20 People Who Have Zero Chill

Remaining calm no matter what life throws at you is a very important skill to have — and it is a skill that I one day hope to master, but I'm not hopeful.

Anyway, that aside, from people who got trapped in endless glass mazes to individuals who took snack marketing to creepy places, here are 20 people who have zero chill.

"Mom I'm scared..."

This is quietly threatening. I wonder if the person who took this ever managed to get out or if they're still in there.

"Anyone need discounted back pain?"

"So, are you curing back pain."

"Back pain!"

"Yeah, but what about it? Wait, what are you doing with that hammer."

"My cat looks like an angry version of the one on her cat food."

I think that you may need to start buying something other than "Meow Mix," this cat doesn't look thrilled by it!

"This truck looking like an angry duck."

Personally I think that it looks more like an angry goose! Although, I have a lot of bad memories associated with angry geese so that might just be my brain.

"Dang it Jason!"

They have zero chill in the sense that they're angry and unable to cool down with a damn blizzard thanks to Jason!

"Very specific forklift rules at work."

I would love to know what amazing accident occurred for these rules to be required.

"This Subway sign is very passive aggressive towards an ex-employee."

That is quite a high and mighty attitude from Subway, whose sandwiches have little-to-no ambition towards being sandwiches. I mean, there's a dispute as to whether their tuna is even tuna.

"Sign posted at my dog's daycare."

Would you fess up to owing the underpants? I cannot say that I would really want them back after that ordeal!

"God, just give me a sign."

God loves flipping people off. I mean, what else would you call the creation of geese?

"When angry, my girlfriend's forehead looks like the van Halen logo."

I am sure that telling her that her forehead looks like the Van Halen logo really calms her down as well!

"Yes let's go to the bitch!"

Nicki Minaj would like to know your location, probably so that she can sue you for copyright infringement.

"Paint-chipping making the wheelchair guy look like an angry old man."

If you park in this space you know for a fact that this stick figure will yell at you to get off his lawn.

"This passive aggressive stop sign."

Something tells me that the local authorities got a little sick with dealing with the constant accidents here!

"My Chinese snack is weirdly aggressive about its crispiness."

Weird marketing strategy to make sure that people don't talk about the crispiness of these crisps. Did Tyler Durden do their marketing?

"My favorite billboard..."

"Look, Mr. Smith, please just take your tupperware of faeces out of here."

"But the sign..."

"Get it out of here!"

He Asked For It...

I feel as though this guy is trying to re-start a dwindled '70s pop career in the worst way possible.

"This tree looks incredibly angry."

I feel as though this tree is staring deep into my soul and rooting out my darkest fears to use against me.

"Sat next to these ladies who insisted our dog FaceTime with theirs!"

I love how the dog being FaceTimed looks just as confused as the person who took this photo presumably is.

"This passive aggressive sign in a restaurant bathroom."

"But...what if this sign is my mother?"

"Dave, you really have to stop thinking that every inanimate object is your mother!"

"The chances of being killed by a baby are low, but not zero."

Christ, and there are two of them as well! The rest of humanity does not stand a chance in hell against these two!

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