23 Ugly Gardens In Desperate Need Of Help From A Green Thumb

We are lucky enough to have a big backyard. It's more like a garden now, and I'm constantly trying to beautify it.

There are so many ideas one can use to do that. You can plant flowers, put up fountains, and even use gnomes. However, some folks end up taking things to the extreme, and they don't always turn out that great after all.

1. This Dog Fountain

There is a fun dog fountain in downtown Toronto. It's full of cute dog statues, and it's quite popular. Perhaps this person took that as their inspiration to create one for their backyard. Somehow it doesn't evoke the same feeling from me, though.

2. This Scary Topiary

I hope you don't walk into these things in the darkness of the night. I know if I did that, they would have scared the crap out of me, ha, ha. Just what kind of topiary is this?

3. This March Of The Penguins Idea

Whoever came up with this lawn idea must be truly obsessed with the March of the Penguins film. I confess I loved it too, but, still, this would be a little much for me. I bet Werner Herzog would love it, though.

4. This Gnome Field

For this is the place where lost gnomes come to rest. No kidding, hee-hee. I only have one question to ask this guy — where in the heck did all these gnomes come from, man? This site is quite unbelievable.

5. This True Devotion

If you're a true fan of the Royals, you'll absolutely love this odd backyard tribute. My only concern after I saw it was whether it was big enough. What do you think? Should they add a few more feet?

6. This Terrifying Landscaping

Oh my goodness. You don't see this every day, do you? I hope I'll never have to live next door to anyone who finds this amusing. This monstrosity would scare the bejesus out of me daily.

7. This Comfy Seat

If you've been fighting with your neighbors like cats and dogs, it's time to make a truce. Why not invite them for a cup of coffee while they take a rest on your couch here. Ouch, that's definitely going to hurt like hell.

8. This Inviting Playground

If you're wondering why local children aren't flocking to this playground, take a long hard look at it, please. This horrid monstrosity would be the stuff of nightmares for any kid who dares to climb it.

9. These Attractive Planters

Have you ever wondered what can you possibly do with your old jeans? Well, here's an idea for you. I would just make sure the bums are facing that neighbor you don't get along with, hee-hee.

10. This Fishy Idea

When your next-door neighbor erects a statue like this one, you know something is going on. Do you go and find out or just keep walking by it totally ignoring it? Let's hope this isn't survival of the fishiest type of scenario.

11. This Area 51 Vibe

Perhaps this will finally convince you that Area 51 is alive and well. Something tells me your neighbor here has been there and brought back a few souvenirs, hee-hee. I wonder if this looks even more creepy at night.

12. This Odd Shrine

Behold the power of the impulse buy, ha, ha! It's about time somebody made a shrine for the shopping cart. Perhaps this would be a great spot for all the shoppers anonymous to gather and chant.

13. These Terrifying Heads

I don't know why people are so keen to make these head planters because they are downright creepy. Also, where are people getting these heads in the first place? Is there some sort of mannequin head warehouse that I'm not aware of?

14. This Outlet

I don't know about you, but this picture is raising a few red flags for me. I thought everyone knew that trees and electricity are not the best combination because of, you know, fires? I hope they have an extinguisher nearby.

15. This Poor Roundabout

Someone went to all this trouble making a roundabout garden but then they forget to add the most crucial part: the plants! Those sad tufts of grass need some more plant friends.

16. This Garden Marker

Okay, this one is actually pretty funny. You know how hardcore gardeners mark their gardens so they know which plants are growing where? Someone decided to make one for their grass. LOL! Maybe they are true gardening beginners.

17. This Blast From The Past

It's been so long since I've seen one of these clunky desktop computers in real life. Even though I wouldn't put one of these in my garden, being upcycled into a planter is about all these old machines are good for these days.

18. This Weird Trio

What's the connection between an alien, an Easter chick, and a gorilla? No, this isn't the start of a joke — I'm genuinely wondering. If anyone can figure out why these three would be displayed together, please let me know!

19. This Sphinx

What are you supposed to do when your lawn is completely burnt and brown? Well, you could replace it with some new sod, or you could get creative. That's what this person was probably thinking when they added this sphinx to their yard.

20. This Massive Cactus

Some people love cactus plants a lot – maybe even too much. It looks like that was the case here as this cactus was massive enough to take down part of the fence. I'm guessing this neighbor wasn't too happy to see their fence destroyed.

21. These Teeth

I'll give this dental office some points for creativity, but I think we can all agree that teeth topiaries are creepy. At least they didn't go full Little Shop Of Horrors and get plants with actual teeth.

22. This Literal Definition Of A S*** Garden

What a way to take things literally, huh? I wonder if this backyard owner collected broken toilets left on the curb so he can one day display them so fabulously. Am I on to something here?

23. This Unusual Fountain

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a fountain. I mean, it does make sense to use inflatable pools. Doesn't it? However, if you're looking for an esthetically pleasant one, this isn't exactly going to suffice. Am I right?

Wow, I almost have no words to describe these gardens here.

They have left me quite speechless, hehe. I can't believe people go through all the trouble to create something that will only make me scratch my head. Which one made you chuckle the most?