15 People Who Think Things Were Better In The 80s

The current generation always tends to see themselves as superior. They believe themselves to be an improvement on the old way of thinking in almost every conceivable way imaginable.

However, anyone over the age of 30 knows that isn't actually true. And according to these opinions, people in the '80s did things a lot better.

Not having the internet ruin the ending of a movie for you.

Unsplash | Kaitlyn Baker

"Getting blown away by films in general. No spoilers or speculation to worry about. Just whatever was printed in the paper or in your copy of People Magazine." - Reddit u/granitegrl19

Having to rewind VHS tapes.

Unsplash | JC Gellidon

This one will date me because I know there's a good portion of people reading this who may not even know what a VHS tape is!

This one's for those who still remember what the motto "be kind, rewind" is all about.

The entire concept of dating as we know it.

Unsplash | René Ranisch

"My mom tells me about how cool dating used to be," writes Reddit user Sure-Telephone3130. "No apps. Just going out and meeting people and taking a swing to see if you worked out. Dating sucks now.

"We had face-to-face conversational skills that really are getting lost."

Unsplash | Christina @ wocintechchat.com

It does feel that some of us have lost our ability to be social with one another. The pandemic certainly didn't help that, but by no means was it the cause.

Politics in general.

Unsplash | History in HD

"Political discourse. People in the 80's were not poised on a field of battle over differences of political opinions like they are today," Redditor FizzlePopBerryTwist explained. "You just voted for your candidate and if they lost oh well."

Telephone numbers didn't have area codes.

OK, they still technically had area codes but you never used to have to dial them to make local calls. I remember the day when half our city became 226 instead of 519 and there was almost a riot.

Kids birthday parties.

Unsplash | Robert Anderson

"I don’t remember parents in the 80s planing around a “theme” or renting a bounce house etc. Admission for 10 kids to the roller rink, a cake and some hot dogs and they were done. Way less work/stress for parents." - Reddit u/elbk80

"French fries were better. They were using a different grease to fry them in."

Unsplash | Brett Jordan

I don't know how this could even be possible. You're trying to tell me that at one point in time, McDonald's french fries tasted even better than they do now?! I can't believe it.

Back when you actually had to be a musician to make music.

"I miss the days when it took actual talent to make a good song. Had to actually play the drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard. And be able to sing without auto tune." - Reddit u/Bubba2475

The color schemes were a lot better.

Redditor 4rtyHaz3 says that they recall when everything was a bright shade of neon and that they wish they could go back to that.

I personally have no idea why someone would willingly choose to look like a hi-lighter, but to each their own.

Sitcom television was much better.

Unsplash | Ben

"The classic comedy sitcoms are really funny compared to the present ones idk why. Im[sic] not an english[sic] native speaker and i find myself laugh so much more when i[sic] watch old comedy sitcoms." - Reddit u/mznh

Spending time with family.

Unsplash | CDC

"Family togetherness. At least in my country/surroundings. My parents used to tell me that In the 80s and even 90s, they used to have these big joint families. Now, one would be surprised to see a joint family." - Reddit u/FredTheRed_99

Being able to ask for directions.

"I still love asking cause it can open up great convos and tips for the area. Plus I like to get a sense for the people when I’m in a new area. This seems to infuriate everyone." - Reddit u/glittermouton

"Reading maps."

Unsplash | Daniel Gonzalez

There's something to be said about having the ability to navigate using only a paper map. The idea of traveling that way now gives me anxiety — I couldn't get to the office from my home without Google Maps.

Showing up.

Unsplash | Gian Cescon

If we made plans to get together, you showed up. We didn't have cell phones to text or bail out on each other," explained Reddit user jenskal. "If you didn't show up, you'd better have a really good excuse too."