20 Wild Pictures That Have So Much More Going On Than You Know

Not everything is what it seems to be at first glance. Some things are a lot more complex once you get to know their backstories. It's amazing what a little context can do.

Other things are mostly what they seem, but still get cooler the more you look at them.

These pictures have a lot going on. Above all, they're super interesting.

"I found a blue hedgehog in Westminster Abbey today."

How interesting. A blue hedgehog. That's definitely not anything I've seen in the world before. Not in the wild, and definitely not in any video games. Nope, not a one.

I like to think that whoever made this blue hedgehog statue in the past was from the future, and was just clowning everyone.

"The motel that I’m staying at has 3 TV’s, but only one of them works."

I don't know what the reason for having three TVs in a single room was, but, well. They're here. And only one of them works. Even better.

Seriously, though, they could've at least gotten rid of the two broken ones. Do they really still need to be in there? What an eyesore.

"I refurbed my Atari 2600, the picture came out really well!"

This isn't an extra keyboard, or some weird speaker. Nope, it's an Atari 2600 system. It probably can't do much beyond playing the old Atari games, but it looks super nice.

It feels like art. I feel like I'm looking at a piece of art. And a piece of history too, I guess.

"Pavement in Berlin Painted with Curved Lines."

I would not want to walk on that road. Even if it's an optical illusion and the path is completely flat, I'd feel like I'm about to trip every five seconds.

I wonder how many people this road confuses on a daily basis. I'm sure some people are used to it, but most won't be.

"The ‘Snapdragon’ is a flower that when the petals die they resemble skulls."

Even though this looks like a group of bird skulls screaming at nothing, they're just flowers. Really ominous, dead-looking flowers, but flowers nonetheless.

Did...did the plant know what a skull looks like, and decided to mimic it appearance? Or is this just some kind of super crazy coincidence?

"Found this inside out cup at work."

Even though that cup was probably folded wrong in the factory, I want to think that someone did this on purpose. Someone out there took on the painstaking task of flawlessly flipping a cup inside out.

And for what? To play a joke on us? Because it looks cool?

"The curb is made of granite in this neighborhood in Quebec City."

This curb looks like a regular curb. But look a little closer. It may not be polished the way it would be on a countertop, but that's granite. Quebec City in Quebec, Canada, has at least one street with granite curbs, apparently. That seems wildly unnecessary, but it's still pretty cool.

"Have you ever wondered where beeswax comes from? This is a very difficult image to get: it is the moment when a bee is secreting the wax from its abdomen through its cherry glands."

You know what? I have never once wondered where beeswax came from. But now I know, and I really don't know what to do with this information. At least I'm not alone in knowing, though.

I can't tell if this picture is cool or just weird. This bee is essentially pooping wax.

"This pattern on the roots of my mom's plant caused by the shape of the pot."

No, the plant isn't trying to tell you something. It didn't make friends with a super intelligent spider that can write words, either. It just did what plants do best; it grew no matter what. Even if that meant growing its roots around a pot, taking on the pattern of it. Neat!

"Table held up by buckets resting on it."

I feel like staring at this for too long is going to make my head hurt. The buckets are resting on the table, but also somehow keeping it up? Now would be a really good time to have paid attention in physics class, because this is just not computing with me.

"3 volcanos in one photo."

Is this a picture of a normal landscape? That depends on what your definition of "normal" is. Does it involve at least one volcano? If no, then this isn't a normal landscape, since it has three of them in one. A beautiful shot, and just so interesting and out of the ordinary.

"Ghost apples are created when freezing rain settles on the fruit and ices over immediately, creating a frozen coating. The rotted apple falls out the bottom, leaving behind an Icy silhouette."

Nope, this isn't Photoshop. This isn't someone playing a clever trick. That's a real picture of a real ghost apple. This happened a few years back thanks to a particularly cold spell one winter.

Apples freeze at a lower temperature than water, so the rotten apples turned to mush as the ice stayed around it, making these.

"A house built around a plane."

Well, at least the house wasn't built around a plane crash. The plane looks like it's in pretty nice condition, and has the added bonus of giving the home some pretty unique curb appeal. I wonder if the plane is part of the house, like, are there any rooms inside of it?

"Popcorn-Espresso-Ice Cream-Sushi place in Wal-Mart that caters."

There's a lot going on here. Gourmet popcorn is great. So is ice cream. And espresso. Sushi doesn't really go with any of that, but it's great on its own as well. I'm not sure how well the concept goes together, but there's definitely nothing else like it, at least!

"Saved a bunch of Checks (1930)... from an abandoned house!"

I'm sure back in the '30s, these checks weren't anything special. But today, they're so cool! It's amazing how many checks this one person issued, when we barely use them anymore. I don't think I've actually written a check before, and I don't even own a check book. How how times have changed.

"Terrifying 33ft anaconda discovered in 2016 lurking in caves near dam construction site in Brazil."

It took me a second to realize that this large mass of snake is all the same one. I legitimately thought there were two in there for a second.

And... yeah. Now I'm kind of terrified. No snake should be that long. It shouldn't be allowed. That's way too much snake!

"Whale bones, Norway - Rafters make chilling discovery in crystal-clear water."

Look, we're all bound to find random animal bones out in the wild. All animals will die someday, and other animals still need to eat.

But finding the bones of something as big as a whale? That would definitely cause a fright. One of those spinal discs is probably bigger than your whole body!

"Visiting Yellowstone and saw this tree. The roots are so far above ground, yet it still stands. It’s like a spider."

It's amazing how tree roots can just...pop up from the ground and keep growing. And certain kinds of trees can live for decades, centuries, and even millennia. Trees are such incredible plants.

Every once in a while, it's nice to take a step back and get a good look at nature.

"This perfectly cut in half hybrid Muskie that was caught twice in the span of 6 years."

A muskie is a kind of pike, so it makes sense that the two may have bred sometime ago. This fish looks like it's half muskie and half pike, directly split down the middle. I doubt that there's more than one of these swimming around, so it's cool that people caught it multiple times.

"The “Black Crack” along Utah’s White Rim Trail, a natural fissure in the rock a few feet wide and deep enough to kill you."

That's one place I wouldn't want to fall down. It may be fun to visit, but it would still be super scary. Just the risk of falling is enough to keep me far, far away.

But if you're brave enough, maybe you could do what I wouldn't and go down there.