20 Images That Got A Ton Of Internet Points

The internet loves a good story. People gravitate towards all sorts of things, from feel-good stories to pictures filled to the brim with awesomeness. And when something particularly interesting appears online, it ends up winning all the internet points.

These pics did their jobs, and did them well. People absolutely loved them. For different reasons, of course, but loved them all the same.

"Arizona firemen putting out a Mexican fire."

I guess the biggest perk of building two towns against a national border is that one country can help out when the other is having some trouble. They may be separated by a border, but those Arizona fire fighters are being crazy helpful to their Mexican neighbors.

"A hole drilled on Mars."

Despite it literally just being a hole, a lot of people online were really into this picture. I mean, it may be just a hole, but it's also on Mars, so that probably helps its popularity a bit. Plus, just wondering if they found anything is interesting enough.

"The smallest active-duty vessel (mini tug) of the United States Navy."

Really, who wouldn't love a tiny boat? I don't think it's big enough for a person to actually drive, but it probably still comes in handy. I bet it can be used remotely, which will definitely have its advantages.

"This tree collapsed in a very strange way from the weight of the snow."

My guess is that this tree was probably on the way out anyway. Trees are usually a lot more resistant than this, so the fact that it split like that means trouble.

But man, is it ever cool. No wonder the internet gave it their seal of approval.

"Giant in the fog."

It's haunting, it's pretty, it's interesting, and it's overall super awesome. This incredible image checks off a lot of boxes when it comes to pleasing the online masses. Just look at it! I'm mesmerized by it, and I'm sure you find it really interesting as well.

"A pill bottle that keeps track of when it was last opened."

Now this is what I call a great idea. It'll help people who often forget if they took their daily medication. All it needs now is an alarm to remind you when to take the next one. But it's a great start, that's for sure.

"Buried Easter island Maoi statue devoid of weathering shows detailed carvings."

People tend to love cool, interesting things like this Moai statue. I mean, look at the difference between the head, which has stood through hundreds of years of sun and storms, and the body, which has had the advantage of chilling underground. Big difference.

"Customer brought in a 1934 thousand dollar bill. After ten years in banking finally got to see one in person."

Despite being probably the rarest bill you'll ever see, the thousand dollar note is still legal tender. So theoretically, someone could use this bill to buy things. I doubt the would, because how would you even break that?

This is probably the closest any of us will get to seeing one.

"I created a photorealistic image of Abraham Lincoln if he lived in the present day."

Abraham Lincoln died, what? A hundred and fifty or so years ago? So he would look vastly different from most of the people around today. It's kind of cool imagining how he'd look now.

...Cool, but a little creepy, too. The image has a whole uncanny valley vibe to it.

"A Korean news program actually filming on the top of the building instead of using a green screen."

When I was a kid, I seriously thought that news reporters were sitting in front of monuments and city skylines. It took me forever to realize it was just a green screen.

But these reporters are doing the real thing, and it's making me start to doubt myself a little.

"Sleeping Squirrels in their nest on someones window ledge."

How cute! You probably already know that cute animal pics are guaranteed to entertain the masses, so we can't really act shocked that people gave this pic a thumbs up in droves.

Who knew squirrels sleeping on a ledge could be so cute?

"Michelangelo's Moses is lifting the pinky, therefore that tiny muscle is contracted - a small part of the many details of this masterpiece."

I just lifted my pinky a bunch of times to find the muscle, and it's there (a lot smaller than the one on this statue, but still there). How amazing. There's a reason why Michelangelo is considered one of the greats.

"My $20 bill with a serial number 1."

Wow, look at that. The first $20 ever.

...Okay. It's just the first one in that series. But still, considering how many bills they print at a time, the odds of finding serial number 1 is pretty low. That's actually really awesome, and the internet agrees.

"The door is real—the rest is graffiti."

I hate this, but I love it. It's so realistic that you almost can't tell that the letters aren't holes. It must've taken so much time to make.

And since the online world loves looking at awesome art like this, it ended up gaining a ton of internet points.

"The weather in the Netherlands today."

The Netherlands must be a frustrating country to live in during the spring months. Especially April, where the weather is starting to warm up, but may not be all the way there yet.

From morning to evening, the ground gets covered in snow three separate times! That's wild.

"My friend and I coded Plague Inc… for a TI-84 calculator."

This game may be a little awkward to play right now, considering everything. But the fact that it's on a calculator is a lot more interesting than the game itself.

Those Texas Instruments calculators, man. They really can do anything.

"I stayed up until 4am to capture this! HDR Waning Moon - Composite Image."

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking the people who have been to the moon are insanely lucky. It's such a beautiful rock. At least we get to see gorgeous photos (and composites) taken from the ground. It's, like, the next best thing.

"Entrance to a furniture store my dad and stepmom checked out today."

I love this so much. And I know I'm not alone, because this picture got a lot of attention online. I guess we're all just digging the giant piece of furniture that acts as an entryway to the store. It's way too cool, honestly.

"Heart-shaped amethyst geodes. Discovered yesterday in Artigas, by the mining company Uruguay Minerals."

It's amazing that those geodes occurred naturally. Like, what even are the chances? They must be worth a lot. The next step is to cut them out of the rocks, polish the outsides, and sell them for thousands of dollars!

"This forest noise amplifier is what my life has been missing."

I'm not sure if I would love this or hate it. Nature is cool and all, but some of those noises are kind of unsettling. But I'm sure that other people would love this, especially given how popular this picture ended up getting.