20 Times People Posted Something We Couldn't Help Getting Emotional Over

We're going to assume that, by clicking on this article, you're okay with getting a little bit weepy today.

There's some sadness in here, but more importantly, there are plenty of stories that will remind you that human beings are fundamentally decent entities.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I've got something in my eye.

"I like this human."

Reddit | NRGpop

This story shared by the late James Doohan shows just what a special person the Star Trek actor truly was.

"Made me cry a bit."

Reddit | Neptuneus

Pets can be incredibly empathetic, sometimes picking up on emotions before humans do. This is a sad, poignant, beautiful story.

"I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life. My parents would constantly get on me for my messy room. Today I changed, still depressed, but ever so slightly happier."

Reddit | Springtrappity

Anyone who's been depressed knows how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to do even the smallest task.

This person has taken a small, but incredibly meaningful step in the right direction.

"The kid will cherish this for their whole life, if they remember it."

Reddit | ayumanuran

Here's a bit of a palate cleanser. Hopefully it doesn't make you cry. Instead, it's just a lovely story about kids and parents.

This girl proves that she really did have the best dad.

I did warn you about getting emotional, didn't I? If anyone needs a tissue, I have a few to spare.

"A year ago I was depressed and suicidal. Today things have gotten better."

Reddit | NEDudcat603

Even when it feels like you're not making progress, or like the progress is too slow, photos can help tell the bigger story.

"Friend to the rescue."

I really admire this guy's dedication to his friend. You've heard of giving someone the shirt off your back — how about giving them the pants off your legs?


Reddit | EtsukoBerman

Doctors are usually right when they tell someone they only have a certain amount of time left. But sometimes, incredibly, people defy the odds.

"Wholesome, made me smile."

Reddit | raviji22

Little stories like this are the kind of thing that special marriages are made out of. I hope this couple cherishes this memory forever.

"Such a special moment."

Reddit | jayy8143

This dad likely could have been comfortably retired after spending four decades as a pilot. But he'd rather spend time with his daughters.

"So cute."

Reddit | brewmoorflower09

Having a one-of-a-kind keepsake like this to remember a cherished pet is pretty special. Props to this person's neighbor.

"Now that’s a beautiful backstory."

Reddit | dennismarr

It's hard to imagine yourself in better circumstances, but sometimes, all it takes is one person believing in you to start making the change.

"Never too old for the water park."

Reddit | jayy8143

As kids, we always want our parents to take us on fun adventures. Does that feeling ever really go away?


Reddit | sipthestreets

They say you should never meet your heroes. This isn't necessarily because they'll disappoint you. Sometimes it just means they'll inspire a full-on panic attack.

F*** cancer indeed.

Twitter | @shannonhar95

We had to censor a few things, but I think you can get the gist of this one. It's a wonderful story.

"Last year our son Odin had his birthday/graduation celebration with just me and my wife because of quarantine."

Reddit | Timfrostyo

"This year we tried to make up for it by driving 1500 miles to have his party with Tony Hawk! Success!"

I'm glad that Odin had an awesome birthday. From everything I've ever heard about Tony Hawk, he's a pretty cool person.

"Haven't been having the best day today. Also having issues with my type 1 diabetes. This was extremely inspiring to see."

Reddit | SenileTomato

This driver doesn't know the driver of the other car, or their kid. But just seeing this message is enough to brighten anyone's day.

A perfect tribute for a friend.

Our pets stick with us forever, even after they're gone. This tattoo is one way to ensure that this is true.

"Had the opportunity to create a signature paintbrush set, and found it in an art store for the first time! Significant moment in my art career."

Reddit | theobanoth

It must be a nearly indescribable feeling to see your hard work pay off in such a tangible way.

"Today is the one-year anniversary of my wife's passing. As I walked into my shop, I spilled my water. She gave me a reminder that today will be just fine."

Reddit | kabley

You can look at things like this in two ways: either it's a message from the great beyond, or it's completely random. The latter might be more likely, but I'd like to think that it might be the former.