15 ‘Socially Unacceptable’ Things That Should Be Normalized

Over the past decade, our global society has taken incredible strides as far as inclusion and understanding are concerned. We've become more empathetic, more willing to try and walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

That said, by no means are we perfect. In fact, there are still several things that are considered socially unacceptable that should most definitely be normalized by now. Have a look and see.

"Taking time to think of an answer when you're asked a question in school."

Unsplash | Element5 Digital

There's something to be said for those who possess the innate ability to think fast on their feet. But the fact of the matter is that not everyone excels in high-pressure situations. By no means does that make them less intelligent.

Using an umbrella for snow in the wintertime.

Unsplash | Ricardo Resende

Reddit user HangryRadishA wonders why more people don't break out their umbrellas in snowstorms? Not only do you not get wet, but it makes seeing where you're going that much easier and safer.

"Periods. No woman asked to have them, we’d rather not have them really. It’s a bodily function. So let’s just normalize periods."

There's really no much left to say. The fact that it's 2021 and we as a society still haven't normalized basic female biology is gobsmacking.

Hanging on to your virginity.

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As this Buzzfeed Community member explains, "It shouldn't be something we're made fun of. You should not feel pressured just to do it even if you don't want to." I couldn't agree more. Sex isn't anything to take lightly.

"Straight men painting their nails."

Unsplash | dylan nolte

I'm with mintyyfilms on this one. All throughout my adolescence I longed to paint my nails but was always too afraid of the ridicule I'd face at school to actually go through with it.

I'm happy to report that as I write this, the nails on my left hand are painted hot-pink.

Acknowledging that the customer isn't always right.

I've spent most of my working life in customer service and let me tell you something — the customer is almost always wrong. But in spite of this ugly truth, retail employees are still expected to subject themselves to emotional and mental torment.

Going to the movies by yourself.

Unsplash | Erik Witsoe

How did the concept of going to the movies alone somehow get turned into a negative? You get to choose the time, what movie you watch, and most importantly — what type of candy you get at the concession stand.


Can we all agree that classifying certain words as 'curse words' is just downright silly? Absolutely everybody uses profanity.

The Pope himself still says [expletive] when he stubs his toe, so let's all stop pretending to be holier-than-thou.

"Face masks, even in non-pandemic times."

Unsplash | Tai's Captures

I can say with confidence that there will always be places that I'll wear a face mask, even after the pandemic is behind us. Airports are a great example. How on earth did we not think to wear facial coverings there? It's literally a cesspool of germs.

Deciding to not have children.

"I mean, seriously, if you don't (god forbid you're married and you don't), people bug the shit out of you about it and it's none of their GD business, at the very least." Reddit u/DTownForever

We need to work toward a more inclusive world.

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"Experiencing the world as a disabled person. I wish that a lot more accommodations were easily available, not awkward to ask for, and people wouldn't judge so much when you need mobility assistance." - Buzzfeed Community u/tonig14

Men crying/expressing their own emotions.

Unsplash | Austin Human

I never realized this until recently, but every single time I cry, I always wind up apologizing for it. It's as if part of me feels as if I should be embarrassed or ashamed over the fact that I've been moved to tears. I wonder where does that come from?


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Mental health and wellness have progressed a long way in a considerably short amount of time. That said, many people still feel stigmatized when it comes to seeking out help.

We should strive to be more accepting and sensitive as a society when it comes to matters such as this.

"Being introverted," said Buzzfeed Community member transporter1.

Unsplash | Alexandru Zdrobău

"The cliche is true: We reward extroverted traits because they're more transparent. Introverts get a bad rap that we're unfriendly and standoffish." This is a great example of why you should never judge anyone preemptively.

Saying "I love you."

You don't have to necessarily be in a romantic relationship with someone in order for you to tell them that you love them. I talk to my best friend who lives in Chicago three times a week, and it's how we end every single phone call.