15 Times Celebrities Had Some Bad Hairdo And Wig Situations Going On

Being an actor requires a leap of faith. You need to be able to trust the director, the crew, and most importantly — the hair and make-up team.

Sadly for some, it doesn't always work out, regardless of all the good intentions. Have a look below and check out these 16+ times celebrities had bad wig situations ruin their roles.

Colin Farrell in *Alexander*.

Throughout the entirety of Alexander, Colin Farrell's wig situation goes from bad to worse. Unfortunately, Colin's golden locks were the least concerning thing about the film.

This movie was nearly three hours long and ironically managed to say little to nothing about Alexander the Great's life.

Julia Roberts in *Mother's Day*.

Whoever suggested that Julia Roberts should wear a red bob-style wig in Mother's Day should be fired.

It looks so unbelievably uncharacteristic that it draws the audience's focus away from what's actually taking place on the screen.

Corey Stoll in *The Strain*.


Fans of the ill-fated Netflix series House of Cards will likely recall that Corey Stoll is bald in real life.

This ridiculous hairpiece was without a doubt one of the most terrifying aspects of watching The Strain.

Al Pacino in *The Irishman*.

I understand that Al Pacino was playing a much younger man than he is in real life. I also get that his hairline isn't quite what it once was.

But come on — you can almost see the wig strings for goodness sake.

Nicolas Cage in *Ghostrider*.

Why does Hollywood do this thing where they cast an actor who is at the very least 5-10 years older than the character they're portraying, and then try desperately to make said actor appear younger?

I'm sorry but you couldn't have picked a worse actor to play Johnny Blaze.

Halle Berry in *The Call*.

Anyone who knows me understands my deep vested love for Halle Berry.

But even someone as utterly enamored as I am can acknowledge that the wig she's wearing makes it look as if she has a possum asleep on her head.

John Travolta in *Swordfish*.

To be fair, I could have included at least five John Travolta movies that have come out over the past decade.

Thank goodness he's finally starting to embrace being bald and beautiful. The hairpieces weren't fooling anyone, John.

Peter Facinelli in *Twilight: Eclipse*.

Confession time: I've read all of the Twilight books. And I have to say, I was always disappointed with how they chose to portray Carlisle on film.

In the books, he's described as being too beautiful to even look at. So why did they feel the need to fit Peter Facinelli with such a ridiculous blonde mop?

Jessica Alba in *Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer*.

In order for Jessica Alba to appear 'believable' as Sue Storm, they quite literally white-washed her.

Those cheap color contacts and brassy wig of blonde hair made her look like some kind of demented Barbie doll.

Taylor Lautner in *New Moon*.

The only thing more unbelievable than Taylor Lautner's CGI-enhanced muscles in New Moon was the ridiculous mane of black hair he was forced to wear for the first half of the movie.

Why would they hide such a pretty face behind all that hair?

Samuel L. Jackson in *The Great White Hype*.

I don't really know what to say if I'm being totally honest. Other than it looks like Samuel L. Jackson's hair is alive and is slowly feasting on his scalp and forehead.

This one may be the worst yet.

Bruce Willis in *Surrogates*.

There are some men that should just never be forced to wear a wig and Bruce Willis is one of them.

Especially a blonde wig that makes him look like a psychotic Ken doll gone AWOL.

J.K. Simmons in *Spider-Man*.

Replicating characters from comic books on the big screen can be difficult.

On the one hand, you want to always try to remain true to the character, while at the same time maintaining an element of realism. Unfortunately for J.K., only 1/2 goals were accomplished.

Michael C. Hall in *Dexter*.

There's something about the flashback sequences from Dexter that make me want to play my old Fall Out Boy records as loudly as possible.

Michael C. Hall can be my number one with a bullet, any day.

Gary Oldman in *The Fifth Element*.

I would argue that the wig isn't terrible in and of itself, but once it's paired with that ridiculous plastic helmet — all bets are off.

That being said, I still absolutely love The Fifth Element and Gary Oldman in it.