20 Times A Picture Made You Do A Hard Double Take

If these pictures have taught me anything, it's that you really need to pay attention to what you're looking at from time to time. Not everything is what it seems to be at a glance, but every once in a while, something is exactly what it seems.

And these pictures just get weird, man. From cool effects to unbelievable sights, there's a little bit of everything.

Is it bread? Nope, it's a geode.

This thing looks like a piece of bread or half of a chicken nugget at a glance. Funny enough, it's not even food! It's a strangely-colored geode with an outer layer that looks a bit crispy. Look a little closer at the inside. You can see the crystals that have formed.

The bottlecap broke open like this.

Did Sprite start making bottles with snap lids? Nope! The cap broke in such a way that it almost looks like a cap that you can open and close. But that would make no sense. Why would you want to drink out of a bottle with a lid like that?

This truck... sure is something.

Yup, you're seeing this right... Someone is really into '80s movies it seems. This person got a Harry and the Henderson mural painted on the back of their truck. I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably be too distracted by this if I were driving behind this truck.

"A perfect bubble formed in my mug."

This is just so strange. What do you have to do to get a bubble to form in your mug? It just doesn't make any sense. Or, maybe there's a perfectly good explanation for this that I'm missing.

Either way, I'm probably going to keep staring at this for a while.

What did this sign say to me!?

I can't get over how clever this salon's name is. Even if it does seem a bit threatening on the surface, the name isn't really that sinister. Curl like your hair, and dye, not die. I bet this place gets a lot of customers just because of the name.

Angry bag.

I almost feel bad for this person because their backpack is so eye-catching. They probably get a lot of stares. I won't lie, if I saw that bag in public, I'd probably do a double-take, and then a triple-take right after. It just looks so grumpy!

Out of order... and merry Christmas?

An out of order ATM is weird enough, but the fact that whoever boarded it up used a Christmas card is just hilarious. Was this the only paper they could find? They couldn't have crossed the phrase out? Or written over it or something? It's way too distracting not to talk about.

"My local CVS has key lime pie Kit-Kats."

I didn't know key lime pie flavored Kit-Kats were a thing. Now that I do, I'm not sure what to do with this information. I almost want to try one, but I have the sinking feeling that they're going to be gross.

If you've tried them, let us know how they taste!

Now with more plastic!

It's pretty funny how old packages tried so hard to use less plastic, but failed miserably. You can tell that this package is from quite some time ago, given how small the USB drives are (4gb? That's it?). They must come with some massive instruction manual or something, even though they're so easy to use.

A tree that has seen some things.

It's so creepy how trees can make such strange and random shapes, like, all of the time. This one looks like it's seen something it wasn't supposed to see, and is now holding a hand over its nonexistent mouth in surprise. Or maybe my imagination is a little too active.

Those gum balls have been there for a while.

Uhh, I don't think it's safe to eat those gum balls anymore. The fact that one side is perfectly bleached by the sun tells you that they've been in that vending machine for a long time.

At best, they're just really stale. But even a stale gum ball isn't good, since they'd be more like jawbreakers at that point.

No! Put it back!

Whoever decided to do this is an evil genius. I really wonder if the clock turns counterclockwise to match the numbers, or if it still goes the right way. In any case, this is super confusing and shouldn't be used to tell time. Just look at your phone. Or get a watch.

Can you see the shape this oil makes?

If you look closely, you can see a deer head and neck, with some antlers sticking out of the top. Alternatively, you can see a crazy ghost waving its long, bent arms around. Either way, there's a shape in that oil that I can't unsee. At least it'll get cooked away.

"How my nephew eats his pizza."

At first glance, you might think that some weirdo cut the middle out of a pizza, leaving just the crust. But that pizza is in slices, meaning that whoever did this just didn't like crust. And then arranged all the slices in a circle for some reason. Not as weird, but still weird.

"I got a mosquito bite directly on the cheek of my Mr. Magoo tattoo and now it looks like he's blushing."

Oh, would you look at that. This person's tiny Mr. Magoo ankle tattoo is blushing a little. All thanks to one of natures most annoying gifts: a mosquito bite. Too bad this person's tattoo is about to be super itchy for the next couple of days. That isn't going to be fun.

Oh, hello there.

I'm pretty weirded out by the random mannequin head on the top of this grocery store juice shelf. But I'm also kind of impressed by the fact that someone got it up there. They must've used a ladder, which means that whoever did this is probably an employee who wanted to have a little fun.

Everything about this seems wrong.

The pylon on the top of that one post is weird enough, but look at how the post and street sign are slanted. I wouldn't trust that at all. They both look like they're about to fall down, which is kind of concerning.

And of course, there's the mystery of how did someone get that pylon on top of that post.

It *is* a dump truck, after all.

This is definitely the last thing you'd expect to see on the back of any vehicle. And yet, it makes perfect sense on the back of a dump truck. And it's right, there is nothing like a good dump. From a dump truck, that is. I'm not talking about anything else...

When you match your dentist chair.

That awkward moment when you show up to a function and someone is wearing your exact outfit. Which one of them has to change? I'm assuming neither, since one is at the dentist office and probably won't leave just to change, and the other is literally the dentist's office.

"Took a picture of my cousin at their wedding table and it caught the groom's nose."

Believe it or not, there are two people in that picture, even though it looks like the bride has a long nose. In reality, that isn't her nose. The groom is just out of view, but not entirely, and thus this really trippy photo came to be.