20 Things That Deserve A Gold Medal For Disappointment

Nothing can crush the spirit quite like truly unbearable disappointment, like ordering something online only for it to turn up and be hideous...or generally watching a 1975 concert.

Anyway, from people who received the most hilarious things from online stores to individuals who had the most disappointing trips to the dentist you can imagine, here are 20 things that deserve a gold medal for disappointment.

"Well, it fits the cat."

That cat seems to have very specific and refined tastes when it comes to specific weaves, much like my own cat. I also love how that cat looks like it cannot believe that it has been dragged into this insanity.

"I need a screwdriver to open my new screwdriver."

Maybe DeWalt want you to go out and buy another screwdriver to open this screwdriver, only for you to not be able to open that one either meaning that you have to go out and buy another screwdriver to open the second one, and so forth.

"Job expectations..."

This is absolutely classic. Although, one person did simply suggest, "Ignore it and apply. Having put together a few jobs in the last few weeks I can assure you that it has all been cut and paste and all of those lines requirements are a wish list."


Look, I do not think that anyone is going to doubt the fact that the picture that came 1st is anything other than a stone cold masterpiece, but maybe it should have been put in a different category or the like.

"I tried making cutesy frozen banana ghosts but they melted horrifically."

On the plus side, the melted ones will be much better for when Halloween rolls around, as they are sure as hell more unsettling than the actual ones! I cannot stop looking into their eyes, it's like they're begging me to end their life.

"It's... kinda cute though."

One person who was clearly not a fan of this tattoo, added, "Outside of the [ridiculous nose], it looks like a little smiling rodent on the first day of school. Dressed to the nines with a bow tie and stupid hat." But I kind of like that about it.

"Well, I tried."

I absolutely love this. And, while I know that it is utterly dreadful, I know for an absolute fact that I would make one even worse if I was daft enough to attempt this. Baking is far from being my speciality.

"My rage is immeasurable and my day is ruined."

But if you look at the diagram telling you how to "pull" the sheet, then you can clearly see that this person had their thumbs at an incorrect angle. Jesus Christ, what is this, amateur hour? Step your game up son.

It's A Choice...

And it is a bold choice at that as well! I am half way to actually quite liking this aesthetic, but that's mainly because I love the little pig in the flying saucer's tractor beam...which is a sentence that I relished saying.

"A disappointed uncle..."

I mean, what is even the point of having kids or younger relatives if you cannot use them for internet clout? Christ, it is not like children pay rent or anything so using their stupid comments for retweets is all they can pay you with!

"I tried to separate my puddings…"

I guess that this solves the conundrum of which one are you going to eat first. Also, one incredibly unpleasant person described this as a "Pudding hangnail," which is an image which will haunt me for a long, long time.

"The lovely piece of 'meat' shown on the box of this fondue set."

I do not want to know what they used to get this shot, but it looks like it would need something seriously magical in that fondue set to make it palatable. These people really took "crappy" design to a whole new level.

"Uhhh, Pikachu?"

Dear God, Pikachu looks like he may have seen some terrible, terrible things over the years he has spent with Ash. I suppose that this is what happens when you're a star of a children's TV show who ultimately turns to meth.

"They stamped it on the bun not the packaging."

Well, it has expired now anyway so there is no point in trying to eat it. Although, the taste of the ink might take away from the taste of stale bread...which is probably the thinnest silver lining of all time.

"Fresh" Seafood...

So, judging from the horrifically suspicious quotation marks, it isn't fresh then? There is nothing quite like poorly-aged seafood to really make your stomach feel just great the next day! I am sure that this is very "safe" to eat!

The Unluckiest Guy In The Dentist...

"I have 7 wisdom teeth (35 teeth in total) I am probably in the 0.0001% but at a wrong competition," wrote this poor person. I can fathom the amount of discomfort that they must be in all of the time.

The Stuff Of Nightmares...

Dear God, is that meant to make you look like Kirby? It has made this poor woman look more like Pennywise's saddest cousin. I think that I will have to go out and buy some of these face masks now though.

"Sad Playground Education."

The kid's arm at the bottom conveys all of their disappointment and shock in one very simply hand motion. How hard it is to remember "Never Eat Shredded Wheat," or whatever mnemonic you undoubtedly learnt when you were at school!

"By far the most useful shelf in this closet."

Perhaps it is for storing individual pieces of paper? Or, maybe it is holding up that part of the ceiling — in which case you should be really careful about taking it down, just in case the whole roof caves in.

"Still tastes good but looks like it's come from the someone's tortured bowels."

I suppose that this could still technically be called a "Twister," but it does look like an eldritch monster has sneezed onto a stick. Although, this has only made me want a Twister, they were my favorite ice cream as a kid.

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