20 People Who Aren't Wrong

No one likes to think of themselves as ever being wrong, and I am in no way the exception to the rule with that fact.

So, from people who ruined eggs for absolutely everyone by describing them in a weirdly accurate way, to individuals who found the "i" in team, here are 20 people who aren't wrong.

"They're right, it is fairly convenient."

I'm having a really hard time describing just exactly how much I hate this. No one should ever be allowed to talk about eggs or breakfast in this way.

Anyway, here we are. Am I going to look at my scrambled eggs a little differently from now on? You bet.

"We all have peaked."

I love this excuse. Although, I love any excuse to not have to go rock climbing, never understood the point of it either.

Note to any rock climbers out there: How are you doing? Do you need someone to talk to?

"Sign for barber shop tells it like it is."

"Hey, do you do hair extensions?"

"Did you not see the sign? Get the hell out of here!"

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told!

Yeah, when you put it like that it really changes the whole vibe of the play, doesn't it? It's more of a cautionary tale about the idiocy of children then, I guess?

P.S. Did anyone read the play or did they just watch the Leonardo DiCaprio movie and call it a day?

"First-hand experience..."

Wow, that is fairly grim! It isn't necessarily wrong though by the same token. A+ to the simple yet effective graphic.

Took Me A While...

It is concise, largely pointless, yet technically accurate. Much like a Ben Shapiro's sex life presumably is.

For those who need the breakdown:

The word "what" has four letters.

The word "sometimes" has nine letters.

The word "never" has five letters.

I'll be here all week.

"My wife is a teacher and found this while marking an assessment."

It is good that she marked the answer as right! It was a bold move, but not an incorrect one.


Can spirit levels actually go wrong? It is not something I've ever thought about before and now I need to know the answer.

"Can't trust anyone."

I am sure that Fox News must have reported at least once upon a fox-related story?! Their ratio of fox-related news to normal news is poor though.

(I'm sure they've never heard that joke before).

"Sounds about right."

In fairness, I do not know what other answer they could possibly have wanted from this person.

"Technically a selfie with Messi."

As someone else also pointed out, it is very good of this guy to maintain appropriate social distancing while taking this selfie!

Selling Online 101...

This is just basic physics. Also, I never get people who say "What's the lowest you'll go," it's just the laziest attempt at haggling on the planet.

"I hate when that happens."

Factually accurate dad jokes are the best kind of dad jokes. Imagine if he slipped and fell in acid doing this though, that would be one hell of an embarrassing way to go.

100% True!

Thank God there was a Geologist on hand to confirm this fact for everyone involved. What would we have done without them?

"Underwear thinks this is a good idea, but cereal doesn't?"

Are we all meant to be keeping our cereal in underwear bags? Seems strange, but I can see the logic behind it.

"Take that coaches."

I think we can all think of exactly the type of kid who would have done this.

And if you can't, then it means you were that kid. Bravo.

"It is best to call a specialist."

One incredibly positive person did add, "Even if I sometimes make things worse, I like fixing things myself because I not only save money, I learn a new skill in the process."

"Big Numbers."

I hope that it is more than eight customers served since 1998, although I doubt they'd be in business if that was the case!

"Yes, indeed they are."

"But how am I meant to use them now?"

"Well just walk up them?"

"But they're broken!"

"Yes the moon is right there."

This must be really useful for astronauts who are heading to the moon via Albuquerque.

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