Here Are 30 Trending Pics That Only Happened Because Of An Accident

Some of the coolest pics on the internet are only possible because of some kind of accident. Say you forgot some food in the heat, or your pen exploded, or you dropped something and it made a strange shape. Those can make for popular pics.

All of these images are the result of some kind of accident. But don't worry, none of them are too serious.

"Hit a bird in the Cessna."

Ouch... that's got to hurt. As much as it sucks for the poor bird, I imagine something like this happens a lot. There are just so many birds, it can't not happen, you know?

I guess we're all morbidly curious, because we let this pic trend.

Some fallen trees that took the grass with them.

I really want to know what happened here. Earthquake? Strong winds? The trees just gave up and yeeted out of the ground? Whatever the case, they were determined to actually take the ground with them. So odd, and yet such a cool image.

This bun with the best before date printed on it.

How does this even happen? The buns go in the bag, and the bag gets stamped. How did such a crucial step get missed, and yet the bun still (presumably) ended up in a bag?

Well, whatever. It's funny, and that's all that matters.

"My ice made a watertight (whiskeytight?) seal."

I take it this person didn't mean to do this, but it ended up happening anyway. And you know what? It's kind of amazing. You almost have to drink it like that, though, which would probably be kind of gross. It's whiskey, after all.

Is the person who made the GameStop logo the same as the one who made the Smashburger logo?

I really need to know how both of these logos ended up looking so similar. And both of these places ended up being right next to each other. Coincidence? Maybe. But, maybe it isn't...

"A neighborhood where literally every house has the fake rock well cover, making them look significantly less like rocks."

This was probably a good idea at one point, when one neighbor was doing it. But the problem with good ideas is that they can catch on like wildfire. Next thing you know, you have a street full of fake rocks...

"I was trying to take a picture of the guy in the costume and a person with with opposite colors walked into the frame."

It's always kind of funny when two strangers end up wearing really similar things. In this case, you have two people who are basically opposites, with their hair and clothing colors being flipped. How funny!

"A fruit fly walked across my chocolate Peppermint Pattie as it cooled - leaving foot prints."

Is this cool? Yes. Is it a little gross? Also yes. But hey, something can be two things.

In all seriousness, this is a really fascinating thing to look at. Fruit flies have such strange little footprints, don't they?

"The sand dispersed on this new bike lane make it look as though the sun is shining."

That definitely wasn't supposed to happen, but since it did, it's pretty neat. When you look really closely at the pavement, you can see that the sand is just that, and isn't sun. The fact that it's so cloudy sort of gives it away, too.

"That one time a vulture flew in my bathroom."

This is definitely the last thing I'd ever expect to find in my bathroom. As far as I know, vultures won't really hurt you if unprovoked. But that still doesn't mean we should have them hanging around in our houses.

Cool shot, though.

Long plant, short carrot.

I guess this is less of an accident and more of nature being really weird. But what is nature if not a series of random accidents? (Deep, I know.)

I, uh, don't think there's any point in eating that carrot. I mean, you could, but why would you?

"This box ripped in the shape of a fish."

What a funny coincidence. Not only did the box make a fish shape, it actually made two. And with the flap opened like that, it makes it look like the two fish are kissing. A very cute, happy little accident if I do say so myself.

"This bootleg Thanos snapping with the wrong hand."

So close, yet so far. Thanos is known by pretty much everyone at this point, so it's hard to get a toy so wrong and get away with it. And yet. Here we are.

I'm not sure if it's because the toy is kind of a fail, or because it's Thanos, but it definitely got a lot of attention online.

"The Queen of England outlasted the commemorative tree."

It almost looks like this tree got knocked down for whatever reason. Maybe a storm hit it or something. Whatever the case is, it probably could've lasted at least a few more decades, long after the eventual end of the Queen's reign.

But now she can brag that she's outlived this tree.

I'm not sure this is what they mean when they say a marriage is a union...

Look a little closer at that bride's face, and you'll realize that it's actually the groom's. They're just sitting close together, and the picture is taken at such a weird angle, that they basically look like they share a face.

"I got a mosquito bite next to a tattoo and it made the letters swell up into 3D."

Mosquitos are honestly such menaces. They carry diseases, and they bite us all the time, leaving us with itchy, venomous spots for days on end. As cool as the effect this bite had on this tattoo is, it also really makes you think about mosquito bites in general.

"The gap in my bedroom window became a pinhole camera."

I don't know what kind of window you have to have to make this happen, but it's actually so cool! That's one way to check out what's going on outside your window, and without even having to get up, either.

"I accidently triggered a Man Overboard Buoy we found on the beach this morning."

Even if this was an accident, it at least resulted in such an awesome shot. The way the orange smoke is coming out of that buoy looks super cool, like it could be some sort of artistic pieces. It just goes to show you how amazing accidents can be at times.

"My mom’s friend found someone who completed her ensemble."

First we have opposite outfits, now we have the same one. Imagine meeting a total stranger who just so happens to match what you're wearing exactly. Seems like a one in a million chance (or maybe less, since tie-dye is a popular pattern).

"I’ve had this piece of graphite stuck in my hand since 5th grade when I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil."

Pencils can be surprisingly dangerous. They are things that we sharpen in order to make pointy, after all. Pencil related accidents probably aren't even that uncommon.

And people get the graphite stuck in their hands for years. Weird.

"This bee that stung my croc, but died before it could leave its stinger."

I almost feel bad for the bee, but it kind of had it coming. When bees use their stingers, their time is basically up. Too bad this one couldn't get away to die in a more dignified way. But that's just the way things go, I guess.

"Bought 2 different sizes of shoes, but the boxes align perfectly with one another."

I'm sure when this person bought these shoes, they didn't expect the boxes to form a complete picture. But since they do, we all get to see how pretty the picture is. This person basically can't throw those boxes away, though.

"Eucalyptus oil in my diffuser is turning all the flames in my house orange."

I don't think anyone sets out to turn their gas flames orange. It just kind of happens, I guess. But at least it's because of a harmless thing like eucalyptus oil and not something potentially dangerous.

And honestly? It's kind of pretty.

"The fate of an unfortunate fly at the mask factory."

I... probably wouldn't use that mask, to be honest. Just knowing that A fly could potentially touch my face, or that I'd be breathing in, like, its essence or something? Yeah, I'd just grab another one from the pack instead.

A perfectly broken dinnerplate.

If I dropped a plate right now, it would probably shatter into dozens of tiny shards. Meanwhile, this plate broke in two, and the pieces are so nice, it almost looks like a piece of art. Even though it's kind of unfair, I can't really be mad.

"My shoes match the machines I use at work!"

Well, would you look at that. That shoe and that equipment are nearly the same color! Was it planned? Was it a coincident? It almost doesn't matter because this picture is definitely super cool.

Where do you even get awesome shoes like this one?

"Rubber band collapsed into a Treble Clef."

Rubber bands are so funny because they just flop into random shapes from time to time. But this is less of a random shape and more of a treble clef. Which is actually really neat. What are the odds of something like this happening?

When rising yeast meets a plastic wrapped bowl.

I don't think the person who was prepping this dough set out to make a plastic wrap bubble. These kinds of things just happen. And they end up looking really sweet.

I'd be careful opening that seal, though. There's a lot of air in there.

"The ink from my date stamp at work exploded on my shirt and the material formed the droplets into little stars."

One part of me is crying over the loss of this white shirt. But the other part is staring in amazement at the pretty little stars that the ink made. Sometimes, something good can come out of something bad.

"A 5 pound bag of Gummy Bears melted together in the heat."

I guess this is a lesson for all of us: don't leave things out in the heat! Especially if you were planning on snacking on that something. I don't think these gummy bears are edible anymore. And honestly, that's a little sad.