20 Trending Images That Entertained The Internet

There's nothing wrong with searching for a bit of entertainment every now and then. If you need a distraction to get yourself through another boring day, then look no further!

These pictures left quite an impression on a lot of people. They're cool, funny, and may even get you thinking a little (but don't worry, you won't have to use too much brain power).

"Nepalese climbers removed 2.2 tons of rubbish from Everest while tourists were away."

Well, then. It looks like Mount Everest got a bit of a break from us rowdy tourists. As cool as it must be to scale the world's largest mountain, we should also probably remember to pick up after ourselves.

I feel bad for the people who had to clean all of that up. But it looks like the internet has given them their props.

"Here is a papercraft of 'Howl's Moving Castle' I finished."

You mean to say that this thing is made of paper!? No way!! That's so impressive.

I bet it took hours to get this thing done. And the work was definitely worth it, since it looks so cool. So naturally, when you upload something like this to the internet, you're bound to get some traction.

"Glass reflection makes it look like there are people in the sky of Tokyo."

What can I say? The internet loves a good optical illusion. And who can blame them? This looks so cool, like there are actual people just floating above the Tokyo skyline or something.

As if such a gorgeous city needed something to make it look even more impressive, though.

"The size difference between Andre The Giant and this nurse is insane!"

They didn't call him Andre the Regular Sized Man, that's for sure. Like, his whole hand is the same size as that nurse's forearm, and his whole arm is probably as long as she is tall.

Every once in a while, the internet loves to remember Andre the Giant.

"Exotic, beautiful, and rare Patagonian crater agate only found in Argentina!"

There's something that's just so satisfying about this crystal. I think it's the way the dark blues transition into the bright oranges, almost like clouds during a sunset. I can't blame the internet for going head over heels for this picture.

Oh, I wish I could just reach out and touch it.

"Cone in a whirlpool."

I love how this is something that anyone could do right at this moment. Do you have a sink? Plug it up, fill it with water, unplug, and see what happens.

Or, you could just not to any of that. Because what would happen is essentially this. Still, very cool.

"Girl buried with a crown of ceramic flowers. Patras, c. 300-400 B.C. Can be seen at the Museum of Patras, Greece."

There's something about this that's just so beautiful. Someone more than 2300 years ago took the time to craft ceramic flowers to put around the head of someone they probably knew and cared deeply about.

Today, we may not no her story, but we can at least appreciate this memorial for what it is.

"This London Pub Covered In Flowers."

Who needs to cover a building with vines, when you could just cover it in beautiful flowers?

I guess it's time to plan a trip to the UK, because this pub is way too beautiful to pass up. It's almost majestic!

It's clear that I'm not the only one who loves this, either.

"Orbis Terrarum. A map of the known ancient Roman World from their perspective."

Imagine that. At one point, the America's literally didn't exist to the rest of the world. The Romans and the Europeans didn't think it was a think for centuries.

It's also so weird to me to see a map that isn't oriented with North at the top. This just looks super odd!

"Logos on this umbrella only show up when wet."

This is very subtle, but also so cute! And kind of clever, when you think about it. The logos show up when they're wet, because umbrellas are used to protect you from rain (which is wet).

Of course it would make sense to get the umbrella to do something special when it came in contact with water!

"Found a space jam coin from when I was a child."

How fitting, now that there's a new Space Jam movie out. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the good old says, back when Space Jam was new, and we didn't have to worry about all the issues we have today.

I guess for a lot of people, this coin represents a simpler time.

"I was trying to take a picture of the guy in the costume and a person with with opposite colors walked into the frame."

Sometimes, the coolest pictures on the internet happen completely by accident. Who would've thought that these two random people would match so well. One in what looks like a Joker costume, and the other just living her life.

Their complimentary hair colors are kind of out of this world, though.

"An old laptop we dug up at work uses an overhead light to illuminate the keyboard."

It's so weird how laptops really didn't have backlit keyboards at one point. And the lengths we used to go to in order to light things up were pretty unreal. I, for one, am glad we ditched the light in favor of backlights, which just make way more sense.

"My fiancé capped the end of a cut banana with banana skin."

I'm not going to ask why this person did this. I don't think anyone wants to know why anyway, It just is what it is. And it's the exact kind of thing people will go bananas for. Pun totally intended.

But... when you want to eat the rest of it, how would you open it back up?

"The difference between Lego's most basic and most advanced space shuttle sets."

LEGO really has something for everyone. Of course, the toy company specializes in things that kids would love. But they're pretty age inclusive, so they have a lot of products for older kids and even adults.

Like that ultra-intricate space shuttle that no one should play with. The more basic one would make a fun toy, though.

"Chicago skyline visible from nearly 50 miles away in Indiana Dunes sunset."

Have you ever seen the skyline of a city that's miles away from you? I think this mostly happens across bodies of water, like Lake Michigan. Since Indiana Dunes and Chicago aren't that far away from one another all things considered, I guess people would be able to see one place from the other from time to time.

"So as it turns out those kids sandboxes are actually quite water capable."

When you want to go for a boat ride but you don't have a boat, you do this, I guess.

This guy looks like he's having way too much fun in there, even if he is receiving what looks like a ticket. I think the internet would be on his side, though.

"This door I carved for my friend's house."

I think the best thing about being super talented in some field is when you get to use it to make things for your friends. If someone gifted this door to me, I'd probably break down on the spot.

And what to people love more than beautiful artwork? Not much, that's for sure.

"Fairy ring I saw today."

A fairy ring, if you didn't know (like me), is a group of mushrooms that form a circle. The phenomenon occurs naturally, and since this is the season to spot fungi, people have been trying to find them all over the place.

This is one of the nicest fairy rings I've seen (now that I know what they are).

"My uncles nickel from the 60s that he would bounce on a concrete floor during one of his first jobs to pass time."

I feel like you probably couldn't buy anything with that nickel (not that a whole five cents would get you very far these days). But the point isn't to buy. The point is to bounce.

I wish I could see this in action. I've never seen a coin bounce before.