would be if the secretary had simply eaten them all. I like how they took massive bites as well, as though their bite size was proportional to how downright infuriated they were while working there.

"I've travelled the world in this hat & we've finally parted ways due to a gust of wind on the London Underground."

The pain of losing a beloved item of clothing in such a needlessly stupid manner is a pain that few people get over. Well, normally when they replace it with a new item of clothing they do get over it, but still...

"They are replacing this giant mural in my city with an ad for oat milk."

I cannot imagine how it must have felt for the artist of that fantastic mural to see it be painted over with a damn advert. And, at that, an advert for a product that tastes weirdly of nothing at all.

"Ordered a Gromit coffee mug online..."

I actually think that I would much rather have this Gromit mug mug than I would the Gromit mug which was the intended product! Although, I am not entirely sure why that is, there's just something about how daft it is.

"This really makes me mad."

I suppose that there will be some people who will say that this charge is to pay for third-party people who own the machines and need to pay upkeep for them...but no one wants to hear that kind of logic here, okay?!

The Way This Person's Boyfriend Drinks Liquids...

Prepare yourself for this one, as the person who posted this explained, "Instead of rinsing his cup between drinks, my boyfriend will just refill it with whatever since it 'mixes in his stomach anyway.' pictured is his glass of 'water' after milk and Oreos."

"Just a coffee..."

You can hear the optimism in their text that just read, "Black?" Also, I hope that there are other people who are as baffled and infuriated by the fact that this person has 107 unopened text messages on their phone.

"Frankenstein was actually the name of the author."

So, after years upon years of people delighting in saying, "Actually 'Frankenstein' is the name of the inventor, not the monster itself," we can finally explain to them that "Frankenstein" is actually the name of the person who created the book!

"This sign on a high school classroom door."

Jesus Christ man, just let kids who are thirsty get a glass of damn water or use the damn bathroom! Teachers this unnecessarily strict are the reason why so many kids hate going to school and miss learning in the first place.

"This is what I got for working 1 year at my job. They spelt my last name wrong…"

I suppose that things really could have been much worse though, as one person pointed out, "Wow. I've worked at my job for three years and all I got was more work." Also, Milky Ways are nothing short of incredible!

"My little man keeps it simple."

This is one of the most deadpan children on Earth, I can't help but admire their style! You normally expect such a deadpan delivery from people who work at the DMV or on literally any helpline for any energy provider ever.

"I ordered chicken wings for dinner and got a box of only veggies and sauce."

Seems like the people at this restaurant may be making some very cruel assumptions about your lifestyle! Although, at least they made sure that they gave you nice fresh celery to eat for your dinner! Those brown bits at the end are very appealing.

"Looks like I got an extra topping on my burrito."

This is the sort of thing that I would look at and think, "Oh, well that is outrageous, I am definitely not eating that!" And then ten seconds later I would be shoving it right into my face. No shame.

The Sack Of Shame!

I wonder what is in the bag that makes it so effective at treating the stings, is it filled with cream or a type of salve or something? Surely the only point of the bag cannot be simply to shame the person who has been stung?

"That's Not My Sandwich..."

Packing your wrong lunch can be a real day-ruiner, and the person who posted this spurious slab of meat explained, "Had a sandwich from the market wrapped from the deli like they wrap meat in the meat department. Didn't grab the sandwich one this morning."

Damn Those Meddling Neighbors!

"The neighbors cut down the shade trees in my yard without permission and now I have to look at their ugly ass garage which was not visible before," wrote the individual who posted this. Nothing like having a belligerent neighbor to put a downer on your days.

"My husband started a new job outside, he wore his hat for the first week, resulting in his new tan line."

In fairness, this whole situation could have been made a lot worse if he had been wearing his hat the wrong way around. Maybe he should tattoo some angry-looking eyes above this new tan line, go for the whole Professor Quirrell look.

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