15 Celebrities Who Are A Lot Shorter Than We Thought

Hollywood has a tendency to portray itself as being larger than life. But in reality, many of our favorite stars walking the red carpet are considerably smaller in stature than you might think.

Below are 16 celebrities who are surprisingly short in real life. Have a look and see which ones don't quite measure up to their reputation for being A-list giants.

Amy Poehler is 5'2".


It's tough to imagine that Leslie Knope aka Amy Poehler is only 5'2".

The way she takes charge on Parks and Recreation, you'd swear that Amy was seven feet tall. God, do I ever miss that show.

Rashida Jones is 5'4".

Speaking of Parks and Recreation alumni — let's take a moment to chat about Rashida Jones!

Those glasses that she's wearing are pretty fabulous. I had no idea it got so sunny inside a private airplane hangar.

Reese Witherspoon is 5'1".

Good things come in small southern packages. At least in the case of Reese Witherspoon they do.

I'm all about her book club posts, too. The inner nerd in me absolutely loves soaking it all in.

Jack Black is 5'7".

I never thought that Jack Black was a particularly tall man, but for some reason I always pictured him being at least 5'10".

But then again, maybe it's his low center of gravity that allows for such nimble and graceful dance moves?

Kristen Bell is 5'1".

I am a Kristen Bell Stan and I don't care who knows it. She and her husband Dax Shepard are my definitions of couples goals.

Here's to hoping they are able to move past Dax's most recent relapse.

Natalie Portman is 5'3".

I know a lot of people hate Natalie Portman for her role in the rebooted Star Wars franchise, but I for one think it's somewhat unwarranted.

No one on earth, not even an Oscar-winning actress like Natalie would have been able to salvage that script.

James McAvoy is 5'7".

I had to double-check this because I couldn't believe it at first — especially after having seen Glass and Split.

James looks absolutely shredded in those films and as tall as a house. It's amazing what a little camera magic can do.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are 5'0".

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aren't just short — they're downright tiny. Especially when you see them compared to their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen.

Will we ever see the three of them on-screen together? Only time will tell.

Anna Kendrick is 5'2"

Is it weird that I still watch Anna Kendrick's cup song from Pitch Perfect on YouTube when I'm feeling down or depressed?

I don't know what it is but there's something about the rhythm and the movement of the cups that I find very calming.

Angus Young of AC/DC is only 5'2"

Why is it that an overwhelming majority of rockstars barely manage to scratch 5'5"? It's kind of odd, don't you think?

Although I suppose it doesn't really matter when you're a proverbial guitar god like Angus Young most certainly is.

Bruno Mars is 5'5".

Leave the door open and give us the Silk Sonic album already, will you Bruno? I know it's still early but my vote for "Song of the Year" undoubtedly goes to Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak.

It's an absolute banger.

Flea is just 5'6".

In that hat, Flea looks more like a nature conservationist than he does a world-famous musician. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him fully clothed before.

It's an improvement, especially when you consider the sock phase of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Nick Jonas is 5'6".

Nick Jonas has transformed himself into a total beefcake babe over the past few years.

His incredible physique tends to distract fans from the fact that he's just barely over the 5'5" mark, and what a physique it is!

Antonio Banderas 5'8".

I flat-out refuse to believe that I'm taller than El Mariachi, that I'm taller than Zorro?! There's no way. He looks like a giant in the movies!

This fact absolutely shatters so many preconceptions I had about the iconic heartthrob.

Kim Kardashian is 5'2".

You'd never know it, considering how often Kim feels inclined to wear high-heeled shoes, but she's actually pretty short. In fact, all of the Kardashian women are barely over the five-foot mark.

Which celebrity's height surprised you the most? Leave a comment and let us know!