14 Items That Managed To Last Through The Ages

It's true what they say that some things were built to last. That's especially apparent when you look at items that were created in the past.

Nowadays, it seems that a lot of stuff is bound to fall apart. So, I thought it would be fun to go through some items that folks got a long time ago, but which still work like a charm today.

1. This Vintage Mercedes

How long did your last car last? I bet it wasn't 30 years, huh? And I'm pretty sure it didn't look as good as this one, either. Even though it already clocked in 247,000 miles, it doesn't show it.

2. These Sorel Winter Boots

I don't know about you, but I typically wear things until they're literally worn out. However, I don't think I've ever had winter boots that lasted 20 years. These look like they're not even a year old.

3. This Camping Table

This gentleman inherited this cute camping table and chairs from his grandparents. They bought it in the '60s. And from the looks of it, it's still going strong, and they're about to get a ton of more use from it.

4. This Vintage Razor

"My grandpa's razor I inherited, used to shave with him (w/out razor in) when little. 25ish yrs later I'm here, cleaned it up, and threw new razor in. 1940's gold plated DE." Oh my goodness. How awesome is that?

5. This Vintage Tent

This person's dad bought this Coleman Classic tent back in the 70s. And to their surprise, it still has no leaks and doesn't require a rain fly. All the original poles are also intact after 44 years. OMG!

6. This Retro BoomBox

Do you still have that retro boombox that used to wake you up when you were in the 5th grade? Well, this person is now 39-years-old, and this Panasonic is still kicking around. That's so cool, right?

7. This Pocket Compass

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with old compasses like these. This one comes engraved to say, “ENG. DEPT. U.S.A. 1918." Even after 99 years, it still points to magnetic north. Wow, that's pretty impressive, eh?

8. This Waffle Iron

I think you'll be hard-pressed to find a waffle iron that could last you twenty years. This one is from the '20s, and it still works flawlessly. Ah, I wish I had one like this. And now I'm craving waffles, hee-hee.

9. This Old School Juicer

I've been looking for a suitable fruit juicer that would be easy to clean and last a long time. None of the new ones seem to suffice. So perhaps I should be on the lookout for a vintage one like this, huh?

10. This Cast-Iron Skillet

We finally splurged and bought a cast-iron skillet. It's been a struggle to get it to become non-stick. This one is in such a mint condition even though it's about 80 years old. And they use it pretty much daily. Wow!

11. This Sewing Machine

If you can believe it, this Singer sewing machine is 100 years old and still works perfectly. They just don't make them like they used to, huh? My dad who hems all my clothes would love that.

12. This KitchenAid Mixer

This person just happened to stumble upon a KitchenAid mixer from the 1970s for only $35. So they greased it up and painted it, and it's as good as new. Wow, I'm quite impressed by that.

13. This Vintage Camera

I've always wanted a vintage camera. This one here looks so cool. It's a 1958 Rolleiflex. It still works perfectly and takes beautiful images. Wow, I say this person is pretty lucky to end up with this gem.

14. This Thermos

Most people use plastic Tupperware these days when they pack a lunch for work or school. So, it's funny to think there was a time when metal thermoses were the norm. Maybe we should switch back to them since they will last much longer than Tupperware. This one was used every day between 1970-2018.

Wow, who here is as impressed with these old-school items as I am?

I absolutely love them all. If only I had enough space in my house to start collecting vintage gems like these. Which one is your favorite here?