30 People Who Have Gotten Themselves Into Some Real Spicy Pickles

Patience, planning, and careful execution are three things that should be followed when performing any task or...well, basically doing anything for that matter. However, there are some people who much prefer to play things by ear.

So, from people who blew holes in their kitchen to individuals who managed to get stuck in a terrifyingly unsafe toilet suspended high in the air, here are 30 people who have gotten themselves into some real spicy pickles.

"Holy crap that looks like a bad day."

That lid really made its way into the ceiling! I can imagine that the lightbulbs breathed a heavy sigh of relief when it did though.

"Now gimme that, you!"

On the plus side, I reckon that monkey is going to look cool as hell in those sunglasses!


How on Earth did they even manage to do this in the first place? It's actually quite impressive.

"A floating cafe near where I live just sank."

I guess that the name "floating cafe" was a bit of a jinx in the long run. Always bad to see local business go under like this.

"Learning the hard way."

The dog at the back is playing the smart game, let someone else go first and learn from them.

"I don't think this is how you should handle asbestos."

One person who has clearly dealt with something similar in the past added, "Honestly the fact that they even cared enough to warn other people that it's asbestos is a step above most places."

"My poor thermometer can't move any closer to the temps of hell. Life in Las Vegas."

By God, and to think that I can barely handle it when the temperature gets above 25°C.

"Fiancee's car wheel just kind of...sheared off as she was turning into work this morning."

Apparently this is more common with alloy rims, according to one individual. However, my knowledge on the subject is minimal to say the least!

"External guest toilet..."

I always wanted a toilet that could double up as an elevator, what an ingenious invention!

The Vending Machine Did Warn Them!

Also, I didn't think that vending machines were allowed to sell Crunch Nature Valley Bars without also providing a dustpan and brush for the inevitable ocean of crumbs that they cause.

"I see everyone's Lego for all time and raise you a half-chewed ostrich bone I stood on. At least I bought fun bandaids last week."

I hope that this was the result of an animal living in their house at least — if not, then this person needs to stop chewing ostrich bones.

"My dogs decided to eat a pen today..."

I don't know why this person thinks that it was these two who ate the pen, it's not like there is any evidence!

"Well this doesn't seem safe to leave over the weekend..."

One thing is for sure, no one is likely to steal that wood while it is precariously balanced like that!

"My girlfriend opening a snack next to seagulls."

The rest of the seagulls were waiting patiently, but now that these ones have broken rank the rest will quickly follow suit!

"I accidentally captured my bumper coming off when my brother was hitting a puddle!"

That is one hell of a "puddle"! I think this kind of "puddle" is more commonly called a "river."

"Man overboard!"

This poor man could not be any more perfectly upside down. At least he still has his shoes on!

"My chips fell off my desk in the worst way possible."

Pfft, well there is no way that I would ever just eat chips off the floor...definitely no way whatsoever.

"Time to call for backup."

I mean, you would have thought that the pre-existing scrape along the floor would have given them enough warning.

"Well I hope nothing goes wrong."

This feels like the sort of thing some middle manager would argue makes workers more careful and safe. Like, tightrope walkers and trapeze artists are at their most attentive without a safety net below, right?

"Disassembling scaffolding 10 stories up."

You have to hope there's a tie down we can't see in this pic, because otherwise, that's a guy who's trying to create his own category of hazard pay. Yikes.

"Accidentally stepped in gooey gum in 102-degree weather. Swung my legs to get in the car before noticing. Still picking gum out of my leg hairs and my brand new sandals."

Personally, I think rando gum in the hair on your head would be worse, but in no way do I envy anybody who has to pick it out of their leg hairs. What a mess.

"’m being over charged by insurance after my daughter was born. This is the pile of mail I have to go through to prove they’re ripping me off. Pear for scale."

Well, it's no surprise that it takes some ambition to take on an insurance company, but it's another thing to realize why it's a task and a half. That stack of paperwork looks like a special kind of awful.

"It's tough being the 'new guy'. Ya know the pranksters are gunnin for ya and it's only a matter of time."

I can't tell whether I'd rather use this toilet or the last terrifying lavatory we looked at?

"Halfway into the pizza, noticed there's a huge footprint inside the pizza box."

You'd think you'd notice something like that a lot sooner, right? But I get it. A hungry person with a piping hot pizza in front of them isn't going to notice much other than which slice has the most toppings. So it's understandable, but still a huge bummer.

"Accidentally made a magnifying glass when rain gathered on crash wrap covering a busted sunroof."

Wow, there are unintended consequences, and then there's almost setting your car on fire with nothing more than crash wrap. I'd say we've all been warned, but this seems like such a freak incident that it surely can't happen again, right?

"Got a smart watch to get healthy only to get told I have heart problems."

That's simultaneously a huge bummer, and also kind of a relief. Things could have been much worse if it was left undetected!

"My bike chain breaks exactly halfway through a 25km ride. No repair tools."

So is that like some emergency triathlon training? I guess at the very least it's an effective way to ensure that you always take repair tools along with you in the future.

"Had to hurt!"

As painful as this looks, I think that this guy should consider himself really lucky that this wasn't even worse!

"My girlfriend went to the toilet and..."

Was she maybe trying to break down barriers in your relationship? Because usually that's more of a metaphorical thing, but I guess the literal thing could be effective too.

"Oops… Looks like someone’s Tesla is going to be late."

Well, that truck driver's going to have an awkward conversation or two. It's possible that the clearance signage wasn't up to date, but if it was, well, that's an expensive oversight.

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