20 Times People Used Their Brain For Something Snazzy

I'm always blown away by how creative people can be all around the world. Sometimes, when you need a creative solution to something you didn't even know was a problem, you can make some pretty unique things. Other people just like to think up some cool ideas.

Every single one of these pictures was the result of someone tapping into their creative side, and we love to see it!

"Plane draws face above my city using contrails."

You know what? That's so cute. It definitely beats those weird banners on planes you always see in TV shows that characters use to propose to each other with. This is a fun message for anyone who happens to be looking up at the sky at that time.

"My supermarket stuck eyes on the clearance mangoes to make them more attractive."

I actually wonder if this works. Like, the eye stickers on the mangoes definitely makes them more eye-catching (pun intended), and it's kind of hard to look away. But are they more attractive? I guess that's up for debate.

At the very least, it'll get people thinking about buying them.

"This person's mailbox is mounted on an old industrial robot."

I really hope that the person who owns this mailbox is some kind of robotics expert or something. That would be so cool! If anything, it's at least a great way to reuse an old piece of machinery. This is definitely a great way to upcycle something old.

"There must have been a lot of folks concerned about this stub of a street."

At least someone had the sense to make that clear. Sometimes they build roads, and stop them at certain points because they're planning on expanding them later on. But I'd imagine that a lot of people would complain about this street, as if the planners weren't already taking it into account.

"Went to a party last night and came home with these tomatoes!"

I... I want to go to a tomato party. That sounds like so much fun! And honestly, and person who would send you home with a bounty from their garden sounds like a true friend.

I really need to know, though. Is the party specifically for tomato lovers, or did this person just so happen to get to take a bunch home?

"Maximum efficiency."

Apart from those two boxes on the upper left hand corner that are oriented horizontally instead of vertically, this is a really satisfying image. Every single box is lined up nice and neat, and they fit perfectly inside of the trailer. You'd probably have to start unloading from the top, though.

"McDonald's order numbering system started to use hexadecimal."

I don't know if this is genius or just plain weird. At some point, you begin to run out of two and even three digit numbers, so you'll have to recycle eventually anyway. But these hexadecimal digits look like the'd have a lot more variety in them. Even if they are super confusing.

"This beer has edible glitter in it."

Now this is a beer I would want to drink! Beer definitely isn't for everyone, and a lot of people even go as far to talk about how disgusting they think it is. But what if the problem wasn't the taste, but the lack of glitter? We really didn't know what we were missing.

"My recent work. 64 felt dogs!"

These are so cute! They're just as adorable as the real deal. And there are so many of them. Even though it probably took hundreds of hours to make all of these, it was time well spent. I bet you could probably make a small fortune selling these online.

"At the corner of Reed and Wright."

Haha, get it. Reed and Wright. It sounds like "read" and "write" when you say it out loud. Ah, literacy.

I want to know who was in charge of naming the streets in this town. Because clearly, they had a sense of humor.

"Kirkland water has a spot for you to write your name in case multiple people are drinking water and you can keep track of your bottle."

Now this is an idea that's fun and practical. I've had that happen to me before, where I accidentally drank out of someone else's water bottle because ours looked so similar. Having a dedicated spot to put your name is a stroke of pure genius.

"Bike Fixing Station in Bobcaygeon, ON, Canada."

I know that a lot of people have gotten into biking lately, and with bikes comes the eventual repairs they'll need. At least this public repair station exists so that you won't have to worry about your bike breaking down in the middle of the road.

"This neighbor built a fence through their neighbors boat ramp after finding out they owned a corner of the property."

I can't tell if this person is an evil genius, or just plain petty. Like, of course that neighbor had the right to build a fence wherever they wanted on their property. But to completely cut off their neighbor's dock? That's just rough, man.

"A cake that you can buy out of a vending machine in a can."

...I want to know who's responsible for this. I need to know who's responsible for this. This is probably the greatest idea any human being has had. Cake in a can! You can eat cake, right out of a can, a can that came from a vending machine! That's amazing!!!

"This new A&W location (Canadian fast food chain) has a handwashing station in the seating area."

I can tell you that I've never seen a sink in the middle of a fast food joint before. I think this is an amazing idea, if only because it helps people clean their hands more easily. You don't have to travel to the nasty fast food bathroom just to try and get clean.

"My wife is growing avocados from seed this way. One’s already a sapling."

When you think about it, we could definitely grow plants from the seeds and pits we get when buying produce. Although, I'm pretty sure avocados grow in trees, so at some point, they're going to have to bring these plants outside. It's so cool that they're actually growing, though.

"The Tag From My New Frying Pan Can Be Planted To Grow Thyme."

When you think about it, tags on new products really are kind of wasteful. Price tags, which get scanned once and then discarded. The size tag that doesn't actually tell you anything useful. All of them.

At least this one has seeds inside, and it'll grow into a thyme plant.

"A Jenga Tower I built. Around 300 pieces."

I have to say, I have no idea how this thing is staying up, but I'm glad it is. That's a seriously impressive Jenga tower. I have to wonder, though, how many individual Jenga games do you need to own to be able to use over 300 pieces?

"A house in my city is built on top of a bunker from WW2."

This is no ordinary house, that's for sure. Built on a WWII bunker, that means it's got some history to it. It's also a surprisingly smart way to reuse something that doesn't have any real function anymore.

So... does the bunker act as a basement in that house?

"I found this dog stick library at the beach."

I've seen free libraries and I've seen stick libraries. I don't think I've ever seen both of them side by side. I wonder if the same people made both libraries, or if someone decided to add the stick library in after the fact.

You know what? Both are cute and fun ideas, so it doesn't matter.