15 Creative DIYs That Prove Repairs Don't Have To Be Boring

It really sucks when something breaks down. What a disappointment, huh? If only there were a way to salvage it. Am I right?

Well, if you're creative enough, there's always something you can do about it. I'm going to share with you some imaginative ways people have done just that. Let's hope this will inspire you the next time you're in a jam.

1. This Broken Flower Pot Idea

Avid gardeners, listen up. If you have a few broken flower pots, don't despair. What you can do instead is turn them into the cutest fairy gardens like these. Isn't this the most adorable idea ever?

2. This Messed Up Dollhouse

Can you believe somebody paid $9 for this broken dollhouse? It should have been a freebie, no? Anyway, they took it in stride and gave it a new lease on life. I think it looks quite fabulous now.

3. This Upcycled Desk

Who here gets a kick out of salvaging stuff from the side of the road? I bet you're going to love this project here. This person found a broken desk and fixed it right up. Nice!

4. These Mended Sneakers

Why would you throw out a perfectly usable pair of sneakers just because they had some holes in them? I'm here to tell you that you don't have to. Just patch them up as this lady did here.

5. This Stain Fix

Have you ever gotten a stain on the back of your favorite pants and didn't know what to do about it? It's exactly what happened to this lady, so she decided to dye them. I think they turned out quite interesting, huh?

6. This Preloved Chair

Why buy a new rocking chair for a mint when you can get one out of the trash? I'm not kidding here. This person did so, and they just fixed the springs, gave it some fresh paint and new fabric. Do you like it?

7. This Cookie Monster Wall Fix

An accidental hole in the wall isn't normally pretty to look at, right? But instead of getting mad, just have fun with it. These folks turned it into the cutest Cookie Monster ever. Ha, ha, this is making me laugh.

8. This *The Shining* Homage

Speaking of holes in the wall, how do you like this fix here? Fans of The Shining will immediately recognize this face. Let's hope this visual isn't going to give you some kind of nightmares, hehe.

9. This Denim Fix

What do you do when you have a nasty tear in your favorite jeans? You get creative, of course. I really like how this lady tackled this sticky situation here, and I think I love them even more.

10. This Cracked iPhone Fix

It's never fun when you crack your iPhone screen. I think I would cry. But hold on a minute, this person used highlighters to fill in the cracks, and it looks even better than before. Unbelievable, right?

11. This Pothole Beautifying Job

It's so weird that some cities don't bother fixing their potholes. If you've ever been to Chicago, you'll notice that. So this inventive artist, Jim Bachor, fills them up with beautiful mosaics. OMG, I love this.

12. This Car Fix-Up Job

So you were in a fender-bender, and your car got banged up. Now you don't have the money to fix it. What are you going to do? Certainly, you can cry, or you can channel your energy elsewhere, haha.

13. This Quick Thinking Mom

What can you do when your kid is super creative and starts drawing on your walls? If you're as quick thinking as this mom, you can turn those scribbles into awesome art. Wow, I've got to admit I'm pretty impressed with this amazing job.

14. This Crack In The Wall

When we see cracks in the wall, we usually just walk by, right? But this amazing installation artist sees her next project. So she embellishes the cracks with small crystal geodes. Wow, how amazing is that?

15. This Broken Wall

Similarly, Andrey Syaylev, a Russian Urban interventionist, can't pass an opportunity when he sees it. He uses his creativity to fix broken library walls with old books. Oh my goodness. I can't get over this. Isn't it so cool?

See, I told you that when you get creative, a DIY doesn't have to be a boring job.

Take a note from these folks and have some fun with it, alright? I'm going to look at something broken in a whole new light now. How about you? Was this inspiring enough for you?