20 Times A Different View Changed Everything

We're used to things looking a certain way, so when they become different, it changes everything. A shift in angle, perspective, or even magnification can be enough to shed a totally new light on something.

These pictures feel so different, even though they're very normal things. But that's the beauty of the world; a new perspective can completely transform something we're used to.

"The hotel I am staying at uses shadows to show the room numbers."

Now this is a super cool way to display room numbers! It just shows how shadows can display entire images if they're made properly. It's all about that negative space.

But I do have to wonder... what happens if there's a power outage, or if the lights aren't on as bright? I guess it won't matter that much anyway.

"Sea urchin in our reef tank likes to decorate itself for camouflage."

Well, that's one way to camouflage yourself. Just transform yourself into an amalgam of different aquarium creatures. Is it bad that I can't actually tell which part is the sea urchin? Is this really good camouflage, or am I just a little bit clueless?

"My dog's tennis ball has lost so much fuzz that it looks like a balding man with a chinstrap."

Well, I'm guessing this person and their dog won't be using that tennis ball to play anymore. Especially since its loss of fuzz has transformed it into a balding man with a chinstrap. It would almost be weird to play with someone's head like that.

"This truck looks like it's got a mini trailer."

Whatever happened to this truck, it completely flipped it around. While it does look like the truck has a super tiny trailer on the back, it's more likely that the cab and the trailer got twisted around. So the rest of it's just out of view.

"Frito chip that looks like pants."

Well, they're more like a pair of slightly stretched out leggings. But that's pretty close.

At this point, I shouldn't be in awe of the random shapes chips, crackers, and cereal make sometimes. But I just can't help it.

"Wildlife encounter in Chicago."

I can only imagine how shocking it would be to walk by this building, only to find a zebra staring back at you through the window. Of course, after a few seconds you'd realize that the zebra isn't real, but it would still be a real surprise.

"I Accidentally Made a Crepe that Looks Like Jay Leno."

Usually, when people make pancakes that look like characters or celebrities, it's on purpose. And they don't use crepe mix.

But man, that really does look like Jay Leno. The hairline, the chin, everything. Sometimes, the most surprising artwork happens completely by accident.

"My wife was very excited to discover this on our countertop."

When you spill something on the counter juuust right, it makes a shape. And if you spill something on the counter in a spot where it's going to reflect light, even better. You may not always get a wolf shape like this one, but you'll probably get... something.

"This breaded chicken ended up looking like a fish."

This is for the people who can't decide if they want to have the chicken or the fish at restaurants. Just have both! Or, I guess it's chicken that just looks like fish. As confusing as that sounds and looks, I'm sure it still tastes just fine.

"Discovered that my 2nd hand brown desk isn't brown, just dirty."

I'm not sure if this discovery is good or not. On one hand, your perspective on the desk would completely change, making it a lot better. On the other hand, you've been using that desk while it's been super dirty for who knows how long. I feel kind of bad for the person who owns it.

"Cicada on a car tire."

I've definitely never seen a cicada emerge from its shell like this. But what makes it weirder is the fact that it's doing that on a car tire. How long has that car been parked and out of use? Because I don't think a bug growing out of its previous skin would be a quick process.

"I’m in the village that has model village that has model village that has model village that has model village."

The point here is that there are a lot of model villages. Is that what the draw to this place is, having infinite model villages inside of other, slightly larger model villages? As confusing as that is, I kind of want to go there, just to see for myself.

"One of my local Starbucks stores has a LEGO version of itself on display."

Meanwhile, in this Starbucks... It has a model of itself. In the store. Made out of LEGO. As much as that's kind of vain, that's also the coolest thing ever.

"The light through the trees makes the ground look pixelated."

As cool as those pixelated shadows look, I'm a bit distracted by the moving car in the background. Honestly? These are both really cool and unique viewpoints. I've never seen anything like either of them before.

I really wonder how those shadows happen, though.

"I think the universe is really asking me some questions today."

Clouds make all sorts of different shapes, depending on what kind they are. This cloud is really making me start to question everything I know, though. Mostly because it looks like a giant question mark in the sky. I'm sure it isn't an ominous message, though.

"My bike has a drink holder."

A bike with a drink holder isn't that new. Someone putting a wine glass in the drink holder? Total gamechanger. Either that, or it's the worst decision imaginable.

But now I'm thinking about if bikes had drink holders that could fit wine glasses. That probably wouldn't work out so well, but a girl can dream.

"7/11 and 5.11 are next to each other with no 6-11 in sight."

Man. This feels like a break in the simulation or something. Where is 6-11? What is 6-11. And should there be an 8-11, and maybe even a 4-11? Wait, I think that last one is an actual thing, but I'm not quite sure...

"The crack in the door splits my grow light into different colors."

Whoa, that's so cool! Especially since the light just glows pinkish-purple through the rest of the door. That stream of different colored lights looks like a trail of streamers or tassels. I don't know about you, but to me, it feels like there's a party that's about to get started.

"The inside of my inflatable air mattress."

...Huh. Well, that's one thing I never knew I needed to see, but now that I've seen it, I'm glad I did. It's hard to believe that this is what the inside of an air mattress looks like; it's so otherworldly, like some kind of alien creature.

"My cat fell asleep looking like he's standing up."

Wait, this is so cute! What an adorable kitty, just snoozing away. I'm not sure why, but animals seem to like sleeping with their legs extended. In this case, the cat looks like he's standing, even if he's laying on the ground.