20 Awe-Inspiring Pics That Show Some Of The Cooler Sides Of The World

Our planet is a deeply fascinating place. From the stuff that we've built to the stuff that was here all along, there are countless stunning sights to behold.

Let's turn this one over to the talented photographers of Reddit who've found ways to showcase some of Earth's more underrated wonders.

"A tree starting over."

Reddit | JimBroke

Old life gives way to new life practically everywhere you look in nature, but that doesn't make it any less awe-inspiring.

"A storm rolling through the Jersey Shore."

Reddit | NTMPKAIfotografi

I love the juxtaposition between the smooth sand, the crashing waves and, of course, the ominous dark clouds rolling in.

"A car speeding by the U.S. Capitol."

Reddit | alexfarmermedia

The addition of car lights streaking through the frame gives this pic of the U.S. Capitol an almost cyberpunk feel.

"An underground cave in France."

Reddit | adri1xplr

Spelunking freaks me out, but I can still appreciate this pic of a massive underground cave complex in France.

"A sunrise through water drops on a window."

Reddit | oneirofelang

Macro photography might take a pic of the sun itself, while a more micro image such as this shows a fascinating light pattern.


Reddit | nano_man

I'm glad this photo was captioned, because otherwise I might have never figured out what it's actually showing.

"A swing at sunset."

Reddit | zmreJ

This jaw-dropping photo shows a solitary swing set against a background of hazy, dreamy colors.

"Niagara Falls from the Canadian side."

Niagara Falls is truly one of the most incredible sights in the world, and this angle shows off Horseshoe Falls in all its glory.

"These clouds at the beach make it seem like the sky was badly Photoshopped."

Reddit | donfuria

The middle portion of this photo — below the clouds but above the hills — is breaking my brain a bit. It could be land, water, or sky.

"Sky was pretty pink this morning."

Reddit | Darkmakerr

The sky often shows us pink hues at dawn and sunset, but rarely is it so pink that it colors the ground below.

"How this pine tree grew around the palm tree."

Reddit | dtg109

Don't ask me why and don't ask me how, but somehow this tree is eking out an existence as it clings to another tree.

"Rainbow in front of my house looks like another planet."

Reddit | NewBeerNewMe

The effect here is uncanny. If you squint your eyes a little, it even looks like the "planet" has a textured surface.

"Possibly the coolest picture I’ve ever snapped from a plane window."

Reddit | FleetyBee

I'll never tire of looking out at the clouds anytime I'm on a plane, and this beautifully composed photo really demonstrates how beautiful it can be.

"A really cool cloud I saw in Isla Mujeres, Mexico."

The cloud would be cool enough on its own, but it's truly amazing how the sun is illuminating the top plume. It looks almost like a volcano.

"Dogs Posing in Chiba, Japan."

Reddit | unfonfortable

The ingredients for this pic — a field full of flowers and two dogs — might not seem like much, but somehow it all comes together beautifully.

"In Sequoia National Park."

Reddit | Lou_wanders

Giant sequoias live up to their name, as they truly are massive. It isn't until you see a human for scale that it becomes apparent, though.

"The Northern Lights."

Reddit | GuffinCreative

The eerie glow of the Northern Lights would be enough to make this photo spectacular, but the ruined plane in the foreground really adds something else.


Reddit | ronny_degiacomi

I feel like I could stare into this hawk's eye for hours. It almost looks to have a papery texture.

"INSANE lightning strike above my neighborhood!"

Reddit | Jcre08901

This is a great photo, but it looks like the photographer should maybe get inside if lightning is striking this close.

"I made a new version of my London eye timeslice, made from 40 slices over three hours."

Reddit | matt_kenneally

I love any photo that shows the same scene during different times of day. Turns out the London Eye looks stunning 24/7.