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A Wedding Couple Is Being Dragged For Sending Out A 'Trashy' Wedding Invitation

More and more people are breaking wedding traditions these days. Brides are wearing colorful dresses, having their bridal party wear white. People are having destination weddings, or short ceremonies with no vows. You can honestly do whatever you want!

But one pair of soon-to-be newlyweds are in hot water after revealing their super casual wedding invite to the Internet.

While other parts of weddings are becoming more and more non-traditional, the wedding invitation is still pretty standard.

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Some couples choose to go paperless, creating cool e-wedding invites, but that's about as far out as it goes.

That's until a soon-to-be newlywed couple decided to take to the quirky forum board Reddit to show off their unique wedding invites.

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In a Reddit post, the bride or groom wrote, "My fiancé and I decided on RSVP's that are...well...less than traditional."

However, some couples are beginning to make wedding invites that are cheeky, witty, and fun.

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Like this couple, who made a super honest wedding RSVP, with lines like, "Will Attend And Will Bring A Date, Even Though The Invite Offered No Indication That I Could Bring A Date, But You're Cool With It, Right?"

And, "Not Buying You A Wedding Gift. Not Giving You An Explanation. You'll Just Have To Go To Your Graves Wondering What The H*** My Problem Is."

People seriously related to this, even adding their own hilarious lines.

However, it seems that there is a specific way to achieve a lighthearted and cheeky wedding invite, because one couple's wedding invites didn't go over too well with the Internet.

In their invites, the couple calls their guests "dumb a**es" and uses other popular lax words to set a more laid back vibe and tone.

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The couple probably thought that Reddit would love the cheeky, irreverent, and profane wedding invite, but they received quite the opposite reaction.

"Cursing on an invitation isn’t fun, it’s rude and simple," wrote Redditor MulliganMg.

"Even if you don’t mean it to be. Come up with something more clever and personal and it’ll be more memorable."

Redditor le_fancy_walrus replied, "Yeah this just seems trashy..."

User detroitfrenzy wrote, "There are those things in life you want to be remembered for. This isn't one of them."

However, a couple sprinkles of commenters thought it was great.

Reddit user minidashmama wrote, "I think it's hilarious!!! Then again I wouldn't send it to my Grandparents but close friends would def. get that one!!!"

One Reddit user said, "I LOVE this! I don't understand why people are getting their panties in a bunch."

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Everyone has different expectations and tastes, that's for sure.

Another wrote, "This just in: redditors don't have a sense of humor. Joke police."

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Needless to say, this post really divided people, and it's a good insight into modern day wedding etiquette!

The couple really went for it, that's for sure!

What do you think of the wedding invite? Let us know!

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