20 Optical Illusions That Threw Us For A Loop

Did you have that phase as a kid where you were super into things like riddles and optical illusions, stuff meant to trick your brain and make you think? I know I did, and the effect that phase had on me remains to this day.

Whether you did or didn't, hopefully you're still able to appreciate the real-life illusions of today, some of which are listed here!

"This is actually a drape put up by a construction site to block their work. You can catch a glimpse of the site behind the drape at the very top of the image."

Seeing this on, say, the walk to work before you've even had your morning caffeine fix would be a little dizzying.

"This lamps casts a shadow that’s looks like a eye."

"Do you ever get the feeling that we're being watched?"

"What? No, what would even make you say that?"

"I don't know, maybe the fact that our furniture has eyes."

"My green Thai curry ended up looking like a perfectly formed dolphin just by chance!"

You've got the dolphin, a second dolphin behind it, the wave they're both leaping out from, it's a whole nautical scene!

"This Yoda Bookend that looks like Yoda is holding the books up with The Force."

I appreciate the bookend, it's very cute, but you couldn't invest in a few more Star Wars books to prop in there? Just to complete the theme!

"The pic I took of this fire looks like a deer."

Not sure if this means you've been blessed by some sort of deer forest god, or you've severely pissed one off.

"This truck looks like it's got a mini trailer."

I can only imagine how heavy the tiny object in that trailer must be to need that much hauling power!

"The overspray from the blue paint I was using today turned my arm hair blue."

This seems a whole lot easier than dyeing it. Maybe give it a try near your head, see if it works there too.

"The gap in my bedroom window became a pinhole camera."

For everyone who enjoys people-watching, here's a cool way to do it discretely so people don't see you staring them down as they walk by.

"This island is a cake."

It feels like it shouldn't be. That looks like an art piece. I mean, I suppose it is an art piece either way, but it doesn't look like it should be edible.

"I found this stick and it looks like a katana in the shadows."

The pose you struck is perfect, the exact amount of drama you should exude after finding a katana stick.

"Alligator Log!"

Aw, he looks so friendly! Like he should be the best friend character in a children's cartoon, kind of goofy but always supportive.

"[Shriveled] garlic that kind of looks like bird with no legs."

It looks like a duck specifically, and with its neck down like that, it seems ready to go and waddle off to the nearest pond.

"This rock painted like a dice."

Not sure what god lost this die while playing divine 'Yahtzee', but you rolled a five!

"This eggplant in my mother's garden really lends perspective on why they're named that."

I've now been struck by the thought of a world where eggs did actually sprout from plants. That's somehow more upsetting than the current way we get eggs.

"Infinity coffee table."

This is definitely cool, but it also hurts my brain to look at. And there's no top to it. All of my carefully curated coffee table books will fall right through!

"I peeled this burnt piece of rubber off an old tire and I thought it kind of resembles a dragon."

It does look like a dragon, one that's either very old or very pissed. Maybe both. You did just peel it off its house, after all.

"After a fresh wax."

It's incredible how much of an effect you can create with just a bit of wax and a buffer. If it wasn't for that hint of tire, you'd never know there was a car in this pic!

"Found some rocks at the bottom of a backpack, turns out [they're] actually really old nerds."

This is great news for everyone who's looked at fish tank gravel before and thought, "Wow, I really want to eat that."

Watching you walk.

This feels threatening. If I saw this while walking down a trail, I think I'd turn around. I'm not in the mood to trample on some mystical spirit's cornea.

"The red line is drawn at the midpoint of the height of the trapezoid, but it appears to be lower than it is."

Now this is a classic optical illusion, by which I mean it's a bunch of lines that make me mad to look at.

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