13 Home Improvement Fails That Left Us Shaking Our Heads

Kasia Mikolajczak

If you've ever done any home improvements, you know that it's not an easy task. There are so many things that can go wrong, and that's a fact.

Anyone who accomplishes it without some mishaps is truly lucky indeed. Unfortunately, that's not the case with these home improvement fails here. Check them out and try not to laugh too hard.

1. This '50s Diner Vibe

Wow, I love the '50s diner vibe as much as the next person, but this is taking that concept to the extreme. Don't you think so? So much hard work went into creating something as useless as this.

2. This Shower Fail

They tell you to do an accent wall. "It will be fun," they say. However, I've never seen one in the shower before, ha, ha! And what's up with that shower curtain rod? How are you supposed to bathe in there?

3. These Corner Picture Frames

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a picture frame was supposed to showcase the entire scene. So what kind of home decor is this? This idea here makes absolutely no sense to me.

4. This Shower Drain Failure

There is one purpose of a shower drain. It's supposed to drain water. I think somebody forgot about this little ahem important detail. Let's see how the homeowners are going to like standing in a pool of water.

5. This Matter Of Convenience

Oh my goodness. What have we got here? I'm not sure how you feel, but using this toilet would be quite awkward, no? I mean, it's convenient and all but still too out of the box for me.

6. This Great Wall Of China

You do know that beautifying your lawn could be an art form? Well, I think that fact is lost on the person who did that. Perhaps they should move to another project that's a little bit less creative.

7. This Upcycling Project

Upcycling is definitely good for the environment. So these folks found an interesting way to use their old microwave. As you can see, they created a mailbox out of it. Hmm, we have a microwave we don't use? Decisions, decisions.

8. This Toilet Monstrosity

If you ever wanted to have a custom toilet, I hope you don't do something like this. A toilet covered in stones isn't going to please any bottoms. No, thank you. I think I'll have to take my "business" elsewhere.

9. This Stuffed Pig Chair

I'm the first to admit that I always look for unique furniture pieces. Having said that, I don't know how I feel about this stuffed pig chair. Is it comfortable to sit? But then again, would you even try to sit on it?

10. This Kitchen Upgrade

I don't know if these folks were looking for a kitchen upgrade or a hidden storage room. Either way, I don't understand their thinking here. I hope they don't have a dog or a child who can hide under that fridge.

11. This Open Concept Failure

An open concept is all the rage these days. But sadly, I don't think this is how you're supposed to do it, folks. Most people actually want some privacy when they use the bathroom facilities.

12. This Roof Extension

If you have a lot of questions when you look at this picture, you're not the only one. Why would anyone attempt a roof extension is pretty much beyond my comprehension. What in the heck is going on here?

13. This Lonely Situation

They say "no man is an island," but I beg to differ. I think somebody actually tried to create one here in this kitchen, but they simply gave up. Otherwise, I can't explain what I'm seeing.

I don't know if using the term 'home improvement' is even appropriate here.

Giphy | TV One

From what I have witnessed, these are more like home reno disasters. I really do hope that once we get our own place, nothing like this will ever happen.