23 Knock-Off Brands That Had Us Doing A Double-Take

Who here sometimes buys knock-off brands? It's okay. There's no shame in that. I, too, love to save some bucks.

However, there are those times when purchasing cheap off-brand items lives up to that mantra "you get what you pay for." So, I thought it would be fun to show you some brand knock-offs that will surely make you laugh.

1. This Gender-Neutral GameBoy

Wow, was this knock-off brand able to read the future? Since everything is being made gender-neutral now, they're pretty much on point here. I bet they're so happy with their marketing team. Give them a raise!

2. This Nut Master

Who here loves Nutella? I have a friend who eats it by the spoonfuls. I kid you not. So I'm not sure how she would feel about replacing her beloved snack with Nut Master, ha, ha!

3. This Familiar Soap Bar

You say, Dove, I say, Dave. Oh, wait, that's not how it goes. Wow, if you weren't paying attention, you could have totally grabbed this by accident. I'm a little scared to find out what it smells like, though.

4. This Spelling Error

Who pays attention to spelling these days? Not this knock-off brand, that's for sure. Heck, as long as these slippers fit, who cares what it says? Am I right or what? Well, perhaps not so fast.

5. These 'Cucci' Shoes

I didn't even know Gucci made running shoes. I bet they wouldn't be all too happy to see this sad knock-off. I wonder how much this store is trying to sell them for, huh? Any guesses?

6. This Odd T-Shirt

The last time I checked, it was The Amazing Spiderman and not a tarantula, hee-hee. I don't know about you, but I don't think it has the same ring to it. I guess they tried but failed miserably.

7. This 7 EVELYN

If your name is Evelyn, and you own a small shop, you might as well do a name drop. I have to admit I kind of like that. It's such a cool idea, no? Ha, ha!

8. These Pizza Shops

Speaking of shops, what do you think of these two? It's such a tough decision. I don't know where to shop, ha, ha! Both of these seem intriguing, no? However, Adomino Pizza sounds a bit off to me.

9. This Chikapu

I choose you, Chikapu! Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to a new Pokémon. If you were looking for Pikachu, sorry, this isn't for you. Aww, I think he's still pretty cute. They were so close. Weren't they?

10. This Familiar Game

If this game board looks familiar to you, you're definitely not the only one. Somehow playing "Business" doesn't have the same good feeling as Monopoly, eh? Well, you have to give them B+ for trying, lol.

11. This Nike Knock-Off

This person was hoping for Nike but had to settle for Mike. Do you want to know the good news? Their name is actually Mike, hehe. What a fantastic coincidence. Isn't it? If my name was Mike too, I would take it.

12. This Battery Name Doesn't Inspire Confidence

If I had the choice between Energizer batteries and these "Bursto" batteries, I'd have to say that I'd go with the name brand on this one. I'm sorry, but I can't escape the image of these batteries, uh, bursting into flames.

13.These 'Nike' Kicks

While this logo is deceptively close to the real Nike logo, there are a few giveaways that these are not authentic Nike sneakers. For one, the logo is backward and it also says ATR instead of Nike. Nice try, but you didn't fool us this time.

14. Can I Interest You In Some Abida Sandals

Speaking of knock-off shoes, here's another design that almost fooled us. While they definitely aren't genuine Adidas sandals, I can confirm that the word "Abida" is kind of fun to say out loud.

15. Different Name, Same Idea

At first glance, this could definitely pass for a real Best Buy store. I mean, they got the colors, the logo, and the font down almost perfectly. The real test would be to see if they were able to recreate those employee polo shirts, too.

16. This Creepy Knock-Off Of Mickey Mouse

What happens when you remove Mickey's ears and replace them with a new, spiky hairdo? Well, the result resembles something out of our nightmares. That being said, I would still be able to look past this creepy design and eat those donuts.

17. How Did They Get This So Wrong?

Was this a bad translation or does someone need to brush up on their spelling? I'm not sure what's going on here, but I know all the Stranger Things fans out there are going to be so disappointed by this.

18. This 'Lakers' Jersey

What's the best way to avoid a copyright lawsuit? It's easy! All you have to do is replace some of the letters in the logo with the hashtag symbol. It seems to have worked here.. sort of.

19. I Love Polo Guy Brand

Okay, confession time: I have regularly thought of Ralph Lauren items as the "Polo Guy" brand in my head for years. I just didn't expect someone to take this to the next level and actually trademark this nickname into a knock-off brand.

20. Are Laser Swords Better Than Lightsabers?

Since I know next to nothing about Star Wars, this is one of those knock-offs that I wouldn't have spotted if I saw it in real life. Laser sword, Lightsaber, shiny light-up stick — it's all the same to me.

21. Barbie, Is That You?

I like to think that in some parallel universe Brittany dolls are like the evil counterpoint to our Barbie dolls. It's a working theory but I think it has some legs.

22. These 'UGHs'

If you can't afford UGGs, don't worry. You can always settle for "UGHs" instead. Ha, ha. I'll say, I finally found a brand that represents how I feel in life. I might buy this just to have a laugh.

23. This Butter Conundrum

I don't know about you, but this product doesn't instill too much confidence in me. I would be pretty scared to look at the list of ingredients on here. Eat it at your own risk, people.

Oh my goodness! What did I tell you?

Weren't these products fun to look at here? I never even knew some of them existed, ha, ha! I always wonder how knock-offs can get away with it. I guess they can't sue them all, huh?