20 People Who Are Too Skilled To Be Stopped

We all have areas that we excel at...well, hopefully we do. For some people, their area of specialty is being able to make ingenious engineering decisions!

So, from people who used basketballs for the worst ideas possible to individuals who repaired cars in truly baffling ways, here are 20 people who are too skilled to be stopped.

"Brake lights are just a cosmetic look for cars right? They don't serve any function."

Maybe it is one of those light-up basketballs that I've heard so much about? Or, maybe this was just what he had in his trunk?

Safety 101!

This is so unbelievably convoluted that I cannot help but admire it. I hope that this guy is still with us.

"I need a screwdriver to open my new screwdriver."

"I just bought another one to open the first one."

"How are you going to open that one?"

"Hold on, I'll be back in a minute."

How To Grill Effectively...

The pioneer behind this explained, "Kept losing my beer while bbqing drunk. Found an old pair of jeans, cut the pocket out and nailed it to the fence, so every time I lost my beer I remembered it was in my pocket."

"Van's AC Is Out..."

Modern problems sometimes require ramshackle solutions! I respect the lengths that they have gone to in order to keep cool.

Seamless Restoration!

If you look incredibly close then you can actually see the parts that they have patched up themselves.

Damn It Dumptruck!

On the bottom right he looks just as angry as a cat named "dumptruck" ought to be.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures."

Whoever has to sit on that bit of the couch really got the short straw. At least they still have a comfy armrest though!

"Anti-theft protection!"

I think that this would mainly work as a deterrent as it would shock and confuse anyone who broke into your car.

"The worst part, the umbrella is also broke."

I am sure that this umbrella really helps with the car's aerodynamics. I hope that this is an impromptu fix and not a long-term solution.

"Way above ground pool!"

This seems like a great idea until it gets too heavy and it ends up crashing down to Earth!

"Looks stable..."

As one other person also pointed out, the important thing here is not falling on his ass.

"When you're too lazy to paddle..."

It's still technically paddling. It's just not "paddling" in the conventional sense! Why work harder when the wind is happy to do the work for you?

"Saw this on a highway. It's an old truck turned into a boat!"

"You'll never catch me, I'll drive my truck into the ocean!"

"Well we'll get in a boat and follow you."

"I am a genius!"

"Can't put my hotel room key in my pocket because it's attached to a cricket ball."

Apparently, as was pointed out, "They do this to 'encourage' you to leave your key at reception when you go out. I think it's a mainland Europe thing."

"Custom body work."

This is actually pretty impressive work all things considered. Just needs a lick of paint and he's sorted!

But, Why?

This modification actually looks like it would make this scooter more uncomfortable than it originally was!

"Advanced Cooling System From Wal-Mart."

All I can see now is a really excited face on the front of that wagon. I don't know whether this would really work or not though.

"Custom Door Ding Protection."

Is there any problem that a pool noodle cannot solve? Well, probably yes but that's beside the point.

"So as it turns out those kids sandboxes are actually quite water capable."

Another individual added, "This happened on Lake Monroe in Indiana about a week ago. The DNR folks were pretty cool and jokey with him. Apparently, this little boat was registered properly."