20 Times People Couldn't Be Bothered To Do The Bare Minimum

Everyone will have worked with someone at some point in their life who couldn't be bothered to do their job. I mean, that's what doing group projects in school is to teach you about.

And so, from people who didn't bother researching what seeds are to individuals who didn't read their own warning signs, here are 20 times people couldn't be bothered to do the bare minimum!

"I mean, do you think I'm blind?"

"Don't worry sir, those aren't seeds."

"Oh that's good... Wait, what are they then?"

"Muhahhahahaa! You'll never know until it's too late!"

"My Venus Fly Trap is getting fired."

What a massive flex this fly is pulling on that plant. It is stood atop the half-digested remains of its colleagues and doesn't give a rat's ass.

"Think of a good name for our store."

Other names that were considered include "Shop," "Mart," and, "Buy stuff at this location!" If nothing else, they've saved on overhead — literally!

"I mean it will take you like 5 more seconds to place it right."

I think that there are some people who just relish doing this on purpose to drive the public mad.

"In the grocery store I work in."

"Help, we need the fire extinguisher!"

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather have some M&M's?"

"Ooh, actually yeah."

"Why use the ladder when you can ride the fork?"

At least this guy is kitted out in all of the appropriate safety gear needed to be doing this sort of thing!

"Someone did this."

You'd have to have incredible core strength to use this swing...well, that and Spiderman's superpowers.


"I didn't double stack them, there is way more than two of them in that stack!"

"I feel like I should fire you, but I cannot argue with the logic."


The infuriated individual who posted this wrote, "Day 1. My roommate hasn't clean this stain, even [though] I see him in the kitchen [all the time]. Let's count how many days it will be until he cleans it."

"Why stamp the expiration date on the bag when you can just mark the bun directly?"

"Mmmmm, edible ink!"


I mean, lots of things are technically edible...it's just a matter of what they'll do to you once you've ingested them.

"I collected all the cones!"

Something tells me that this cone is going to be there until the inevitable heat death of the universe engulfs us all.

"They had one job..."

Someone at the factory where these are packaged will be getting a stern talking to come Monday.

"I live with monsters..."

One apparent interior decorator did point out, "Indeed, those are some monstrous colors for bathroom tiles."

"You tried."

I mean, it's not as though there is a giant red sign telling them not to do exactly this, so you can't blame them.

"Yes boss I finished the roof... With a street lamp!"

I suppose that moving the streetlamp was too much of a bother? At least this apartment now has its own floodlights.

"I put up the COVID sign boss!"

Either this was written by Yoda or someone who needs serious medical attention right away.

"If it's stupid and it works…"

This actually seems like a much safer alternative to just pouring it straight out of the can, now that I think about it.

"Husband puts his coffee mug next to 2 empty coasters."

As a kid you never think that this sort of thing will bother you...and then you become an adult.

"Apparently Captain America is a Italian plumber."

Now I just want to hear him say, "It's a me, Captain America!" in the Mario voice. The perfect crossover.

"We fixed it!"

Did they think that it was kind of like planting a tree, and that this bag will sprout outwards and fill the hole?