23 Things We Just Learned We've Been Doing Incorrectly

Isn't it amazing that when you learn how to do something, you just stick to it? It doesn't matter if it's the correct way or not. I guess it's just a force of habit.

So I bet you're going to be really surprised when you look at the examples below. As it turns out, we've been doing things wrong all along, ha ha.

1. This Expiration Date Tip

Have you ever wondered how long that shampoo you bought would last? Well, you don't have to look too far for that information. It's right on the bottle, people. Why didn't I ever notice that?

2. This Freezer Hack

If you have trouble fitting everything in your freezer, it could be the way you store things. The ridges on the bottom actually have a purpose. They are there so you can line the meat trays up.

3. This Measuring Tape Tip

I'm not that handy. I leave all the hard work to my fiancé, ha ha. I have to ask him if he even knows about this. Admittedly, I had no idea this even existed.

4. This Soda Can Hack

Is it just me, or do you also struggle to open that can of soda? If you do, I have a good hack for you. Just hold down the front part to lift the end to make it a snap.

5. This Dairy Queen Tip

If you ever wondered why Dairy Queen lids are so big, this is why. You can use them to make sure your contents don't spill. I bet this will come in handy when you're out with your kids, huh?

6. This Fast Food Hack

Why is there a flap on that box of fries? It's so you can put your ketchup there. If you haven't figured that out yet, there must be something wrong with you. I'm just kidding, of course.

7. This Cutting Board Fact

Have you ever wondered why there's a hole in your cutting board. It's not just for esthetics, you know. It's there so you can do this instead of the old way you were doing it.

8. This Toilet Flush Button

Why are there two buttons on your toilet to flush it? And why is one bigger than the other? Um, this might be TMI, but the little one is for pee, and the big one is for you know what, haha.

9. This Microwaving Hack

If you ever thought microwaving two dishes at the same time was impossible, I'm here to tell you it is not. All you have to do is stack them up like this, and voilĂ . Easy peasy.

10. This Juice Box Tip

If your kids are always making a mess when you give them a juice box to drink, this could be the reason. Make sure you extend the sides so they won't have to squeeze it. You're welcome.

11. This McDonald's Coffee Tip

Your McDonald's coffee cup lid can double as a coaster. Carefully remove your lid and rest your cup on it while the coffee is cooling. Suffice to say that you should only do this on a sturdy table and be careful not to spill your coffee as it is very hot!

12. This Toaster Fact

I don't know about you, but I always thought the numbers on the toaster were the degrees of doneness. However, they are actually minutes. OMG, it makes perfect sense, so why didn't I think of that?

13. This Pizza Hack

If you thought you couldn't toast two pizzas in your oven, think again. You can totally do it if you arrange them like this. Oh, wow! I'm definitely trying this trick at my next party. How about you?

14. This Solo Cup Measuring System

Have you noticed the lines on the red Solo cup? I have, but I just ignored them. Well, if you're like me, you're definitely missing out. They're there so you can quickly measure your liquids. Aha!

15. This Strawberry Hack

Now, I doubt that strawberries were really named after this hack, but it's still a good tip. Use a straw to remove strawberry stems quickly and easily. You also don't have to worry about wasting the top of the strawberry with this hack!

16. This Drink Carrier Secret

If you were ever confused by the design of those cardboard drink carriers, it's probably because you didn't know how they really worked. The carriers can actually hold six cups, which is why some of the walls are higher so you can stack the cups.

17. It Never Hurts To Check Your Detergent

Most people are using the incorrect amount of laundry detergent. Double-check your detergent's instructions and then draw a line on the measuring cup for the amount you typically need. This way, you'll use the correct amount every time and you'll save money on detergent in the long run!

18. A Great Way To Store Your Banana

If you only need half a banana for a recipe, or just aren't that hungry, save a little piece of the peel to cover up the end. It's a much more eco-friendly solution than plastic wrap and after all, that's what the peel was made to do!

19. Use Pool Noodles Outside Of The Pool

Pool noodles have a ton of uses outside of the pool. A popular hack is to use them to cushion sharp corners and edges around the home. This is a great idea, especially if you have little ones who are prone to bumping into table corners.

20. Save Yourself Time And Stress

If there are areas in your home with hard-to-reach bolts, write the size of the socket you'll need somewhere nearby. It'll save you a lot of time and stress the next time you need to do a repair since you'll know exactly which tools you'll need.

21. The Easy Way To Slice Grapes

The next time you need to slice grapes, place them in the groove of a cutting board. This way, you can slice multiple grapes at once and your fingers will be safely out of the way of the knife!

22. This Shopping Cart Discovery

Confession time, who knew that shopping carts were designed so you can hang up your groceries like that? OMG, what? How did I not realize that, ha, ha? This is mind-boggling, to say the least.

23. This Safety Tip

I hope it never comes to this, but if you are ever trapped in your car, you need to pay attention to this. Did you know you can remove the headrest like this? This is life-saving information here.