20 Grim Pics We Still Had To Laugh At

Sometimes the weirdest and downright creepiest things can be some of the funniest things that this world has to offer.

And so, with this idea in your head, from people who ate forbidden beef jerky to individuals who did macabre things to iPads, please enjoy these 20 grim pics that we still had to laugh at.

"Maybe this beef jerky truck should relocate?"

But if they relocate then where are they going to get such a steady flow of readily available meat?

Parents Beware!

And if the film Dumbo is anything to go by, then the circus is nothing but a cavalcade of misery, pain, and existential dread.

"Technically not incorrect."

And you thought that putting sanitiser over a paper cut hurt, just wait until you try this method!

"Gym advert in London..."

Existentialism is one hell of an effective marketing tool! We all have the arduous agony of reality in common that's for sure!

Nope, Don't Like That!

As one person pointed out though, "fifty one hundredths of a cent is a deal." And they're not wrong!

"Some dark intentions there..."

The agony of daily life will eventually break this cartoon's soul as it breaks everyone's, so this kid isn't wrong.

Cute Or Scary?

I love the idea that the only reason that the penguins are under there is so that they can steal car parts to build their own vehicle.

The Whomping Willow Wants To Know Your Location...

I can just imagine a forest filled with trees wearing boxing gloves, absolutely battering anyone who come near them.

Sounds Like My Ex Alright...

There are a lot of people who could do with this warning being stuck on their phone when they're drunk!

"Shirt like it was made for me!"

Seems as though he missed a few fingers though, better get back to that table saw my guy!

"I got chest surgery a little while ago. I thought the scar looked a bit angry so I added some eyebrows for effect."

There were a lot of people suggesting that this guy get those eyebrows tattooed on, which would be a bold move!

"My only friend."

This is the sort of artwork which normally means that this kid's parents will be getting a phone call to come in for a chat.

"I have never seen a more metal sign in my life."

What an album title that would make. Although, I think that crypt syrup would be a better name than cemetery water.

Good To Know!

I am going to assume that, for this sign to be up, there have been a fair few people who have made some catastrophically bad mistakes here in the past.

"I love that Lowe's takes the guess work out of storing bodies."

They also have a sections which recommends which saws are best to use for dismembering your victims!

"My GF hates my iPad, but this time she went too far..."

What is most alarming here is how effectively she managed to tie a hangman's noose. Better stay on your toes!

"Sometimes I get angry about the way the rest of the country talks about Texas, then I drive past a sign like this and I have to shut up..."

Due to the lack of punctuation in this sign it is quite easy to start reading it in Yoda's voice in your head.

"Congrats to the happy individual on their special day."

They're clearly not very broken up about the whole thing! I wonder if there is another car with this same message except it has sad faces all over it instead?

"Pest Control Guy Don't Lie."

I like a company that is honest about what it is advertising...even if that honesty is a little on the macabre side.

"Led by the spirit!"

I say a prayer to Jameson whiskey every night before I fall asleep...and at periodic moments throughout each day as well.

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