20 Interesting New Views That Open Up A World Of Possibilities

Have you ever had that moment where, suddenly, everything feels different? You see something in a new light, and it'll never be the same again. Like when you find your favorite restaurant decorated differently, or people are using objects in ways you've never seen before.

And all of a sudden, the possibilities seem endless. That's what this list is all about; random things that somehow feel new and different.

"Old baptist church being turned into Spirit Halloween."

Those Spirit Halloween stores always pop up in the most random locations every summer. I can't say I've ever seen one inside of an old church, though. That makes me wonder what else old churches could be converted to. Houses, of course, restaurants, maybe, and other kinds of retail spaces. The possibilities are endless.

"My apartment complex rented out 200 goats to eat away at the overgrown path and riverbed behind our buildings!"

You could use a mower to get rid of all of that growth. Or, you could use goats. Yes, goats. The animals that will eat literally anything.

I never thought about goat labor before, but I guess it makes sense. What else could they be hired to do?

A unique exercise experience.

Well, when you don't have a gym but still want to provide people with a space to exercise indoors, you do what you have to do. Multipurpose hotel floors are probably going to be the next big thing.

...I wonder who had to run laps to figure out how many it took to reach a mile.

"The rainbow ended in my backyard."

Alright, that's it. Mystery is solved. We now know what's at the end of the rainbow. And honestly... it's not all that exciting. But it does go to show you that it's all a matter of looking at a rainbow at just the right angle.

"A warning to those who would touch sea turtles hanging out on the beach."

That is one surefire way to make sure people stop touching the turtles. Photographing people in the act and then sending it to the authorities is, like, a new level of petty, but it's also what the turtles deserve. I'd say it's a good idea.

"Stapleless Staple."

You mean. You can keep pieces of paper together. Without staples? Where has this been my entire life!? All of those times I've tried to staple paper, only to get it stuck on something, or broken, or impaled in your finger somehow. I'm happy, but I'm mad I didn't know about this sooner.

"The longest rainbow path in the world (Utrecht, Netherlands)."

Wowww. You'd think a giant rainbow path would be ugly, but it actually looks so pretty! We should install more rainbow pathways around the world, if only because they look super nice (and keep them up all year round, not just during Pride Month).

"Audible’s NJ office is inside an old church first built in 1811."

Here's another possibility for old churches I've never considered; office spaces! Stained glass is beautiful, so who wouldn't want to stare at it while typing away at their desk job? Church architecture is too pretty to tear down, so reusing old ones makes perfect sense.

"This Burger King understands the feeling when you gotta go."

Finally, restroom signs that make sense. I wonder if this Burger King is close to a high way, because that feeling when you have to go really badly in the middle of a road trip is real.

I feel like I've seen something incredible, even though they're just restroom signs.

"This billboard for an antique store looks like it’s being held up by a giant pencil."

I don't know if pencils really have much to do with antiques, but I appreciate the use of a giant pencil to hold up a billboard.

This makes me think that every single billboard out there should have different shapes and designs to them. You know, to keep it fun.

"These apartments we're looking at have an outdoor glass elevator."

You know what? This is awesome. Even in these kinds of apartments, elevators make sense because some people don't have the mobility to climb stairs. And any elevator with a view is an elevator worth riding on.

I wish more buildings would add elevators.

"I have an old Coca-Cola case with an ad for a private investigator inside."

I'm sure this ad is pretty outdated, but I can't help but think that this kind of advertising is super clever. Just stamp an ad on something you know people are going to see.

I swear, next thing you know, we're going to have even more ads showing up in the most random places.

"The cabin I’m staying in has a separate door inside the shower that leads to the porch."

This would be pretty good if you wanted to go inside and immediately shower. Say you're super dirty because of your job, or because you got caught in the rain, or fell in mud or something. Just walk in through a side entrance and immediately hop in the shower.

Why don't more places have this?

"All metros should have plants."

I'm in awe. I usually think of subway cars as gross and dirty, but a few plants here and there really beautify the space. Knowing most cities, these could get stolen easily. But the way they liven things up really show how powerful plants truly are.

"Local liquor store sells hands sanitizer in wine bottles."

Is this clever? Is this just weird? I'm actually kind of torn. I mean, hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol (and if it isn't, it won't really sanitize anything). But I worry that people would try to drink it. People ate Tide Pods at one point, after all.

But they're still kind of cool...

"Today I crossed this very short pedestrian crossing."

Ah, cyclists. They aren't quite drivers, but aren't quite pedestrians, either. I think that instead of treating them like either, we should treat them like their own category of street-travelers. That means bike lanes that cyclists will actually use. Even if they have to have crossings on them.

"Mobile chapel."

I guess, if you can't make it to church, you church can come to you? This is strange, but it makes me think about all the different mobile buildings you could have in the trailer of a truck. This could open up a lot of different possibilities.

"Nature vs Technology."

Who says nature and technology can't exist side by side? I say it's not only perfectly fine, but it makes sense in this day and age. And solar panels are probably some of the best pieces of technology we can stick on random pieces of land, so why not?

"This desserts only McDonald's in Aruba."

This is probably the biggest game-changer of them all. Finally, a McDonald's where you know the McFlurry machine won't be randomly turned off at night, because it's all desserts all the time! Can we please have more of these?

"This eggplant in my mother's garden really lends perspective on why they're named that."

Most eggplants are purple and oblong. But there was a point when they mostly looked like the one in this picture, hence the name. I wonder if eggplants that look like eggs taste any different than eggplants that don't.