14 People Who Should Have Just Ordered Out

I consider myself a great cook. But having said that, it didn't come without practice. I, too, had my share of cooking fiascos early on. Let me tell you it wasn't all that pretty when it happened, ha, ha!

So, I can definitely sympathize with anyone who failed at this task. I bet these folks felt confident until they did not.

1. This Low Carb Avocado Mousse

I'm all for trying all kinds of food hacks. But even I think this supposed low-carb avocado mousse with cocoa powder looks more like poop. Would you eat that? Hmm, I think I'll pass.

2. This Chili Dog

Speaking of poop, how does this suffice? This chili dog looks quite disturbing to me. I mean, is this really chili? I'll take their word for it. But I'm not going to be consuming it anytime soon.

3. This Charcoal Pizza

Charcoal pizza is all the rage these days. I'm yet to try it myself. However, I don't think the process of cooking it, requires leaving it unattended for hours. This person fell asleep while they had it in the oven. Ouch!

4. This Sad Omelette

Apparently, this person attempted to make an egg omelette. I'm not sure what exactly happened here, but I know this isn't how it's supposed to turn out, hehe. I have to give them props for trying, though.

5. This Beanzza

No, this isn't my idea of a yummy pizza. As far as I'm concerned, beans do not belong on a pizza pie. Like never! Okay? Don't even try to convince me to eat this. Please, take this away.

6. This Multitasking Fail

There's one thing we ladies can agree on. Males aren't that good at multitasking, especially when it comes to cooking. This poor dude thought he could read a book and cook lasagne at the same time. Amateur!

7. This Husband Gaffe

Speaking of clueless husbands, I present to you a dinner this guy was cooking for three hours. What happened in the end? Did the dish just give up? That's what I would like to know, hee-hee.

8. This Cotton Candy Mac 'n Cheese

My fiancé made me fall in love with mac 'n cheese. Until I met him, I never knew about such a thing. But even he wouldn't let me do this to his favorite childhood food.

9. This Raw Deal

One thing you need to ensure is that you cook your food all the way through. This burger is a hospital visit for sure. Awe, such a shame. I bet it would have tasted so good.

10. This Sad-Looking Dish

You know your food needs some work when even the dishes give up. Wow, I have to say this has never happened to me. At least, I hope my luck continues this way. This dish surely had enough for today.

11. This Pasta Is On Fire

If somebody describes your pasta cooking as "on fire," don't take it to heart, honey. Just make sure you don't set the whole house ablaze while you master your cooking ways. Oh my! This isn't good, eh?

12. These Delectable Meat Feet

This cook must be out of their mind. Do you hear what I'm saying? Who would think that making edible feet out of meat was appetizing to anybody? Ugh, I can't even look at this.

13. This Absolute Fiasco

This is what happens when you remember to put in a flavor packet, but you omit the water. Yikes! That's not going to be fun cleaning up. Not at all. That microwave is a powerful machine, you know.

14. This Spaghetti Squash Nightmare

Who else loves roasting a spaghetti squash in the oven? Oh my goodness. Isn't it so yummy? Well, from the looks of this disaster, something went terribly wrong here? Did they bake it all day long?

Wow, I'm so glad I'm past all the cooking foes.

It's such a great feeling to be confident in the kitchen. I hope that these folks here take their failures in stride. Better luck next time, ha, ha. What was your worst cooking disaster?