20 Pictures That I Did Nothing But Marvel At For Around 10 Minutes

You've probably come across a bunch of pictures that you can't help but sit and stare at for minutes on end. They could've been impactful pictures that left you thinking for days and weeks. Or just really cool pics that were hypnotizing in a way.

But either way, you just can't look away. Your eyes keep getting drawn back. Yep. That's what's happened to me with all of these pics.

"Here’s an acrylic piece I made with a little help with a cake spinner."

Ugh, acrylic pours are so mesmerizing. I could literally look at this all day. All the different colors work so well together, and the way they've swirled thanks to the cake spinner makes for something you may not want to stop staring at.

"Incredible septarian nodule with spikey calcite crystals from Utah looks like a dragon egg."

There are way too many pretty stones in the world to even keep count of. This one, though, is on a whole other level. The polished, egg-shaped exterior makes it feel so regal, while the pointy crystals on the inside look like a tiny cavern.

"These bright blue edible mushrooms I found today."

It's likely that these mushrooms are Lactarius indigo, or indigo milk caps, which is a fungus I learned about just now. They're edible, but they're almost too pretty to eat. I'd much rather stare at them than eat them, in any case.

"Container of saltwater I left on my shelf for a month."

So that's what salt water look when you take the salt out of it. I can't say I'm surprised, and yet I'm so mesmerized by it. Those are some giant salt crystals! They're also surprisingly cubic; that's not something I'd expect to happen naturally.

"This piece of driftwood that looks like a skull."

That looks so much like some kind of deer skull that if I found it in the wild, I probably wouldn't think it was wood. But now that this person has shown it off online, it's really hard to stop staring at it.

"It’s interesting how when these trees fell they pulled up the grass like a big unbroken sheet."

Can... can trees really do this? What kind of force would it take to make this happen? Man, maybe the way we've designed streets and subdivisions needs some work.

It's like looking at a natural disaster or something. I just can't look away.

"My ice made a watertight (whiskeytight?) seal."

Because physics, buoyancy, and other scientific words, the alcohol in this glass is able to float on top of the water and ice. I may not totally get how it works, but it's definitely something I could stare at for days on end.

"Found a McDonald's sign off the building in my lunch ventures today."

The real question is: did the sign fall off, or was it removed on purpose? Either way, why was it just left to collect dust on the grass like that?

In any case, it's hard to look away. It feels like something we weren't supposed to see.

"There's this tame buck at our workplace that will come right up to you expecting snacks."

This little deer has mastered the art of being too cute to say no to. It's also mastered the art of being so cute, you just want to stare at it for a long time.

I'm glad I don't work there, or else the deer would probably be eating all of my lunches.

"Monsoons in Southern Arizona."

When you think about it, every storm is an isolated system. It doesn't blanket the whole world, just whatever part it happens to be on top of at a time. So seeing a lightning strike miles away from a sunset kind of makes sense. It also makes an incredible scene.

"Our chickens laid a tiny egg."

Why can't I stop staring at this tiny chicken egg? Why is this such a strange concept to me? Chickens aren't perfect, and their eggs sure aren't either. I guess because most store bought eggs are basically the same size, this just feels really foreign.

"South Africa's Tatjana Schoenmaker after smashing the world record to win women's 200m breaststroke."

This is the moment someone found out they broke a world record, which is kind of a huge deal. Even if you aren't rooting for South Africa, you kind of have to stop and take this all in.

"Waste from copper wire production."

How can something so mundane look so beautiful? This is just copper wire waste, but it's so shiny and colorful, like the world's most unnecessary party streamers.

It's definitely one of those things you catch yourself staring at for a bit longer than you probably should.

"This historic house my family is buying has an all dirt floor full of moss."

This basement doesn't seem like it's up to code. At least, not any code that would be around in 2021. And yet, it's kind of cool. Like an abandoned warehouse, or an old cave or something. Almost makes you want to go on an adventure.

"Broke my family's poverty cycle - my wife and I just bought our first home!"

Sometimes you just have to stop and look at other people's success stories. This has definitely brightened my day, and between their proud expressions and that beautiful house, there's a lot to take in here. Good for them!

"My bees, holding on to each other. It’s called festooning."

Apparently, bees festoon to repair or build beehives. This bee chain might be useful to them, but to me, it's entertaining. Even in image form, there's so much to look at here. Just look at those bees go, festooning and everything.

"The Visitor."

This is just a really cool piece of art. It's a little early for Halloween, but that doesn't mean we can't think about ghosts and spooky things. And this picture is very spooky.

It's just so nice, I kind of want to keep looking at it. Just for a little longer.

"A wolf designed entirely out of pipe cleaners."

If you don't look too closely, you might think that this is a real wolf (or even a doggy). But then you realize it's made out of some kind of fluff. The fact that that "fluff" is actually pipe cleaners is the icing on the cake.

"Took this picture in the stairwell from the twentieth floor of the hotel I stayed in."

If you have a fear of heights, look away! If not, keep looking down. That view is a little disorienting, but also hard to stop staring at.

It must suck having to climb all those stairs, though. Glad someone else did it.

"This handkerchief is carved on a marble."

Wowww. Look at that amazing craftsmanship. It must take years of training and practice to make something that looks this realistic. Out of marble, no less. That's almost unbelievable.

It drapes! Drapes! Like a real cloth would. Just too cool.