20 Times People Posted Powerful Pictures From The Past

The world is progressing so quickly in so many different ways. Technology, infrastructure, fashion. All the aspects of life today are radically different than those of life a century or even a few decades ago.

This list is taking a look at pics from our past. People who are about to do great things, or things that just look different than they do now. Talk about blasts from the past.

"My mom on her 900 Ninja in 1987, being the idol of the young girls in my dad's family."

I guess we could all use a role model. This woman sure does look cool on that bike. If I were part of her family, I'd probably look up to her, too. In fact, I kind of do anyway.

"Me 30 years ago (1991)."

"I took 2 years of my life to travel the United States from Alaska to Texas in my old 1950 chevy truck pictured there. Some of my most fond memories were being on the road during that time in my life."

Living the dream!

"My great grandfather, who fought in the Mexican revolution, pictured here in the early 1980s."

This photo was taken not long before he passed away, but he clearly still had the soul of a badass in his old age.

According to his great-grandson, he was probably a loyalist to Villa, but the complete story of his time as a revolutionary is unclear.

"Terry Fox. Lost his leg to cancer & decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research."

Every Canadian know's this man's name and story. He's one of the heroes of the 20th century. Even now, people participate in walks and runs all over Canada, all in his name. Talk about a true legend.

"Smoking gentleman using an acoustic coupler to send an email with a payphone. Early 1980s."

I bet you didn't know that "emails" could be sent via payphone in the '80s.

Teletype machines used sound to convert messages sent via telephone lines into text. Usually, the systems were stationary, but a few portable devices existed before becoming obsolete.

"Teachers enjoying their spring break circa 1910."

I guess if there's one thing that hasn't changed in the last 111 years, it's that teachers are going to enjoy all the breaks they get from their students. These teachers look like they're having fun, and just relaxing in this random field, which also happens to be a childless environment.

Summer Solstice Celebration, Stockholm, Sweden, 1970.

There are a lot of people out there enjoying that festival. While Sweden still celebrates Midsummer festivals, there's something really cool about seeing a celebration that happened over 50 years ago.

You know, I always wondered why it's called midsummer when it happens at the beginning of summer.

"The “popular” girls, in the 1920s."

The more things change, the more they stay the same. These women were, at one point in time, dressed in the latest trends. And anyone who's anyone wears the trendiest outfits at all times. You just know that they were the talk of the town.

"During the 1990s economic crisis, Russian teachers were paid with Vodka bottles."

Russia was definitely in a bad way economically during the '90s. But who knew it would've been this bad? So bad, that teachers were paid with vodka instead of actual money? That must've been such a rough time for them.

This is the last picture ever taken of volcanologist David A. Johnston.

It was taken 13 hours before the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. His observation post was only six miles from the volcano and he was the first to transmit the news of the eruption before his camp was destroyed.

His body was never found, but pieces of his trailer were discovered in 1993.

"My acrobatically skilled grandfather lifting my mother in 1958."

Set aside any pearl-clutching about safety and just appreciate the sheer joy on the child's face.

The photo was taken in Transylvania, which is also a pretty cool detail. The family left the country in the '70s to live in Germany.

"Winnie-the-Pooh author A.A Milne with his son Christopher Robin and the original Pooh Bear (East Sussex, 1926)."

Milne wrote Winnie the Pooh for (and about, I guess) his son, the real Christopher Robin. Who would've thought that a man's story about his son's stuffed bear would bring so much joy to kids around the world, over several generations?

"The LAST Original Dairy Queen built in 1954 Port Colborne, Ontario."

When you drive through small towns, you can sometimes see old restaurants and stores that have the original decor. This Dairy Queen has somehow managed to stand the test of time for nearly 70 years! How amazing is that?

"1988. Me with full 80's metal hair, my son and my beautiful mom."

This is the most '80s pic ever and I love it. I swear there's a picture of infant me with my own mum circa the same time where she's got the same hair and outfit.

Alas, said pic would not include a young rocker with great hair.

"My Great Grandparents in the '20s. I've been told that they were known for really knowing how to dance, and throwing wild house parties."

You ever think about the fact that there are so many stories to be told? People lived entire lives before we were even born, and those lives couldn't have been all boring. I wonder what the parties this couple threw were like.

"Two photographs of my Nana, taken 71 years apart - 1950 vs 2021."

It's amazing how this woman was able to take near identical photos in the same place, over 70 years apart. So much has changed; this woman lived an entire life. And yet, things aren't really all that different, are they?

"1896 Pennsylvania. Some family members on a family farm holding some of their favorite birds."

I think my favorite part of this picture is the caption. This family is holding their favorite birds (except for the girl on the left, who is clearly holding a cat). I dunno, I just think it's pretty funny.

"Toys R Us, 1985."

Nothing to see here, just Skeletor wandering through a Toys R Us, shaking the hands of children.

When I reverse searched this image, Google identified him as Batman, which is just plain rude.

"The O’Halloran sisters, armed with poles and boiling water, fended off the officers evicting their family during the Irish Land War."

In 1887, the family of a farmer named John O’Halloran was to be evicted from their land, but they didn't go quietly.

The family, including sisters Honoria, Annie and Sarah, and their mother, Harriet, fended off the eviction force of 400 men for many hours before finally being overrun.

"Freddie Mercury and his cat Tiffany, 1988."

Sometimes it's hard to believe that the most famous rock stars, actors, and celebrities of all kinds, are just people. They lived, ate food, and held their cats despite them clearly not wanting to be held. Believe it or not, Freddie Mercury was just like us.