30 Decisions That Were Absolutely Baffling

No one ever said that every decision we make has to make sense. As long as we feel good about it, it can be as wild as we like!

However, that also opens up the doors to others judging us for said decision, kind of like we're doing to the people on this list. Hey, they were the ones that made the baffling decisions, we've earned the right to critique them!

"Bought an automatic soap dispenser. It could not resist water and the batteries rusted."

I suppose the batteries rusting was the best-case scenario here. It still sucks, but better than someone getting electrocuted!

"Took me 3 times as long to enter in my pin."

On what planet is this even remotely acceptable? It hurts to look at, I can't take it anymore, destroy it immediately!

"A lovely paint job."

Ah, if only I could paint over the problems in my life and pretend they simply weren't there.

"Saw this on tiktok, made my hair stand on end."

This is a true 'pictures taken moments before disaster' shot, that plastic step ladder looks like it's about to snap.

"Just... why?"

To cause eternal pain and suffering for those who gaze upon this image. We are all now cursed.

"This kid at the airport."

I can't decide which decision is more baffling, the kid's decision to climb up there, or the parents' decision to let him do it.

"The built-in USB charger in my hotel lamp wasn't working so I turned it over to take a look."

There's no way that this was cheaper or easier than just buying lamps with chargers in them. Who did they get to do this?

"These paper cups at the hotel I am staying... I am a NOT plastic cup..."

Don't define yourself by what you're not, define yourself by what you are! Paper. You're a paper cup.

"Why? Why did you put that one word in quotes?"

Don't believe everything that you see, especially if that thing is a helicopter, apparently.

"People who close binders like this."

They know they're destroying all their stuff but still do it anyway. That's a chaotic lifestyle, they're probably not afraid of anything.

"In case of emergency find guy with key."

If your emergency is deemed worthy, the key-holder goblin will drop from the ceiling and grant you escape, but only after you answer its riddles three...

"This soap dish looks filthy."

It is! You buy it pre-dirtied so you can experience the joy of cleaning it with the soap it'll be holding.

"This plate with false stains, why?"

The opposite of the last product, this one has fake stains on it so they won't have to wash the real ones, it's a real time-saver.

"Who did this I need answers."

Y'know what, at least they put the cart back at all. It's close enough to being right that it's acceptable.

"Hello Fresh sent my carrots for one meal in 8 separately sealed plastic bags..."

They didn't want to risk any cross-carrot contamination! Who knows where each of these individual vegetables have been...

"This barrier blocking the bicycle path."

The only baffling decision here is why they let a guy who seemingly hates cyclists design a bike lane!

"Let's charge our phone instead."

If they're sitting there waiting for their phones to charge, they'll be able to spot any nearby fires, duh!

"How could you not overlap the ‘N’?"

Some things are better left unanswered. Unanswered, forgotten about, and thrown away immediately so you don't need to face it any longer.

"Day Of The Soup!"

This sounds like a truly terrifying, yet very tasty, sequel to The Day Of The Triffids. It nourishes even as it horrifies!

"Looks stable!"

I feel as though the donkey is thinking, "Just one more twig hits me on the head and I'm bloody running."

"Still don’t understand the layout of this cemetery."

They're really aiming to add insult to injury at this cemetery by making you trip on your way in.

"This closet in a german hotel needs several warnings...and I still almost hit my head."

Why would they ever make this in this way? Was the designer just a really big fan of Tetris? Or just a sadist with a flair for cabinetry?

"Found this gem at my local Value Village."

This is the perfect decor if you want people to get headaches and vomit whenever they come into your house!

Do You Want The Big Sign, Or The Small Sign?

"Can we just have both signs?"

"I guess...do you want them separated?"

"No, just put them over each other!"

"I love how the library organizes."

This is the perfect aisle for ghost-hunting, tech-savvy, priests. Next one over is for aeronautical bakers.

"I wonder if they drank all the beer crates beforehand?"

One person did point out, "I know I would've [drank them all] before getting up on that thing!"

The Strange Sandwich...

Is the strange part the fact that they are missing the second slice of bread on top? I'm so confused. But you have at admit, the "sandwich" is aptly named, at least.

"Saw this in Berlin. Dunno what it means."

More who than are a gym you? More who are than a gym you? More than a gym who are you?

"Lockdown is effecting everyone."

"So it says here that you were a burglar?"


"Well, fortunately, that profession has a lot of transferable skills!"

"Puzzle for those who want to kill their nervous system."

Nobody should have the spare time available in their life to commit to this kind of self-torture!