16 Riddles That Are Real Head-Scratchers

Contemplating, and then solving, a good riddle is a great way to give your brain a mini workout.

You might not get every one of these, but it's a near-guarantee that you'll feel a little more mentally engaged after looking them over.

When you're done, let us know how many you guessed correctly in the comments section!

I'm a bird. I'm a fruit. I'm a person. What am I?

Here's a fairly easy one to start with, and I say so as someone who actually guessed correctly. The answer, of course, is a kiwi.

I taste better than I smell. What am I?

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Here, let me give you a hint: the answer is not something that you're going to eat. It's a little more abstract than that.

Ready? The answer is "the tongue."

Name four days of the week that start with the letter "T."

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We all know about Tuesday and Thursday, but that's only two days. Think about other ways you might refer to days, and you'll get it.

The answer? Tuesday and Thursday of course, but also today and tomorrow.

I go up and down but I never move. What am I?

Picture people going up and down an object, then remove the people from the object and you'll have the answer.

The answer, of course, is a flight of stairs.

I am orange and sound like a parrot. What am I?

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Before you bust open the big book of ornithology, I'll offer this spoiler alert: the answer isn't some other type of bird.

The answer, cleverly, is "a carrot."

It belongs to you, but other people use it more than you do. What is it?

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Once again, you'll need to think abstractly here. What aspect of you, one that's central to your identity, is something you don't often personally use?

If you guessed "your name," you're absolutely right.

I can't talk, but I'll reply when spoken to. What am I?

In this case, it isn't really about being "spoken to", but more being "yelled at." You also need to find the right setting for it to work.

The answer? An echo.

How can a pocket have something in it if it has nothing in it?

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Think for a moment: what might cause a pocket to have nothing in it?

The answer is "if it has a hole in it" because, well, a hole is technically something.

You can hold me in your right hand but not in your left. What am I?

This one's a little trippy, but stay with me here: clasp your hands together and think hard about this riddle.

The answer? Your left hand, which can never be held in your left hand.

What does almost no one want but no one wants to lose?

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Here's one that's pretty simple if you think of your day-to-day existence. What's the most stressful thing to do, but also stressful to lose?

The answer, for 9-to-5ers, is a job.

I help you from head to toe. The more I work, the smaller I grow.

This one is relatively simple, and if you practice good hygiene habits, the answer has probably already occurred to you.

We're talking about a bar of soap.

I belong in the month of December, but not in any other month. I'm not a holiday. What am I?

So the holiday stipulation means that this can't be about Christmas or Hanukkah.. Let's think about a trait that December has that no other month has. Just look at a calendar.

The answer? The letter "D".

Three people go to bed at 7pm. At 730 they all fell asleep at different times. How is this possible?

For this one, note that it's structured "730" rather than "7:30", and you should be on your way to solving it.

This is possible because they all fell asleep at an address numbered 730.

When is 140 only one more than 99?

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This one involves numbers and math, but just barely.

If you're talking about time, where hours come in 60-minute increments, one hour and 40 minutes is only one more minute than 99 minutes.

A man calls his dog from the opposite side of the river. The dog crosses the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or boat. How?

Here's another one that you shouldn't overthink. How would you cross a river without getting wet?

Well, if the river is frozen, it's quite easy for the dog to get across.

Finish this sequence.


It's weird, because they look like they could be years, except for the first number. So, that's not the pattern we're looking for.

So, what does 00 and 2061 have two of, and 4096 three of, that 1752 and 4341 have zero of? Circles.

The answer to complete the sequence, then, is 3, the number of circles in 1985.