20 Inspirational Pics That We All Kinda Need Right Now

Everyone has a bad day from time to time. Maybe even more than a few. Sometimes we need a bit of extra motivation to get through the day, or a bit of good news to inspire us to do more in our own lives.

These pics are nothing if not inspirational. It's just really nice seeing all these people do great things, both for themselves and for others.

"The Philippines just won its first Gold medal in the Olympics."

Most countries around the world have had the chance to celebrate countless gold medals during the Olympic games. But up until Tokyo 2020, the Philippines hasn't had that chance. This is a huge moment of celebration for the country, and I think everyone else can feel good about it, too. Congrats, Hidilyn Diaz!

"I interpreted (British Sign Language) my mum's pacemaker surgery."

This Reddit user got to be an immense help during her mother's surgery. Since her mom is deaf and was (understandably) nervous during the process, the daughter used her sign language skills to keep her calm and walk her through the process. It's always great when kids help their parents!

"In Turkey, recycling machines reward you by giving free food to stray animals."

That's so cute! Stray animals have it rough. Unlike our beloved pets, they don't have warm homes and loving humans to go back to. If they can at least get a bit of food from time to time through machines like this, then that's just great. It must make them so happy!

"Manatees eating sweet potatoes."

People were falling in love with this adorable scene. These manatees are enjoying a nice sweet potato snack, which is something they probably wouldn't see a lot in the wild.

This is definitely one of those feel good photos that put a smile on your face, even when you're having a bad day.

"Found out my wife’s grandmother was quite the artist. These are real eggs that were blown out and hand painted and decorated. Each piece is placed by hand."

I think what really gets me about these beautiful eggs is the fact that anyone can be a good artist. Anyone can practice and work hard in order to create amazing things. It's probably more about skill than it is talent. I'm kind of inspired to start making more art myself.

"Really proud of my latest wool sculpture, hope he makes you smile!"

There's something just so great about seeing people be proud of their work. That dog is amazing! If it weren't so tiny, it could almost pass as the real deal. But as it is, the dog and the artist who made it are enough to put a smile on your face.

"Growing up, my parents could not afford a Trapper Keeper for my back to school. I was so bummed. I don’t have kids of my own but that TK’s are awesomely back, I’m making sure my nieces and nephews will never know such pain and sorrow."

A lot of us can relate to the feeling of not being able to have some of the things our classmates did as kids. Kudos to this guy for being the best uncle to his nieces and nephews. At least they won't have to worry about going without those Trapper Keepers.

"This little record store in Athens, Georgia where an employee named Peter met a customer named Michael, thus forming the legendary R.E.M."

It's so funny how one picture can have so much history. And one chance encounter can have such a lasting affect. Who would've thought that a legendary band like R.E.M would be formed by two people who just so happened to meet in a record store? It just goes to show you how the future is full of awesome surprises.

"Just a waddling of ducks, checking out the neighborhood watering hole."

There's no deeper message behind this one. Everyone likes ducks, especially when they travel around as an entire family. Just look at how cute these ducks are, walking around and minding their own business.

Just another cute sight that will no doubt brighten your day even just a little bit.

"Life always finds a way!"

Would you look at that. A plant that's found an incredibly unconventional place to grow. It shows you how persistent those little guys can be; they just keep pushing until they find a place to grow.

We can be like that too. Don't give up, and always keep growing!

"This guy used my foot for a resting spot for about 5 minutes. I tried to gently shake him off but he kept coming back."

Some people believe butterflies to be good omens. So having one insist on hanging out on your foot for a while is probably a good thing. It means this guy is about to fall into some good luck or something. That's really amazing! I'm not gonna lie, though, I'm kind of jealous.

"The bad part of San Francisco: so many hills and stairs. The good part: it’s pretty."

Being in a city like San Francisco where you're always climbing uphill, can be a little tough. But at least if you can climb up steps that are this beautiful, it won't seem as bad. Something like these would definitely inspire me to keep going until I get to the top, metaphorically and physically.

"Conquered my fear of heights over the weekend and captured a beautiful photo of Tower Bridge."

Even though it can be super scary, conquering a fear in order to take a great photo must be an amazing feeling. Heights definitely aren't for everyone, so this must've taken a lot of courage.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this guy deserves mad props.

"Hard climb, but the view is great. Waterfall captured by me after a rough hike."

It's views like these that inspire us to actually go outside. Hiking isn't easy, that's for sure. So for those of us out there who can bring themselves to do it, that's just amazing. Going all that way on a difficult climb was definitely worth it for that view alone.

"My Dad and one of the animatronic dinosaurs he engineered for an exhibit in South Korea. '94."

Working on something like this must be such a proud moment in your career. Like, imagine going to a different country to build a giant animatronic display for an exhibit. That's got to be one of the coolest things ever.

Plus, it's something your kids can brag about decades later.

"PSA: Remember to teach your dog to take selfies."

You can really teach a dog to do anything, huh. That's awesome, and also so cute! It may just be my imagination, but this dog looks pretty happy to be in that picture. Then again, it's with its best friend, so of course they would both be over the moon.

"I’m really proud of this picture I took yesterday."

Again, it's so nice seeing people take pride in their hard work. Getting a shot of a hummingbird in general isn't easy, since they tend to buzz away when people get too close. But this is something else; it's absolutely beautiful! This person is proud, and I think we should be, too.

"I overcame my depression and went for a hike :) It's the small things."

This past year has been a pretty tough one for mental health. Depression is no joke, and it's important to seek help when you need it.

I'm glad that this guy was able to do something for himself in spite of everything. He's right; it is the small things.

"Canadian IGA grocery store has a 25,000 square foot rooftop garden and is distributing the goods directly in store."

I'm so amazed by this idea. It's just so cool! A grocery store is probably the perfect place for a rooftop garden. Not only will it have a huge roof to work with, but the produce can go directly onto the shelves! I think we need more of these in the world.

"Post-cochlear implant surgery selfie - it only took 20 years to build up the courage!"

Surgery is a scary thing. But when you come out of the other side, it's a great feeling. That relief you feel knowing that everything turned out well is like nothing else. Hopefully this guy's story will inspire others to work up the courage for their own health.