20 Times Kitchens Gave Diners Literally What They Asked For

They always say to be careful what you wish for, and that rings true regardless of if it's a joke or not. Not everyone, especially those working in the 'the customer is always right' service industry, will know you're not being serious.

Or maybe you are serious, but your request is just astoundingly strange. Either way, the people fulfilling these desires did so perfectly, regardless of what was asked for.

"Someone ordered me 28 large Dr. Peppers at midnight."

Either it was a prank or an accident, but either way, it's a baffling choice. It's either an expensive prank or you'll have to convince me that someone out there needed 28 Dr. Peppers this badly at this time of night.

"I ordered a Pad Thai with extra peanuts..."

This looks almost like a crust of sorts. Flip it over and bake at 400°F for 20 minutes for a delicious Pad Thai Pie. It will be disgusting to eat that way, but what else is there to do with all those peanuts?

"My wife isn't great at measurements and ordered a 28" pizza for the two of us."

The good news is you now have dinner planned for the next week at least. I also really need to know if your wife thought 'inches' was a different unit of measurement, or if she just has no idea how big an inch is.

"I reminded the bartender that I wanted extra lime with my gin & tonic."

And that one reminder sent the bartender into Extreme Petty Mode. Oh, you wanted extra lime? Well, you're getting extra lime then pal, you'll never want a lime again after this.

“Give me as much ranch as you’re allowed to.”

I fear for the sogginess of your pizza if you consider this to be an appropriate amount of ranch. Do you even taste the cheese? The sauce?

"[Asked] for extra gravy... my fries are drowning lol."

That's an artery-clogging amount of extra gravy. I feel slimy just looking at it, but I also have a weakness for poutine, so I'm pretty conflicted at the moment.

Read it and...rejoice!

The uploader explained their epic tale in the title, "I asked for a ridiculous quantity of a seasoning that I like with my DoorDash order, and I wasn't at all disappointed by the glorious human being that fulfilled my request."

"Do you want a little olives or a lot of olives?"

There's no way you knew just what you were getting into when you said 'a lot'. This has now become a test of will. Can you accept the consequences of your actions? Will you eat the more-olive-than-pizza pizza slice? Will you overcome this great challenge?

"Extra Chipotle sauce from Panera..."

They said, "Here. You want chipotle sauce so bad? Take the whole bag. Make your Panera meals at home. Don't come back asking us for extra sauce ever again."

"Ordered a 6pack and a pizza. Got a 6-6pack and a pizza."

As long as you only paid the price for one six-pack, this seems like an absolutely incredible problem to have. And you still got your pizza!

Oops! All steak bowl.

Another tale, this time of woe. "I ordered a chicken burrito bowl with brown rice black beans lettuce corn and cheese for pickup. I then said 'actually can you make that a steak bowl?' I didn’t check my order until I got home."

"I went to Cheesecake Factory for Mother’s Day, ordered a side of broccoli and got this sexy big boy."

Eating broccoli like this is truly the superior method. Any food that makes you feel like a giant feeding off the land is simply the best.

"Five year old I babysit asked for 'really fat cookies'. They’re almost 5 oz each."

Seeing as I can't even cook normal-sized cookies all the way through without burning them, your ability to bake these perfectly both astonishes and frightens me.

"Ordered shawarma and asked them to make it so spicy that it would burn my taste buds off. They definitely complied."

Yeah, merely looking at this is making my sensitive, sensitive tastebuds start to cry. One bite of this would surely send me into a spice-induced coma. Kudos to you and your iron stomach, though.

"A guest ordered, received, and devoured a raw steak today. The cook looked sad when he put it on the plate."

Wait, so the meat was raw, but no, the potato still had to be cooked? If you're going to embrace your animalistic side and go raw, at least go all in! Not this 'just enough to disturb people' stuff. Commit.

"We ordered 'one pepperoni pizza'..."

As some pointed out, you can spot more pepperoni around the edge under the cheese, but I don't blame the uploader for not spotting that because why would you put toppings under the cheese?! Unnacceptable behavior.

"[They] ordered cheese on the side."

Nothing to make the burger-holding experience worse than it already is than to put a room temperature slippery piece of cheese on the outside too.

Also, to those who do order cheese on the side, why? What do you gain by putting the cheese on yourself?

"So I ordered a lettuce burger thinking it would come on two PIECES of lettuce."

The longer I look at this, the more intrigued I am. I can even feel myself wanting to try it, and that's how I know this image is cursed and contains the ability to brainwash people.

"[...] someone ordered a pancake, add spinach, onion, and tomatoes to it."

Just order an omelet...please, just order an omelet. This hurts so much to think about, let alone see with my own two eyes. Learn to love eggs.

"I commend my newbie's level of petty when someone ordered the burrata with 'all the toppings on the side'."

In their defense, what else is this supposed to look like? That sure looks like a meal with all the toppings on the side. Perfectly filtered.