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20 Times People Blessed The World With Their Genius Ideas

Inspiration can strike in weird ways. True genius can result in big, world-changing ideas. Of course, it can also take the form of smaller innovations.

These ideas might not change the world or anything, but I'm still comfortable calling the people who came up with them geniuses.

"There's a slit on each side at the top to rip open the bag and then another in the middle for when the chips run low."

Reddit | mayurichan

Snacks have made themselves more accessible than ever, what with pull tabs and zipper locks and so on. This is clearly the new frontier.

"The classic red checkered pattern of the tablecloth of this restaurant is made of QR codes for their menu."

Reddit | goldenewsd

This is a really cool idea — marrying a classic design with newfangled technology. Now I just need to figure out which app on my phone can read QR codes.

"A man bolted his grill onto an old lawnmower so it's easier to move around."

Reddit | thesecrickets

At first, this looked like a bad explosion waiting to happen. But so long as the lawnmower part is just used for its wheels, this is a great idea.

"I'm too lazy to fix broken clevis. Cleaning lady wraps hair tie around plunger."

Reddit | 2-buck

Two things: I never knew that bathtub stopper thing was called a clevis. I also didn't know that a broken clevis could be fixed so easily.

"The geniuses at Ikea packed furniture parts into the cushion."

Reddit | ozymand1as

Ikea has found more and more ways to make its stuff super compact, and this is just the latest iteration.

"My husband 'pre-dips' his chips before eating them."

Reddit | omfgitsrook

Not gonna lie: something about this weirds me out a little bit. That said, I can't deny that it's an interesting idea. Won't they get soggy?

That's...something alright!

Reddit | heatherDFeather

Here's a great application of "Adapt, improvise, overcome." It might look weird, but it serves its purpose perfectly. Do you think it's up to code?

"Using a slightly flexible tube to not waste pencils."

Reddit | EdTheOtherNerd

I hate using pencils and hate using pencil nubbins even more, but I'll acknowledge that this is a good way to get mileage out of them.

"These tables at my college campus use solar panels as shade, which in turn provide power for the charging ports on the table."

Reddit | Gadevin

This table really does it all, doesn't it? I hope we see more solar panels used as canopies in the coming years.

"This business card."

Reddit | Scared_Ass

If you're looking for a graphic designer who can extract a lot of meaning out of a little bit of text, this business card should serve as a proof of concept.

"My grandma made her shopping bag out of plastic bags."

Plastic bags are overproduced, but crocheting them together like this makes them last longer. Props to this grandma and her skills.

"Community art installation near me. No official rules, just the idea that you can take anything as long as you leave something in its place."

Reddit | soaponsoaponsoap

This special art installation is the kind of thing you just want to see succeed. It's lovely to see people work on this kind of thing together.

"My hotel room requires that you insert your keycard once you enter to have power, as a way to reduce waste."

Reddit | vaporwavish

I know it's fun to turn on all the lights and blast the air conditioning when you check into a hotel, but that stuff's wasteful. Here's a good way to curb it.

"Was getting my second vax shot and they were also offering narcan training and nasal spray in the waiting area. Good idea since we're seeing an increase of overdoses."

Reddit | Quinto376

When a large group of people come together for public health reasons, it makes sense to spread the word about other public health concerns.

"This shopping cart has a spot for kids to stand on while the parent pushes."

Reddit | zOneNzOnly

I don't know about you, but I would have killed for shopping carts like this back when I was a kid.

"This genius watching a movie using a clear plastic bag to hold his phone on a plane."

Reddit | kimantor1

I've seen this hack before, and yet I always forget to emulate it when I'm on a plane. It's much better than holding your phone like a fool.

"My sister makes functional packs from plastic bags."

Reddit | Guzzlebutt

I guess upcycling plastic bags is a bit of a trend, as evidenced by this stylish backpack. You'd never guess what it's made of.

"My fiancé capped the end of a cut banana with banana skin."

Reddit | TimpaniSymphony

Cutting a piece of banana skin to cover the exposed end seems like more trouble than it's worth, but I still respect the hustle.

"High IQ spider made a web in front of our insect hotel."

Reddit | MadGladiator-_

Alright, this isn't a person who's a genius. It's a spider who's a genius. Still, have you ever seen such a smart spider before?

"This genius water bottle cap that I never saw before."

Reddit | RastaRambo

When you grab a bottle of water like this, it feels inevitable that the cap will become immediately lost. Not this cap, though.