20 Pics We Couldn't Make Much Sense Of

We all like to think we're pretty smart, right? At least, smart enough to get through our day-to-day duties and start asking questions when something seems off. Sometimes, though, we see something that truly throws us off course and leaves us wondering if maybe we're not as smart as we thought.

This list is full of pics that we couldn't make much sense of. Don't let it get to you though, we're all confused.

"Walgreens replaced their freezer window panels with screens that constantly flash/move and don't even accurately represent what's inside the fridge."

I've been haunted by the image of these things ever since I first saw them. In what world is this better than just glass? What part of the shopping experience is this meant to improve? Why is it never accurate?

"This presumably politically charged billboard where the message is very lost."

I get the general 'drugs are bad' message, I think, but I cannot parse a deeper meaning here. Hopefully that's all they wanted to say.

"Who thought this needed an acronym?"

While it definitely doesn't need an acronym, the addition of one did get me to stare at the sign and read it all the way through, so there's something to be said for that.

"[When] you try to make something cool but end up failing spectacularly."

What was the cool thing they were even trying to make here? It's just two signs layered on top of each other, right? Is that supposed to be cool? Am I out of touch?

"I mean, you think I’m blind?"

They're really hoping you either won't think too much about it or won't care, but will still buy it at that seedless premium price.

"Was cutting watermelon and my steel knife just snapped."

Jeez, what's that watermelon been eating? What's its workout routine? There are loads of people looking for muscles that are that rock hard, it could make a fortune selling tis secrets.

"How my dad closes a box of cereal."

This is abhorent. Your father does this? You're lucky he didn't pass this sick and twisted behavior onto you, but maybe there are other, worse habits you picked up. Be vigilant.

"By far the most useful shelf in this closet."

Definitely, you can fit so much up there! A singular coat hanger, a small stack of papers, or even all those birthday and holiday cards you know you'll never read again but keep for some unknown sentimental reason anyway!

"They stamped it on the bun not the packaging."

I'm almost impressed that this managed to happen. It'd certainly introduce some new flavors into your next burger. Not good ones, mind you, but unique ones.

"Found these in the same store. I just can't decide which should I get..."

I'll have to give it to Ghanvien Kleen for being the closest to the original, but points to Ghldin Kldin for originality.

"I almost had a stroke trying to read this pillow at World Market."

I guessed polcoly, blcoly, volcolu, and vdcdu before learning that it's supposed to say vacay. Who approved this?

"A helmet with, well, a hole on it... And why do it have 'Gucci' on it?"

I can forgive the weird Gucci print, but a hole? In a helmet? This can only end extremely, extremely poorly. Please do not buy helmets with holes in them.

"This is how my girlfriend eats cheesecake."

And you just...sit there and let her do it? Consequence free? Have you considered how this impacts the rest of the world?

"This fake corkboard at work, just a cork print glued on a cardboard."

Is cork, like, way more expensive than I think it would be? Or are people just way stingier than I would expect out of a workplace?

"I see this everyday on my way to work and I only just figured out it says engagement and has nothing to do with eggs."

The sign is pretty good at grabbing your attention, though. I don't know, workplace bulletin board, what is eggmnnaeet?

"[This] disgusting arch in my friends house."

There's so much wrong with this. The color against the yellow wall, it being off-center, the uselessness of it. What are you even meant to put in there? At least have some extra shelves installed.

"This 'Emergency Response Numbers' sign doesn’t have any emergency response numbers."

This is in case you see an emergency, you can promptly write a letter to them and have the correct address to mail it off to.


No matter which letter you start on and which way you read it, it doesn't make sense. Ignnid? Gnnidi? Nidign? Idignn? No clue.

"This would flow unfiltered, right?"

I don't think I ever have or ever will see a sign for a business that makes me feel less welcome than this.

"This was at my friends wedding the other night [...]."

I feel like the sentiment is supposed to be 'two lives, one love' but that extra 'two' at the top really throws it all off. Two one love two lives? Yeah, sure, why not.

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