22 Homeowners Who Have Had Better Days

Renovating your home is a big task, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. After all, so many things can go wrong. And when you don't hire professionals or try to do it yourself, things will and do go wrong.

These homeowners found out the hard way that sometimes things just don't work out the way you expect. You've been warned.

1. This Act Of Rebellion

I don't know about you, but I appreciate a good night of sleep. So I would be royally peeved if my kitchen cabinets decided to hurl themselves to the floor at 4 am. True story, though.

2. This Rail Disaster

They said, "Do it yourself. It's going to be easy." Meanwhile, in suburbia, some poor schmuck actually believed it and then came up with this monstrosity. I guess nobody is going to be sliding down these handrails, lol.

3. This Obvious Sign Of Defeat

You know you should call it a day when this happens to you, okay? I think this is the classic case of the little nail that could and two hammers that couldn't, ha, ha.

4. These Odd Tiles

It's easy to be obsessed with one part of your reno. In this case, the folks who did this bathtub loved their tiles so much they wanted to put them everywhere. But to install them in the bathtub is a first for me.

5. This Concrete Mess

Pouring concrete is a hard job. Everyone must admit that, but I still can't understand what exactly happened here. It is one of those moments where saying "oops" just doesn't cut it. Quick, get a bucket before it all dries.

6. This Roof Disaster

I might not be a roofer, but even I can spot when something doesn't look right. I say this is a classic case of contractors cutting corners. Sometimes the best deal can cost you so much more in the long run.

7. This Unpleasant Surprise

Houston, we've got a problem. I think we're going to need a bigger bucket. Ha, ha. I know I shouldn't be laughing because I would hate for this to happen to me, but I just can't help it.

8. This Painting Gaffe

The first thing you do before you paint somebody's house? You put the drop sheet on the ground. That's pretty elementary. Am I right? I guess these painters had a brain fart, or they're not as professional as they appear to be.

9. This Toilet Disaster

This is what happens when you order an expensive toilet, and you're eagerly anticipating its arrival only to get this shipped to you. Wow, I have to admit I would have something to say about this, and it wouldn't be pleasant at all.

10. This Helpful Accident

This couple just bought a new house and were painting it themselves. One of them was being helpful by bringing the cans to the basement when this happened. Next time, don't try to carry them all at once, okay?

11. This Roof Revenge

It's a blessing to have a roof over your head. But what do you do when the roof now finds itself in your living room? Oh my goodness! This homeowner is definitely not having a good day.

12. This Clear Instruction

This is what happens when your wife goes to the attic to get something. In this case, she was instructed not to step on the drywall. However, she later admitted she didn't know what drywall was, lol. Lesson learned.

13. This Bad Sign

If there's one thing I know, it's that water and electricity don't mix. So, imagine this homeowner's horror when water started dripping out of their electrical outlets in the middle of a storm. I didn't even know this was possible and now it's my worst nightmare.

14. This Impending Doom

What would your reaction be if you went downstairs to do laundry and this was starring you in the face? I would just about die if that happened in our house. What the heck went wrong here?

15. This Unlucky Accident

It's bad enough when a planter falls over and shatters for no apparent reason. But, when it happens right on top of your pile of clean laundry, that's enough to ruin anyone's day. I hope this person's luck turns around!

16. This Hidden 'Pool'

Most people dream of having their own pool, but this is not the kind of pool any homeowner would want to find. Apparently, this person discovered a pool of water in their crawlspace that's about three feet deep in some areas. Yikes! I can only imagine what the repair bill will look like.

17. Goodbye Granite Countertops

Somehow, a product's "best before date" transferred onto this granite countertop and now it won't come off. I think we all know how expensive these counters can be so this one must've hurt the homeowner right in the wallet.

18. Every Renter's Nightmare

So, what do you do when your apartment ceiling starts leaking and caving in during a storm? Most people would call their landlord ASAP, but in this person's case, it took their building weeks to address the issue.

19. Such A Summer Bummer

If you ever wondered if a glass patio table can shatter on a hot summer day, the answer to your question is, yes. Not only did these homeowners lose their patio set, they also had a nightmare of a time picking up all that broken glass from their yard.

20. Mother Nature Is Terrifying

There's probably nothing scarier than looking out your front window and seeing that your tree has literally been split in two during a storm. Oh, and to top it off, the storm knocked the power out.

21. This Nasty Surprise

If you can afford a summer cabin, you're already winning at life. However, before you go home for the winter just make sure you shut off the main water valve. Otherwise, this is what you will encounter next time you visit. Yikes!

22. This Costly Mistake

Even though I've never renovated a home, I still know that you never remove a load-bearing wall. When you do, a disaster can happen. I guess whoever made this costly mistake was a home reno rookie. OMG!

Let this serve as a warning to you.

Home renos aren't a joke. I think these disasters here are clear proof of that, huh? So tell me, have you ever had anything as bad as this happen to you while renovating?