30 Trending Pics That Come With A Good Backstory

Do you ever look at a photo and think, "I wonder what this is all about?" Like, it would be a lot clearer with a bit of context? Well, these photos have just enough of that context to make them make so much more sense.

Just knowing a few extra details makes these pictures so much better. Pictures tell stories, but sometimes words take those stories to the next level.

"At the house of the Virgin Mary near Ephesus, Turkey, pilgrims and visitors will leave messages of hope, plus last words to dead relatives and friends on the 'other side.'"

Honestly, this is kind of a beautiful thing. Regardless of your beliefs, you have to admit that there's a kind of comfort in this kind of tradition.

"The robots that move pods at Amazon Warehouses leave perfect track-marks of their designated paths."

This is so weird to me. Those robots operate on specific, set routes that don't really seem to deviate. I mean, what else would be able to make lines this straight? Leave it to a robot to make something normal, yet impressive.

"The milk in my iced coffee settled into layers."

This really doesn't look like an iced coffee with milk. It looks more like a jar of caramel or something. I'm glad there's a caption to help set things straight.

I really wonder how things like this happen. How did the milk and coffee end up separating like that?

"This tomato hornworm in my garden is being parasitized by braconid wasp pupae."

Sadly, this isn't some kind of weird, small tomato growing on the plant. It's a bunch of wasp pupae. That's significantly worse than any regular weed or pest. Those things are eventually going to become menaces if they aren't dealt with quickly.

"My mom has a fully intact Eaton’s Catalog from 1976."

I look at that and think, "what is it?" I've never seen a catalog from the '70s before. That's pretty neat, though.

I bet you buying things through a catalog is a lot different than just buying it them online.

"I found a tiny crab in my cooked clam (ate the clam meat and spit out something weird)."

I'm not gonna lie; if this happened to me, my first reaction probably wouldn't to be to take a picture of it. I may scream, though.

Just the thought of eating something only to find something different is discomforting enough.

"Bought 2002 Porsche 911 from owner who drove it 7 days a week for 19 years."

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have guessed that this car is nearly two decades old. It seems so new and clean. Clearly the previous owner took great care of it. (It's a Porsche, so I'm not surprised.)

"These vines wrapped around each other to make a sort of vine rope."

Wow. It's like, a double vine or something. An extra strength vine. The kind of vine that you could probably use to scale a building and not have it break on you (or, like, anything else. Please don't take this as me telling you to scale a building).

"My 13-year-old is starting high school today and told us it was time to get rid of all his buddies."

There comes a time in every kid's life when they decide to let go of certain things. Like stuffed animals and toys. I'm sure this kid has enough memories with these plush toys to last a lifetime, though.

"This Fire Department in Austria still has a functional Phone Booth outside of it."

Anytime I see a phone booth in the wild, I get kind of excited. It's almost like spotting Bigfoot.

And honestly, I wouldn't have pegged this building for a fire department. It's just very old. And European.

"This smug owl stole a dog toy thinking it had a good kill."

What looks like an owl with its prey is actually an owl with a totally useless stuffed animal. I feel kind of bad for the owl; it's gonna figure out that its food isn't edible real soon. Then it's back to the drawing board.

"How the heat warped my friends shades."

These aren't specialty blinds. Nope, they're warped by the heat. I imagine it probably has to be really hot and sunny for blinds to just bend like that. That goes to show you how hot this summer has been for us. Too hot.

"Armstrong, British Columbia. 4:30pm."

With the summer heat still persisting on the West Coast, the wildfires aren't dying down. And in towns like this, where they're close enough to a fire, the sky turns completely red, despite the fact that it's the middle of the day. It's just so scary.

"In 1992, the Miami Zoo put 30 flamingos in the bathroom to protect them from Hurricane Andrew."

Seeing a bunch of flamingos in a bathroom seems like a bit of a nightmare, but these ones are at least in there for a good reason. Better than letting them stay out in hurricane-level winds, that's for sure.

"This Amish village has ‘whoa’ signs for their horses instead of stop signs."

If I drove past a red octagon that said "whoa" instead of "stop," I'd have some serious questions. But it makes sense in a primarily Amish area, since they use horses and carriages to get around and all.

"The greasy footprints of a satisfied raccoon exiting a trashcan."

Oh, you just know exactly what went on here. That's what happens when you leave a trashcan full of food sitting out. Raccoons are scavenger animals, so they'll go wherever they can find a quick meal.

And hey, better this public trashcan than one from your house.

"'Pray the Rosary' bumper sticker, with 666 in Their license plate."

The juxtaposition of the sticker is just really funny. Considering 666 is the devil's number and rosaries are basically the opposite of that, it's pretty ironic. I'm surprised the owner didn't go back to the dealer and try to get new plates.

"This Twinkie from 1998."

I...would not eat that. For starters, it's 23 years old. Also, it's 23 years old. Even a Twinkie, which is basically all sugar, can't still be good after that amount of time. I refuse to believe that it's possible.

Hopefully it hasn't gone bad enough to start smelling.

"Yes, this is an actual thing."

No backstory needed for this one, honestly. It's a pack of donuts that, for some reason, have two different fillings. I'm... not really sure how I feel about this.

Well, I'm sure someone out there would like it, at least. I'm just not sure it's a me thing.

"Since our dog had a pill against flees and ticks, we can see on the lawn where he has urinated."

I'm sure most dog owners can relate to the random dead patches in their lawns. Dog pee (especially in females) can have the unfortunate side effect of killing grass.

"Our fire escape was a rope you toss out the window."

This seems a bit dangerous. Then again, it's probably a lot safer than straight up jumping out a window in case of an emergency. With any luck, though, no one will ever have to use this particular fire escape.

"This picture from the forest fires looks like a Fallout video game."

Screenshot from a video game? Not quite. Though, it really does look like it could belong in a Fallout game.

You can tell by the amount of orange in the sky that the fire that wrecked this car is probably passing through another area now.

"Zelda’s eyes post surgery. She had melanoma developing in her left eye, vets “painted” over it with a laser, preventing it from spreading."

Aww, this poor kitty. It's strange and sad to think about how cats (and dogs) can have a lot of similar diseases to us. I hope this cat's eye doesn't cause her any pain.

"Might not seem like much but at the age of 34 I finally made my own bread."

It's really never too late to learn a new skill (not that 34 is even that old, but still). You can pick up a new hobby or learn something useful at any time in your life. Something small like making bread can feel like a huge achievement.

"Where British Columbia's Fraser river water meets the Pacific Ocean."

At first, it almost looks like there's a spill in the ocean. Like, someone put a bunch of mud or something on one side. But it's actually fresh water meeting salt water, and rather than combining, they make this really neat barrier.

"My grandma still has an unopened New Coke can in her fridge from 1985."

At this point, might as well leave it be. It's New Coke, anyway, which isn't as good as the original stuff, from what I've heard (I missed out on it). Plus, it's got to be completely flat at this point. Just a sad mass of sugary liquid.

"My sisters old abandoned treehouse that’s over 15 years old."

Seeing old, abandoned buildings is usually kind of creepy. But this one is just sad. At some point, we all put our toys down and never play with them again.

At least there were probably fun times to be had in this play house at one point.

"An unknown person leaving gifts on supermarket shelves to help lift spirits in lockdown."

We could all use a little kindness right now (and all the time, honestly), so things like this are just so uplifting. I bet the person who put these in random shelves is a living Saint.

"My son was born with a black spot of hair in his blonde hair. It grows in black, and there is no birth mark or discoloration under it."

I've heard of people with white streaks in their dark hair, but never the other way around. I wonder if it'll stay like that when he gets older, or if the rest of his hair will darken. So many questions!

"I hit a ticket jackpot and started redeeming the tickets before they finished dispensing."

That's a lot of tickets. Like, a lot of tickets. You could pretty much make a chain with those tickets and wrap it around the entire arcade. Not that you should do that, it's just that you could if you wanted to.